Continents in the World: How Many Continents in the World 2022

Continents in the World: How Many Continents in the World 2022

There are 7 continents in the world, whose information is given in this article with names. Friends, many questions related to the seven continents of the world are asked in competitive examinations. Friends, there are many people who do not know anything about the seven continents of the world. If you also want to know which are the seven continents of the world, then this article is going to be very helpful for you because in this article we are going to give you detailed information about the 7 continents of the world.

Friends, there is no precise definition to clarify what the continent is called. Scientists of different countries do not have a single opinion on this. Nevertheless, it is generally defined to be “a very large area of ​​the Earth whose boundaries can be clearly identified is called a continent“. There are total 7 such continents in the world on which there are more than 240 countries. Of these, only 196 countries are recognized internationally. Let us know about the seven continents of the world and their names.

Seven Continents in the world

1. Asia continent

The first place in this list is the continent of Asia. It is the largest continent in the world. Let us tell you that the continent of Asia is one-third of the entire earth, which is spread over about 44,614,000 square kilometers. From this you can get an idea of ​​how is big the continent of Asia. If we talk about the largest country in the world along with Asia in terms of area, then it is Russia, while the smallest country in Asia is Maldives. If we talk about population, China is the most populous country in the world along with Asia, followed by 50 countries like India, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka. 60% of the world’s population lives in the continent of Asia.

2. Africa continent

The continent of Africa comes second in this list. There are 54 countries in this continent, in which countries like Somalia, Nigeria, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Mauritius come. The total area of ​​the continent of Africa is 30,216,000 square kilometers. The largest country in the continent of Africa is Sudan while the smallest country is Seychelles. Just as Asia is known for its large population, Africa is known for its largest desert. The desert is spread over a third of the continent of Africa, so you can imagine how big it will be. Africa is also known for the production of diamonds and gold.

3. North America Continent

North America is the third largest continent in the world. North America occupies 16% of the world. Its area is 24,230,000 square kilometers. Most of the countries located in this continent fall in the list of developed countries. America and Canada occupy 79% of this continent. 23 countries, small and large, located in this continent have international recognition. In which countries like USA, Canada, Greenland, Cuba, Mexico are included. North America is famous for its prairie region in the world for wheat production.

4. South America Continent

It is the fourth largest continent in the world. There are a total of 12 independent countries in this continent which includes countries like Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Its area is 17,814,000 square kilometers. America is the largest country on the continent while Brazil is the smallest country. This continent is known for its dense forests all over the world, not only this, the world’s lightest wood balsa is found here.

5. Antarctica Continent

It is the fifth largest continent in the world with an area of ​​14,245,000 square kilometers. This continent is known for its snowy land. Here it is the coldest and the driest place. The special thing about this continent is that 99% of its part is covered by ice throughout the year, whose thickness is 1.61 km, so the permanent population here is negligible.

Because it is so cold here that it is not possible for any animal to survive. This continent is located at the southern end of the Earth. The highest peak of the continent of Antarctica is Ellsworth Mountain and Vinson Massif with a total height of 4897 meters. This peak is considered to be the highest point of the continent of Antarctica, whose temperature is -89 °C. Penguin is the only bird found in Antarctica.

6. Europe Continent

It is the sixth largest continent in the world. This continent is also a rich land like North America with an area of ​​10,505,000 square kilometers. Most of its countries fall under the category of developed countries. There are total 49 countries in this continent including small and big. In which beautiful countries like France, London, Germany, Norway, Russia and Switzerland come. The historical country of the world Italy is a European country. Italy is called the India of Europe because it is agricultural. France is the largest country in the continent of Europe while the smallest country is Vatican City.

7. Australia Continent

The last place in this list is the continent of Australia, which has an area of ​​8,503,000 square kilometers. Its population is very less. There are 14 countries in this continent, small and big. Australia is counted as the largest country and largest island. It is known for animals, trees, plants and minerals, but there is a shortage of water, due to which it is called the land of thirsty land. This continent is also called the smallest continent. Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world. Here the natives are called Bindibu and Maori.

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Interesting fact:-

60 percent of the world’s population resides in the continent of Asia.

Four countries of the continent of Asia, Russia, China, India and Pakistan are included in the list of most powerful countries in the world.

China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the world’s most populous continents.

Antarctica is a continent with no countries.


So now you must have known the names of seven continents of the world. In which the continent of Asia is the largest continent in the world, while the smallest continent is the continent of Australia. Among these continents, Antarctica is a continent where there is no country. Because snow accumulates here throughout the year and people live in this continent with little to no. If we talk about population then Asia is the most populous continent in the world. The most populous countries in the continent of Asia are China, India and Pakistan. We hope that you must have liked this article. Follow Google News APP.

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