Top Factors Affecting Child Brain Development

Top Factors Affecting Child Brain Development

A few days ago I met an old friend of mine. She was somewhat upset and the reason for her trouble was her seven year old daughter. My friend believed that her daughter’s mind was not as sharp as that of other children. The brain is an important part of our body and it is very important to take special care of the brain of children because it is believed that 90 percent of the brain of children is developed by the age of less than five years. In such a situation, in order to sharpen the mind of children, it is very necessary to provide nutritious diet, keep it away from stress, exercise etc. There are also some such things from which you can sharpen your mind by keeping your child away. Know what are those factors (Factors Affecting Child Brain Development).

Top Factors Affecting Child Brain Development

Main habits due to which children’s brain is weak

  • Mobile
  • Fast music
  • Excessive use of television
  • Little sleep
  • Misbehavior

1. Mobile

Mobiles have become more of a fashion item nowadays and children are also not untouched by it. Mobile phones can be seen in the hands of small children. Mobile has become a bad habit not only for adults but also for children. But if there are some advantages of mobile, then there are also many disadvantages which often come to the fore. The most adverse effect of using mobile continuously and for several hours a day falls on the soft mind of children. Due to this the mind of children becomes weak. In such a situation, to sharpen the mind of your child, children should be kept away from the mobile.

2. Fast Food

Today’s generation is more interested in eating fast food than home food. But according to the research done about it, consuming more fast food, more sweet things and cold drinks etc. has a negative effect on the brain and the brain does not become sharp. An element called MSG is found in fast food which damages the neurons of the brain. Eating more junk food affects children’s concentration, ability to learn and understand and also affect memory. So to sharpen your child’s mind, keep them away from fast food and over-sweet things.


3. Loud Music

It has also been found that excess noise affects the brain of children. Shouting loudly in front of children, letting children listen to music by putting headphones or earphones in their ears, etc. have a bad effect on the brain of children and not only this there is a possibility of Alzheimer’s. Protect your children’s ears from loud noises.

4. Television

Which child does not like watching cartoons on television? Children of today are also very interested in watching serials with their mothers, but watching more television also weakens the mind of children. So keep your child away from it. There is no harm in watching television for one or half an hour a day, but watching television daily for more than that can be fatal for children. Apart from this, it is also necessary that the television should be seen from a short distance.


5. Not Enough

Newborns sleep about 16 hours a day. When the same is slightly older, this period becomes ten to 11 hours. Sleeping is very important for adults as well as children. If they do not get enough sleep, it affects their health as well as their brain. If children do not sleep enough, their brain cannot function properly. Due to which their ability to work becomes weak and their mind becomes weak and cannot become sharp. So let your child get enough sleep.

6. Obesity

If you want to sharpen the mind of children, then keep your child away from obesity. Do not let him sit in the house but also motivate him for other activities like sports, exercise etc. If the child eats more or does not exercise, then its effect will be on his brain and it has been seen that even if he is overweight, the brain becomes weak.

7. Misbehavior

If there is any misbehavior with the child, then it also has a profound effect on the delicate mind of the children, which can weaken their mind. Nowadays, along with the abuse of children, If the environment of the house is negative or children are repeatedly scolded, then their mind becomes weak as well as their self-confidence also weakens. To sharpen the mind of your children, keep them away from such an environment.

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To sharpen the mind of children, not only take care of their food and drink, but also keep an eye on their activities. Keep them away from bad habits. You will be surprised to know that children can also be a victim of stress and anxiety and their effect can also be on the mind of children. In such a situation, it is also very important to protect the child from stress. Be happy yourself and keep the kids happy too.

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