Every New Mom Faces These 5 Challenges during Breastfeeding

Every New Mom Faces These 5 Challenges during Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural way of feeding the baby, but it does not mean that the baby starts feeding comfortably soon after birth. In the beginning, new moms face many such breastfeeding problems (Challenges during Breastfeeding), which sometimes force them to think whether they should feed the baby or not.

If you are also worried due to breast feeding problems, then there is no need to panic. It may take you some time to learn this process, but with time you will be perfect. In this article, we will know in detail about the problems faced by new moms in the beginning while breastfeeding the baby.


Breastfeeding Problems for New Moms – Challenges during Breastfeeding

What are the challenges faced by new moms during breastfeeding, we will know about it in detail below.

1. Not Making Enough Milk- Less Breast Milk

Sometimes due to some reason the mother’s body is not able to make enough milk, due to which the baby does not get enough nutrients. It can also reduce the weight of the baby, which is not good for the baby. In such a situation, mother can adopt many things to increase milk production. When the breast is empty, the body gets a signal to make more breast milk. In such a situation, feed the baby as many times as he wants to breastfeed.


2. Inability to Draw Milk from the Nipple by the Baby – Latching problems

In the initial days, the baby may have difficulty in pulling milk from the nipple, due to which the mother has to struggle a lot. Mother teaches the baby to draw milk from the nipple. This process takes time, but with time, the baby starts pulling milk well.

3. Breastfeeding Problems: Breast or Nipple Pain

After delivery, when milk comes out of the woman’s breasts, there is a pain in the breast and nipple. At the same time, this pain gets worse after breastfeeding the baby. New moms complain of this pain for several weeks after delivery. Sometimes due to cracking and swelling of the nipples, a breastfeeding mother can also have pain in the breasts and nipples.


Breast engorgement (swelling and pain in the breast due to excess milk production), mastitis (a type of breast infection) can cause pain in the breasts.

4. Hardening of the Breast – Breast Engorgement

When the child does not drink milk properly or makes excessive amount of breast milk, in both cases the breast remains full of milk. Due to this, the breasts of some women become hard. This is called breast engagement. In this, swelling and pain are felt due to the presence of milk in the breast.

5. Infection in the Nipples – Mastitis

Breastfeeding women have a higher risk of developing mastitis (a type of breast infection). Actually, there are many such germs in the mouth of the child, which can cause infection. In this, the mother may complain of pain in the nipples, rashes, itching, redness etc.

6. Breastfeeding Problems: Leaking Breast Milk

Breastfeeding women are more prone to leaking milk in the first few months. Because of this, their clothes get spoiled again and again. To avoid this, give milk to the baby frequently. By doing this, milk does not fill in the breast. Apart from this, maternity breast pads can be used in bras.

7. Correct Breastfeeding Position

While breastfeeding the baby, the position in which the woman is feeding the baby, it matters a lot. New moms don’t know much about breastfeeding positions. If the position is not correct while breastfeeding, then it causes discomfort to the woman as well as the baby in drinking milk. Due to this, the newborn is not able to drink milk properly and in the right amount. In such a situation, take a breastfeeding session from an expert before delivery. In this, women becoming mothers are taught better ways of breastfeeding.

So these were some such problems which usually all new moms face after delivery. Hope you liked this article of ours.

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