What is Algorithm and Characteristics of Algorithm and Complete Information!

What is Algorithm and Characteristics of Algorithm and Complete Information!

All of you must have heard about Algorithm, if not.. then friends today we are going to tell you about what is Algorithm. Along with this, we will give you complete information about the Characteristics of Algorithm in this post. Whenever we go to start any new work or plan to do any work in our life, we keep an outline of it in our mind, how to do this work, when to do it, why to do it. Similar outlines are made in different ways in the form of a list on paper to perform many tasks.

Algorithm is a procedure, to solve any problem, which has some limited rules, which you can also call instructions. The use of algorithm is mainly seen, before writing program in computer language, algorithm is made in programming language so that program can be easily made, what steps do we do first to find a solution to any kind of problem, what What they do can be called Algorithm in computer language.


In today’s post, you will also get to know about What is Algorithm in Computer, about which we will tell you in very simple and easy language, hope that you will get to know a lot in today’s post like our previous post. So if you also want to know about Algorithm, then for this you must read our post from beginning to end.

What is Algorithm

We do some work every day and many types of algorithms can be made to do the same work and to do that work, we have to follow many steps from beginning to end. Finding a solution to a problem can be called an algorithm. Similarly, to create a program in computer language, first algorithm is used so that there is no problem in making the program, it is also a kind of procedure which has some limited rules which you can also call instructions. Let us explain to you an example of this in very simple language.

  • First of all turn on the gas.
  • After that keep the pot on the gas.
  • Then put milk in it.
  • Now put sugar tea leaves in it.
  • After boiling, turn off the gas.
  • Now the tea is ready, you can filter it and drink it.

In the example given above, we followed a procedure to make tea in a sequence, this is called Algorithm. To write a program in computer language, the steps instructions we follow, that process is called Algorithm.

Characteristics Of Algorithm

Come, now we will tell you about the Characteristic of Algorithm, it has many essential features about which we are going to tell you.


1. Finiteness: The fewer steps an algorithm completes, the better it is that it always has counting steps.

2. Precisely Defined: Every step of the algorithm is clearly defined which can be read easily.

3. Input: A good algorithm always takes a good input.

4. Output: Algorithm always takes good output like input.

5. Effectiveness: Algorithm should always be problem solving.

6. Unambiguous: It is very important for the algorithm to be correct and clear in which the steps and lines make some sense.

Uses of Algorithm

As you all must know that the use of Algorithm is everywhere nowadays and any problem can be solved step by step according to it, if seen, then according to us it is mostly used in Company, Industry, Programming etc. So let us now tell you about its uses.

  • A good and correct algorithm is used to solve mathematical problems. For example, if a number is greater than 0 then it is +Ve and if it is less than 0 then it is -Ve.
  • Facebook Like, Search Engine, Google Map also do all the work according to the algorithm.
  • Computer Scientist and Software Engineer also use it because it saves them time in working and the work gets completed in less effort.
  • A correct algorithm is used before making a flowchart so that there are no mistakes.
    It is also mainly used in many fields such as Space Research, Robotics, AI.
  • Algorithm is used in computer programming before writing a program. If you are a student of Computer SC, IT, BCA, or MCA and you have to write a program. Like- Check The Number Is Not A Prime If you start writing such a program without thinking, then many mistakes can be found in this program for you to see.
  • Algorithm is needed to write Pseudo Code, otherwise Pseudo Code may have to be rewritten.

How to Write Algorithm

So let us now know about how to write Algorithm.

  • Start
  • Read Two Number A And B
  • Calculate Sum Of A And B And Store It In Sum
  • Display The Value Of Sum
  • Stop

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