Cesarean Delivery Myths and Facts

Cesarean Delivery Myths and Facts

C-section or caesarean section is a type of medical procedure to have a baby. In general, the reasons for having a C-section delivery may include some complications. These complications include abnormal positioning of the baby, abnormal heartbeat of the baby inside the uterus, etc. The number of C-section Delivery is increasing rapidly at present, but despite this, there are many misconceptions associated with it. Here on the basis of conversation with Dr. Aruna, we are telling you about the misconceptions related to Caesarean section and their reality (Cesarean Delivery Myths and Facts).

Cesarean Delivery Myths and Facts

1. Misconception – Recovery takes a long time.

Reality – A very common misconception about C-section delivery is that it takes a long time for the mother to recover. However, the fact behind this is that the pain of a C-section delivery scar doesn’t last long. The female starts standing on her own in about 3 days. In vaginal delivery also, a cut is made on the perineum, which takes about a week to heal. Therefore, there is no difference between postpartum pain after a woman undergoes a C-section or a vaginal delivery.

2. Misconception – After spinal anesthesia, there is pain in the back.

Reality – This is wrong. The spinal needle is fine and doesn’t hurt. Therefore, post-delivery back pain (whether associated with a C-section or vaginal delivery) is caused by poor posture.

3. Misconception – Once a C-section is done, it is always necessary to have a C-section.

Reality – This is not true at all. If all the conditions are favorable and there are no physical complications, then normal delivery is possible after the previous C-section delivery. Such delivery is known as VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section).

4. Misconception – Ghee and milk cannot be consumed after C-section.

Reality – This is also a very common thing about C-sections. But the reality is that the vaccines are administered with utmost care, so ghee, milk and other such things do not produce pus in the vaccines.

5. Misconception – Do not exercise if you are planning for C-section.

Reality – Exercise means yoga is done to keep oneself agile, reduce muscle pain, control BP and sugar and increase baby weight. Therefore, it is important that even if you are planning to give birth via C-section, exercise is essential.

6. Misconception – Breastfeeding cannot be started after C-section.

Reality – There is no truth in this. You can start breastfeeding immediately after C-section delivery.

7. Misconception – There is less bleeding after delivery in C-section.

Reality – Whether you are having a C-section or a vaginal delivery, it does not affect the vaginal bleeding that occurs after delivery.

8. Misconception – There is a decrease in physical activity after a C-section.

Reality – The myth behind this is the fact that you can resume your routine as soon as you feel comfortable. Daily activities can resume after a short period of time, but exercise will need to be avoided for at least 3 months after a C-section.

Dr. Aruna Kalra, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram

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