Cesarean Delivery Advantages and Disadvantages

Cesarean Delivery Advantages and Disadvantages

Cesarean Delivery: This time is a very sweet and beautiful moment for every woman, but sometimes such situations arise that the woman has to choose Caesarean section instead of normal delivery. In this delivery, the baby is taken out of the mother’s abdomen through an operation.

During pregnancy, full care of the pregnant woman is taken but sometimes it becomes difficult to have a normal delivery. C section is also decided due to some emergency reasons like:

  • Having twins, pregnant woman with diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Apart from this, having an infection like HIV
  • Mother and child’s health at risk, labor pains gradually
  • Then the baby is not getting enough oxygen etc.

There are some advantages to having a Caesarean delivery and there are also some disadvantages. So let’s know about the disadvantages of Caesarean delivery and the benefits of C-section.

Disadvantages of Cesarean Delivery

In cities, most of the deliveries are being done by caesarean instead of normal, whose number has increased rapidly. This delivery proves to be harmful for the babies as it requires extreme care after delivery. So let’s know the disadvantages of C section delivery:


1. After Caesarean Delivery, the woman’s body becomes more vulnerable because the amount of blood coming out of her body is twice that of the blood coming out of normal delivery.

Due to which there is also lack of blood in the body of the woman. Apart from this, women are also at increased risk of infection. The bowel or bladder may be injured during the operation or a blood clot may form there. The woman feels pain on the side where the incision is made. This pain is long lasting.


2. Women who have delivered by C-section are more likely to be obese. Along with obesity, some other changes also come and these changes can give rise to many diseases. Along with the mother, the chances of obesity also increase in the baby.

3. Such women have to stay in the hospital for more days as compared to normal delivery and in this the financial cost is also much higher than normal delivery. After C-section delivery, it takes more time for the woman to recover because when stitches are used in the operation, it causes pain and discomfort in the abdomen. Along with this, the surgical scars around the skin and nerves take time to heal. This time can be from two to two and a half months.

4. Babies born by Caesarean section have a weaker immune system than babies born through normal delivery. Babies born through this procedure also have a higher risk of allergies. A baby born by caesarean section may have trouble breathing at birth. Sometimes children can have asthma problems even in childhood. Due to weak immune system of the baby, his body is weak to face the diseases.

5. In this delivery, the mother has to take more precautions on her health and food. If she takes even the slightest carelessness, then her health suffers badly.

6. Women who have a caesarean delivery have less contact with their baby because due to the incision in the abdomen, the woman cannot carry her baby in her arms quickly nor can she feed her baby quickly Which is very important for the baby.

Benefits of Cesarean Delivery

Where there are disadvantages of this delivery, there are also advantages of C section delivery which are as follows:

1. Caesarean delivery is safe for both the mother and the baby and during this delivery there are fewer problems related to the health and life of the baby. Whereas in normal delivery, the life of both mother and baby is at high risk.

2. Pain is one area where a C-section delivery looks better than a normal delivery. However, it is not at all that there is no pain in C-section delivery. Actually, after C-section delivery, there is sometimes pain at the place of stitches.

3. The woman who has a caesarean delivery gets a chance to do all the preparations well in advance as the operation time is fixed which is quite convenient. In this, the doctor keeps giving you the date of your delivery in advance and if you have to go on the same day, then you can do all the preparations in advance.

Whatever the advantages and disadvantages of C section delivery, but it completely depends on the circumstances, how the delivery will be done. However, today many women prefer C-section delivery which is wrong.

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Cesarean delivery may seem relatively easy but its consequences are extremely risky for both the mother and the baby. C-section delivery also affects the immunity of babies. Therefore, the way of delivery should be decided only after thorough medical advice.

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