CMA Course Details: Complete Information of Certified Management Accountant

CMA Course Details: Complete Information of Certified Management Accountant

We hope that after reading the information given by us, you will get all the necessary knowledge about the CMA course in almost all aspects. And whenever you think of applying for admission for this course in future, this information will work as a guide for you.

In the field of education, in many countries around the world, many courses are found to be similar to each other, in this there are some courses which are familiar on a global level.


It is here to inform you about such a course, which is known as CMA course, and it enjoys very good importance in other countries of the world besides India.

If you are also keen to take admission in this course, then you will be able to get all the basic information related to this course. Such as necessary eligibility for the course, admission process, college options available etc.


CMA Full Form or What is CMA Course

The CMA Full Course Certified Management Accountant associated with Account Management is a Certified Management Accountant. In India, this course comes under the ICMAI of the Institute of Cost Management Accounts of India.

CMA Course Eligibility

Here we are going to give you a complete description of the eligibility requirements for admission to this CMA course. In which you will know step by step how on the basis of education qualifications you can be eligible for admission in the course.

  • After successfully passing class 10th, you are called eligible for admission to the CAM Foundation in the first phase of this course, in which you can only take admission. However, which is the first stage of the course, you are considered eligible only after passing the class for examination.
  • In this way, students who have passed class 12th can pass the CMM Foundation and get admission in the next stage which is CMA Intermediate.
  • Students who have passed the graduation examination are considered to be eligible for the CMA Intermediate, they are not required to appear for the CMA Foundation Examination. In this way, all students who have passed the graduate examination from the education stream are considered eligible Except, except for the students who have graduated from Fine Arts. Here, after graduation, the students have to pass the eligibility test directly to the CAT for admission to the CMA Intermediate, which is the eligibility related to this course. Examination takes place.
  • All the students who have passed the CMA Intermediate Examination are considered eligible for the CMA Final Examination, thus only students who have passed all the three stages successfully complete this course.

Admission Process For CMA

If you want to register for this course, then for the examinations to be held in the month of June, you have to apply for admission in the month of January.

If you have to join for the examination for the month of December, then you have to apply by the end of July of the same year. In this way, you have to apply online through the official site of the concerned board.

CMA Course Duration

The minimum duration of a CMA course is 3 years, in which it is mandatory for any student to give 3 years to complete this course. Here, the duration of the course can be increased if you fail most of the times.

Structure Of CMA Course

There are three stages of this course, whose information we have given below. Such as;

  • CMA Foundation
  • CMA intermediate
  • CMA final

In this way, you have to complete this course in a systematic way, in which, on the basis of education, you are considered eligible for admission in various stages. In this subject we will give you more information during the necessary eligibility related to this course.

Course Fees For CMA

We are giving you the education fee of this course as following;

  • CMA Foundation Fee – Rs.4000
  • CMA Intermediate – Rs.20,000
  • CMA Final – Rs.14,000

In this way you are charged for this education sequence.

CMA Syllabus

Here, we will give you information about the entire syllabus of this course, in which you will be able to understand this course more closely.

CMA Foundation

  • Paper 1 – Fundamentals of Economics and Management
  • Paper 2 – Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Paper 3 – Fundamentals of Law and Ethics
  • Paper 4 – Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics

CMA Intermediate

  • Financial accounting
  • Law, Ethics and Governance
  • Direct taxation
  • Cost accounting and financial management
  • Operation Management Information System
  • Cost and management accounting
  • Indirect taxation
  • Company accounts and audits

CMA Final

  • Corporate Law & Compliance
  • Advance Financial Management
  • Business Strategy and Strategic Cost Management
  • Tax Management & Practice
  • Strategic performance management
  • Corporate financial reporting
  • Cost and management audit
  • Financial Analysis and Business Valuation

Colleges / Universities For CMA

Below we have given some famous and popular institute information from all over India, where you can take admission for CMA course. As;

  • Madhi Academy – Chennai
  • Indian School of Commerce – Kochi
  • Khrist University – Bangalore
  • Bhardwaj Institute – Chennai
  • NGS Professional Academy
  • Sura Academy – Bangalore
  • Ledda International – Coimbatore
  • ICAMS Academy
  • Annapurna Memorial Modern Degree College – Vijayawada
  • College of Management and Economics Studies – Dehradun
  • Gandhi Shanti Niketan College – Allahabad
  • Zeevikaran Institute of Business Administration – Anand
  • Kanpur University
  • Delta Infotech – Delhi

Courses After CMA

  • CPA
  • CISA
  • CPF
  • CA
  • ICWA
  • NCFM

For the course given above, you can apply for admission after completing the CMA course.

Job Opportunities and Salary After CMA

After completing the CMA course, you can work on the following posts, such as;

  • Financial risk manager
  • Financial controller
  • Cost accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Finance Manager, etc.

Students who complete the CMA course on the above mentioned posts can get employment opportunities, where initially fresher students are given salary ranging from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 8 lakh annually. Often the salary given to you is also dependent on your company and place of employment.

World widely Introduction About CMA Course

United States of America (USA):

1. In the United States, the CMA course comes under the Institute of Management Accounts (IMA), where the duration of the course is six months, where up to one and a half lakhs of expenses are incurred to complete this course.

2. Here students have to give only 2 papers, after passing it, they are awarded CMA certificate. This certificate is recognized globally.

United Kingdom (UK):

The duration of this course is between 2 years to 4 years, the total fee is about 2 lakhs. This course comes under Chartered Institute of Management Accounts, which is considered to be a major course.

To complete this course, a total of 16 papers have to be passed by the students. After completing this, this course has been recognized in the entire UK and countries under common wealth, where students can find employment related opportunities.

In this way, we have given you information on almost all the major aspects about the CMA course, which must have solved all your questions and doubts after reading it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CMA Course

1.What is the full form or meaning of CMA?
Ans: Certified Management Accountant.

2. What is the duration of CMA course in India?
Ans: 3 years.

3. Can I get admission in CMA course after passing class X?
Ans: Yes, but you can only register. Here you can participate in the Foundation Course Examination which is the first stage of the course, only after passing the 12th standard for the examination.

4. How many stages does the CMA course take?
Ans: 3

5. What are the three phases of the CMA course, tell information about this subject?
Ans: CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate, CMA Final.

6. What is the fee for CMA course in India?
Ans: Up to about one lakh, in which there can be differences according to the selection of the college.

7. How many papers have to be passed in the entire CMA course?
Ans: 20 (twenty).

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