How to Earn Money By Becoming A Content Writer

How to Earn Money By Becoming A Content Writer

In the article How To Earn Money By Content Writer, we will tell you how to earn money from Article Writing. If you have special knowledge on any topic, then you can earn a lot of money by putting your knowledge into words.

Yes, we are talking about online writing. Some people are looking for some part time work that can increase their income. Those who are interested in writing keep thinking that how to earn money by writing articles for others.


Because they do not have a blog of their own nor do they know much about websites. They are only interested in Content Writing. They want to earn money by writing blog posts or articles for someone. They just do not know for whom to write articles.

They are looking for such a person or Genuine Websites that can give them good money in return for their work and there is no fraud of any kind. So don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to earn money through article writing.


By the way, if you want, you can also write English articles, it completely depends on you. Write articles in the language in which you have a good hold so that people like your article as much as possible.

In today’s digital age, the work of online article writing is also in full swing. There are many people who are running their home by doing only this work. Meaning those people are a Full Time Content Writer who write 3-4 articles a day very comfortably.


If your writing art is excellent then you do not need to think about how to earn money from article writing. Because you will definitely get good money for your articles. Also, if you have a little bit of basic SEO knowledge, then it will be even better.

If we talk about Hindi content, then there are many such websites which pay you 250 to 300 rupees for a 1500 Word article. That is, if you write only 2 blog posts a day, then you can easily earn 500 to 600 rupees per day.

A good Content Writer takes only one and a half to 2 hours to write an article of 1500 words. Accordingly, it takes you a maximum of 4 hours to write 2 articles. Earning 600 rupees by working just 4 hours is not a small thing.

If you want, you can increase your earnings even more. Because in a day you can complete 3 articles very easily. It is a matter of earning, but people are confused about who should do the work of content writing.

Meaning they cannot find any good or good website that gives money on time and is completely Genuine. So let us tell you an easy way how to find good blogs to do online writing work.

If you are wondering how to earn money by becoming a Content Writer, then first of all open Google. Now you do a keyword search in Google which is related to the topic on which you want to write.

Now save the URL of all the websites that come on the first, second, third and fourth pages. That is, now you have got a list of 25-30 websites. Now you have to do some hard work. You will have to contact them by visiting the Contact Us page of all these blogs.

Or take out E-mail of all of you and send mail to everyone together that you are a good content writer and you want to work for them. You decide about the money from all the people who got the reply from them and their phone no.

Work for them by choosing the one that is truest and best for you. If you want, you can also work for 2-3 blogs instead of 1. So you must have understood how to earn money by writing articles. But the matter does not end there.

Because many people get work from such websites but they cannot run for long. Either there is a dispute over money or you do not get to write posts every day, due to which you cannot get your right earnings.

In such a situation, for doing permanent work, there is a search for some such Genuine Websites for which we can work continuously for a long time and we also get money on time. Let us know by working with which websites we can earn good money continuously.

How to Earn Money by Becoming a Content Writer

To earn by writing online articles, we have to create our account on the following websites. After that you can easily write articles as Content Writer and earn money. These are some very Genuine Websites that can be trusted.

1. Fiverr.com

You can start content writing work very comfortably by creating your account on this website. All kinds of people are present here. Those who have to get the work done. On this you have to submit a demo article of yours.

If you get Approval then you can start writing Articles. Here you get Minimum 5 $ for every work. But if you increase your credibility and do good work continuously, then you can also take more money.

2. Quora

You must have heard about Quora, on which all kinds of questions are answered by the users. Recently, Quora has also launched an article writing program under which you can do writing work with them.

You create your account on this website and fulfill their requirements. After that you can write articles in both languages ​​Hindi or English. This is a platform where you can earn money by answering people’s questions correctly.

3. Upwork.com

If you are wondering how to earn money from Article Writing, then just join Upwork. This website gives you a chance to work as a Content Writer. For this you join their Article Writing Plan.

This is a very trusted website with which thousands of people are connected. This website not only provides article writing but also other types of online works. To work with Upwork, you also have to register on it.

4. UC Browser

This is a Chinese browser which is also used a lot by Indians. Very few people know that they also have their own Article Writing Program with which you can join and earn a lot of money.

To submit your article in UC Browser, you have to get Approval first. You read all their terms and conditions carefully and join. A lot of people are working on UC Browser today. If you write Quality Articles then you can earn a lot of money.

5. NewsDog

Some people do not want to create their own blog and keep thinking that how to earn money by writing posts for others. NewsDog is a great website for them which gives you a lot of money for a good article.

For this you go to this website and register first. After that go to the section with Article Writing and select that option from Hindi or English. You can start writing articles according to their rules and earn money.

6. Create your own Blog

Creating your own blog is the best way to earn money through article writing. Because you have complete control over it. If you are a good content writer, then we advise you to create your own blog.

Yes, it will take you some time to earn money by doing this, but the earning that will come later will be completely yours. Apart from this, you can write whatever you like. Here there is no pressure on you to write on any one topic. After putting 20-25 posts on the blog, you take the approval of AdSense.

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This was our article How To Earn Money From Article Writing. In which you learned how to earn money by writing articles for others. Hope this article has helped you a lot.

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