Causes and Remedies For Children being lethargic

Causes and Remedies For Children being lethargic

Kids just like being naughty. We all love children’s pranks. But sometimes children seem unnecessarily calm or lethargic. There can be many reasons for the lethargy of children such as an illness or injury or mental stress. Seeing sluggish children, we say that the child is calm due to illness or perhaps by nature, but the real reason can be something else. It is very important and important for you to know what is going on in the mind of lethargic children. Let us know what are the reasons for the lethargy of children and how to make lethargic children agile?

Causes of Inactive Kids

  • lack of sleep
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • weakness
  • Disease
  • Mental Disorders
  • Medicine effect
  • Hyper thyroid
  • Anemia
  • Mental stress

Causes and Remedies For Children being lethargic

1. lack of sleep

Young children usually need 9 to 10 hours of sleep. If he sleeps only for 7 hours then it affects his day-to-day functioning. Children are irritable or lethargic if they do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep also affects the health of children.


2. Nutritional Deficiency

Lack of nutrition in children can also be the main reason for the lethargy of children. If children eat more junk food or do not eat properly, then their body does not get the necessary nutrients. Along with vitamins, proteins, iron, DHA, zinc, calcium, etc., are also needed for the proper development of children.

3. Physical weakness

Physical weakness is also associated with food. If the child does not eat properly then he will be weak. If it is weak then it is a simple matter that the child will be very ill and will remain lethargic.


4. Disease

Asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, eye pain or migraine are also a reason for children to remain lethargic. Children are unable to play for a long time due to asthma or respiratory disease. This also happens in case of anemia. Children get tired after playing for a long time due to iron deficiency or anemia. Children also become lethargic in heart diseases.

5. Mental Disorders

Mental disorders such as autism or loneliness also make children lethargic. You can identify these mental disorders very easily. Many times children have fear and hesitation in interacting with others due to which they remain lethargic and do not play. In case of such disorders, talk to them and seek the advice of a doctor. In these cases, you also have to be very careful and work hard.


6. Medicines effect

Certain medicines such as some medicines for asthma, sleeplessness, allergies or cough can make children lethargic. If your child takes any such medicine, try to give this medicine only before bedtime or tell the doctor if the child becomes lethargic.

7. Mental stress

Now what is the tension of the children or what are they worried about? If you think so too then you are very wrong. Many recent researches have shown that young children, even as young as three years old, can have stress or depression. It can all depend on the circumstances. You will be surprised to know that every hour in India, about two students commit death due to their studies or other reasons. Some of the main causes of mental stress in children can be:

  • Seeing yourself as expected means understanding that parents do not love us
  • lag behind
  • feel backward
  • physical torture

Physical abuse of children is such a thing that causes a deep blow to the soft mind of children. Children for years do not understand why this has happened to them and what is happening. This is also one of the reasons why children remain silent, which should not be ignored by the parents, especially if your laughing child starts living completely silent.

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What to do if your child is lethargic (Cure of Inactivity)

If your child complains of being tired or unable to sleep all the time or starts becoming silent, then you should take the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Pay attention to children’s diet

Take special care of children’s diet. Include foods that enhance their brain power. Almonds, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, spinach and especially foods that are rich in DHA must be included in the diet of children.

2. Consult a doctor

If your child is very lethargic then definitely consult a doctor. The child may have some disease due to which he remains lethargic. Diseases like TB or asthma do not come to the fore quickly.

3. Keep an eye on the falling weight of the child

If the weight of the child is low according to age or if the weight of the child has decreased completely recently, then take special care of it.

4. Contact a psychologist

If the child has any mental problem or psychosis, try to contact a psychiatrist. Don’t hesitate, depression is very common nowadays. Remember that if the reason for the lethargy of children is understood in time, then it can be removed very easily in a short time. All you need is to be alert on time.

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