Home Remedies for Kid’s Cough & Cold Due to Air Pollution

Home Remedies for Kid’s Cough & Cold Due to Air Pollution

Air Pollution: Do you live in Delhi and your child has been suffering from cold, cold and cough for a long time? Is your child’s cough not going away even after all the efforts? So stop blaming the weather alone for this cough and cold, the increasing pollution in Delhi can also be responsible for this. The increasing pollution in Delhi is continuously ringing alarm bells for the children. Every year around Diwali, the number of children who are suffering from cough, cold and asthma starts increasing in the doctors. This increase has doubled this year.

Due to the weak immune system and underdeveloped lungs of children, many times children start having cough, cold, pneumonia, chronic phlegm, sore throat etc. However, you can prevent cough and cold caused by pollution in your children with household items. So let’s know some very easy home remedies to remove cold and cold caused by pollution in children.


Home Remedies for Kid’s Cough & Cold Due to Air Pollution

1. Basil

Mainly due to low immunity of children, they start getting cold and cold due to air pollution. To avoid this, you can use basil. Basil leaves are a mine of Ayurvedic properties. They not only increase the immunity of children but also help in getting relief from other problems caused by cold and cold. You can make a decoction of basil leaves and give it to children. Apart from this, feeding a child by boiling basil leaves in milk or mixing the juice of basil leaves with honey and feeding it to children also provides relief from cold caused by the effects of pollution.

2. Ginger

Ginger also works to increase the immunity of children. Extract the juice of ginger and give it to the child daily with honey. You can also give it to the child by adding ginger to the vegetable or making a decoction. Along with this, putting ginger juice drop by drop in the nose is beneficial in colds and colds caused by air pollution.


3. Jaggery

Jaggery contains elements that are very beneficial in cold and cold. It is also helpful in cleaning the lungs. You can give jaggery to the baby to eat whole. If you can feed the baby by mixing jaggery and ginger, then it will be best.

4. Water

Water helps in flushing out harmful substances from the body. When pollution increases, make children drink more water so that the harmful substances stored in their body can come out. If possible, you can give it to the child only once a day by adding lemon and honey to lukewarm water.


5. Lemon

Lemon is the best remedy to cure cough and cold. The properties of honey and the citric acid found in lemon eliminate phlegm caused by cold and cold, which can give some relief to the child from this problem.

6. Turmeric

The antioxidant properties of turmeric make it effective for the body. Turmeric is also very effective in removing colds and colds caused by air pollution. Mixing turmeric and honey in a glass of milk daily and giving it to children will give them relief from phlegm and clear their chest.

7. Honey

Air pollution affects children more due to their weak immunity, so to increase the immunity of children, give them honey to eat. Honey mixed with warm milk can also be given to children. Honey also provides quick relief in cold and flu.

8. Fruits with Vitamin C

Fruits or foods containing vitamin C and beta-carotenes increase immunity and at the same time they do not allow dehydration in the body in winter, so if the child is suffering from cold and cold due to air pollution, then he should be given seasonal, orange juice. Give tomatoes, kiwis, strawberries, grapes or lemons etc. to eat. Along with this, pomegranate is also a good antioxidant that provides relief in cold and cold as well as helps in flushing out toxins from the lungs. In cold and cold, give more and more green vegetables and fruits to the child to increase his immunity and get rid of diseases caused by air pollution.

9. Ghee

If two or three drops of cow’s milk are put in the nose twice a day, then the harmful elements or particles found in the polluted air do not reach the lungs, which can be saved from the ill effects of air pollution on the lungs of children. Apart from this, you can also apply mustard or olive oil on the nose of children.

10. Carrot Juice

Drinking carrot juice daily clears the lungs and the vitamin A and beta-carotene present in it gives relief to children from cold and cold caused by air pollution. Give children a glass of carrot juice daily.

11. Garlic

Garlic strengthens the immune system of children. It contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and many other such elements which are beneficial. Apart from cough and cold caused due to cold or air pollution, garlic also helps in removing skin related diseases. You can give it to children by adding it to vegetables or through chutney. If the child can eat, then fry the cloves of garlic in ghee or mustard oil and feed it to the child.

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In addition to the above home remedies, you should take the children out only by wearing a mask, as much as possible, do not let the children outside in the morning and evening, apply masks to the children even while going to school, fast food or momos from outside etc. Keep children away from If you are wearing a mask, then refrain from taking surgical masks as they do not cover the mouth completely, apply only good quality N95 masks to children.

A cold is a sign that the body’s immune system is under attack from an external element. It is also called allergy in simple language. These days, doctors are blaming pollution for chronic cough, asthma, cold, stuffy nose and sore throat in children. Well, do you know why children are more prone to this infection, flu or pollution?

Pollution can stop the correct development of lungs

Actually, through the breath, the contaminated pollution-borne elements and harmful fine particles go into our body. Our lungs separate them and throw them out through the waste. Our immune system also usually protects the body from mild pollution. But the lungs of children are not developed enough to purify these particles on such a large scale. Also, the immune system of children is also insufficient to deal with this increasing level of pollution. You will be surprised to know that due to these particles accumulating in the lungs, sometimes the lungs of children are not even fully developed. Due to this, they have to go through problems related to lungs throughout their life.

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