7 Tips To Celebrate The New Year In A Very Special Way

7 Tips To Celebrate The New Year In A Very Special Way

Tips To Celebrate The New Year: New year is full of new resolutions, new hopes and new enthusiasm. In such a situation, it should always be welcomed in a new way. Whether you are with family or friends, no stone should be left unturned to make it special on the happy occasion of New Year. Some new promises should be made to yourself in the new year by forgetting what you did or could not do last year. So let’s take part in the happiness of the new year by remembering the bitterness and bad moments of the last year as a lesson, so that you can also say ‘Happy New Year 2022‘ to everyone from your heart.

Special Ways to Celebrate New Year – Ways To Celebrate New Year

Why Celebrate New Year

In almost all religions of India, New Year is celebrated on different days instead of January 1. In Gujarat, the day after Diwali is celebrated as New Year, while in Punjab, New Year is celebrated on the day of Baisakhi. In Maharashtra, New Year is celebrated with Gudi Padwa in the month of March-April, while people of West Bengal and Bangladesh also celebrate New Year around Baisakhi. In the Islamic calendar, the new year is known as Muharram. But now the new practice of celebrating New Year on January 1 has started in almost the whole country. The calendar starting from January 1 is called the Gregorian calendar. It was named after Pope Grigory. This calendar, which came into force from 15 October 1582, is now famous all over the world. On the basis of this, now the tradition of celebrating New Year has started on 1st January.


How To Celebrate New Year At Home

The idea is not bad even if you are not a party person and want to celebrate at your home with your family and friends. There are many ways in which you can enjoy a house party. However, only invite people you know well and who can help you with the party preparations.

Games: Many people enjoy their festival by playing cards and other games on Diwali. You can plan something similar in New Year’s party too. Prepare a list of all the members who will attend the party and then plan the games accordingly. Games like Cards, Antakshari, Truth and Dare can be easily planned if there are enough people.


Camping: If you wanted to go out somewhere and due to some reason your plan has been canceled, then now you can enjoy camping at home too. If you want, you can enjoy the party according to your own by making a tent house in the balcony, terrace or garden of your house. You will surely remember this experience for the rest of your life.

7 Tips To Celebrate The New Year In A Very Special Way


Food – Treasure: If you are very fond of food and drink, then you can keep a program of this at home. If you are inviting your friends or relatives, then ask them to prepare their special dish. Accordingly, a lot of variety of food will be available and there will be no pressure on the host to do all the work.

Aaja Nach Le: If you and the rest of your group are interested in dancing, why not turn the house into a disco?! Make space in a room and keep a music system and enjoy dancing the whole night according to your own way. However, in such a party, take care of the people around you as well. Don’t keep the sound of your songs so loud that the neighbors get into trouble.

Stories- Story: If there are any elderly people in or around your house, then spend some time with them too. You can learn a lot from their life experiences. Recalling the good moments of 2021, listen to them stories from their childhood and youth.

Welcome The New Year from Theme Party 2022

You can also plan a theme party on the occasion of Happy New Year. This changes the mood and your creativity also comes to the fore. The most important thing is that for this you do not even need to work hard. You should plan such a party, which you can easily prepare yourself. Lest you regret after planning the party that you had to work hard or the party went over the budget.

7 Tips To Celebrate The New Year In A Very Special Way

If you are planning a theme party at home or farm house, then you can plan a party like Cocktail Theme, Retro Theme, Bollywood Theme, Hollywood Theme, Beach Theme, Bonfire Party, Color Coordinated Party, Neon Theme. In this type of party, let your guests know about the theme in advance, so that they can prepare accordingly.

Go On A Trip To Celebrate New Year 2022

Many people also plan out-of-town trips on the occasion of New Years, especially youngsters. If you are also planning something similar and live near Delhi or Delhi, then you can go to places like Manali, Mussoorie, Jaipur, Nainital. Don’t forget to make a list if you are going out for New Year’s Eve. Wherever you are going, gather complete information about the weather and pack your clothes accordingly and make other necessary preparations. Decide the complete time table of your trip in advance, so that your time is not wasted by reaching there. Instead of making a fuss by going there, enjoy your party with ease. Leave all the troubles of home and office behind by going on a trip and welcome the new year with fun.

If you are Away from Home

Nowadays it has become very common for youngsters to study and do jobs while staying away from home and their city. If you are also living away from your home and there is no possibility of going home on the occasion of New Year, then instead of getting sad, make this day special in your own way. If you plan to party with friends or colleagues in the evening, then you can spend that day according to your own way. Whatever hobby you have (reading books, listening to music, watching movies, etc.), spend your day pursuing it.

New year Promises

The new year signifies a new beginning. All preparations are done to welcome the new year. When the first day of the year is celebrated with so much enthusiasm, then efforts should be made to make the rest of the year equally happy. For this, we should make some promises to ourselves, which will keep us full of positive energy throughout the year.

A Healthy mind will make the Body Healthy

New beginnings and positivity require that our thoughts also be clear and positive. If there will be hatred or ill-will towards someone in the mind, then its effect will start showing on your lifestyle as well. It would be better to distance yourself from every such habit this year, which can have a bad effect on you.

  • Make a habit of reading and watching such things, which bring positivity in thoughts.
  • If someone is upset, try to help him. Even if you are not able to find the solution at the same time, but later you will feel very relaxed.
  • If you love or are angry with someone, then express this in front of him.
  • By eliminating the anger inside you, the mind remains calm and if your mind remains calm then your health will also be better.

Change your Etiquette

This year, bring a change in those bad habits of your daily, which others are also attached to. While talking in any public place, we should take special care of our manners. We should have a correct idea of what time, where and in front of whom we are talking. In this age of social media, we should assess our behavior properly.

  • While talking on the phone, keep in mind that the person in front is not able to see your
  • facial expressions. He can judge the seriousness of the matter only from your words and tone.
  • If you want to talk to someone important, instead of calling or messaging, talk face to face. This minimizes the possibility of misunderstandings.
  • In a formal party or meeting, keep formal behavior even with your very close ones.
  • Don’t talk to everyone in the same way. It is possible that some may like your cool behavior and some may like your serious nature.

Live offline life too

In today’s digital age where everyone gets each other’s news from social media, it is very difficult to be offline. If you are not able to be completely offline, then make some changes in your online routine itself.

  • Internet is a treasure trove of information, instead of wasting time there, make a habit of using it properly.
  • Keeping an eye on online activities is a good thing, but avoid taking unnecessary tension. It is a waste of time to keep a record of who has commented or not.
  • If you are a victim of online fraud, instead of hiding the matter, cooperate in its investigation.
  • Think twice before forwarding a forwarded message without any meaning.

Change the Atmosphere from the Interior

After staying in the house all day, many times the mind starts getting bored by seeing the same interior. Even a person who comes tired from office feels relaxed only when the house is clean.

  • Keep distributing them to the needy from time to time without being infatuated with old clothes.
  • If you do not want to paint the house now, then decorate the house by applying your favorite wallpaper.
  • Changing furniture is not easy. If you want to make some changes, then change the curtains, sofa covers, carpets, cushion covers of the house.

Show Fitness

It is natural to be crazy when it comes to fitness. People often become diet conscious in the New Year’s obsession. The work which they are not able to do throughout the year, they try to complete it in January itself. Set some easy fitness rules to stay fit this year.

  • If you want to exercise, then do some easy exercises at home before joining the gym.
  • Make a habit of taking balanced diet. Include plenty of green vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  • Make only those promises to yourself in the new year, which you can easily fulfill. Be happy and try to make others happy.

Happy New Year to them too

After celebrating the New Year with friends and family, include those people in this celebration, who are unable to celebrate the New Year at their home even if they want. If possible, sometimes go to slum areas, orphanages or old age homes and start the new year with the people living there. Along with you, those people will also get happiness and surely its effect will be clearly visible on your whole year. If there are small children in the house, then definitely include them in this work of charity. If you do not feel like going anywhere, then only the maid, sweeper, plumber, electrician, guard and other people who come to your house should participate in this happiness.

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Let’s start the new year happily by taking lessons from the mistakes of the last year. Make small resolutions so that they can be met. If you are planning to have a party on the first day of the year, then be very careful and try not to harm anyone because of you. Happy New Year 2019. How to Celebrate The New Year.

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