Colour of your Palm Reveals your Personality According to Palmistry

Colour of your Palm Reveals your Personality According to Palmistry

The way we can know the identity of people by reading the line of the hands, similarly, by looking at the texture or color of the hands (Colour of your Palm), it can be told who is like. Yes, palmistry is a study in astrology that helps to know about the past, present and future. But you will be surprised that with the change of time, the lines and colors of a person’s hand keep changing according to the person’s karma.

The hand lines are usually red, but sometimes white, brown and yellow. Apart from this, the lines of the hands also appear black. The effect of red, pink or white lines is considered auspicious and the effect of other colors is considered inauspicious. According to oceanography, know how the fate changes according to the color of your palms and lines.

Colour of your Palm Reveals your Personality According to Palmistry

The color of the hand varies according to the karma of the person and the desire of the mind. Positive attitude and religious thoughts in life change the mind of a person and positive energy starts increasing in the body. There is a change not only in the hands but also in the personality. As the lines of the hands change, so do the actions and behavior of a person. Let’s find out more about what the color of the palms actually says.

Black Color on Palms

According to oceanography, blue and black colors on the hands are not considered auspicious. If there are black spots on the hands, then such a person is considered to be of bad nature. There are also indications that there are many failures in the life of these people. That is why it is said that the tendency of these people is more dirty. It is also said that the caste of this person is evil. That is why it is more important to keep distance from such people.

White Palm

People who have white hands are very spiritual. The mind was happy in religious activities. Such persons have faith in religion and are also very calm in nature. These people like to be in solitude. Such a person is neither too sad in sorrow nor too delirious in joy. Balanced transactions are more important to these individuals. There is no change in their nature. Whatever be the situation, these people take decisions very calmly.

Palm Brinjal or Blue Color

People who have purple or blue color (the color of lines) in their hands are found to be more pessimistic. According to the scriptures, more struggle is written in the life of these people. Also, these people like to live in solitude. Their life is very difficult and these people have alcohol and many kinds of addictions. At the same time, these people also stay away from their social and family responsibilities. They don’t want any responsibility.

Pink or Red Palm

People with red colored hands are more wealthy (Colour of your Palm). They are never short of money. According to the scriptures, a person with pink or red colored hands is praised. Such a person is considered lucky. It tells about the strong influence of Venus. Also, these people are brave and accomplished. Also, these people do not shy away from fear of anything. These individuals cannot rest until the task at hand is completed. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.