CCC Course: Know The Complete Information Related To This Course

CCC Course: Know The Complete Information Related To This Course.

Due to the increasing use and spread of information technology, almost all the people in the country and the world are trying to get closer to this field. But in our India, there is a class of people living in remote areas who are completely ignorant of modernity and technological innovation, that is why various projects are coming every day to increase the awareness of the people about the importance of education by the state government and central government. And the undertakings are organized. Computer related education program CCC course (what is Triple C) is an unmatched initiative taken by the government, in which every common person can become computer literate, it is the government’s aim.

In ‘CCC’, the basic aspects related to computer are given completely by the course, about which you will be introduced to all these things through the article. If you also have a desire to complete this course in your mind, then the information given here will prove to be important for you, in which you will get to know about the education fee, education period, required eligibility and benefits of the course etc.

You not only have to understand this information properly but also make it accessible to all those needy people who do not know about this topic properly and they all are interested to know about CCC.

CCC Course: Complete Information Related To This Course.

Main Point:

  1. CCC Full Form
  2. Types of CCC Course
  3. CCC Course Eligibility
  4. CCC Course Duration
  5. Education Fee – CCC Course Fees
  6. Advantages of CCC Course.
  7. FAQ.

CCC Full Form

Generally, most people know this course by the name of ‘CCC’, but in fact its full form is Course on Computer Concepts. Through this course any person can know and learn all the basic things related to computer.

Next, we will discuss this topic in more detail so that you can understand more clearly about it, apart from this, we will try to tell you about all those important aspects from which all your doubts can be resolved.

Types of CCC Course

  1. Certification in CCC
  2. Diploma in CCC
  3. Course on Computer Concepts Online Course

CCC Course Eligibility

Here we will look at the essential eligibility for all types of Course on Computer Concepts course which includes the following things like;

  1. Required eligibility for Certification in CCC: Any person who has successfully completed minimum 10th class education, they all are considered eligible for admission in this course.
  2. Required eligibility for Diploma in CCC: As we tell you here that there are two diploma level courses available in CCC in which Diploma in CCC and Post Graduate Diploma in CCC are there. Here you are considered eligible for admission in Diploma in CCC after class 12, the same after passing the graduation examination are called eligible for Post Graduate Diploma in CCC. Here students who have passed class 12 and graduation from any education stream can apply for these courses, which means that any specific education stream is not mandatory here. All the people who have passed with only 50% marks can get admission for this course.
  3. CCC Online Course: Any person who has successfully passed class 10th can complete the Course on Computer Concepts course through online.

CCC Course Duration

Here we will discuss about the duration of the Course on Computer Concepts course, the details of which are given below, such as:

  • CCC Certification Course:– You can complete this course in approx. 80 hours or 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Online CCC Course:– The duration of this course is also about 3 to 4 weeks which the interested candidate has to complete within the stipulated time.
  • Diploma in CCC Course: – You have to complete this course in a total of about 12 weeks or 3 months.

CCC Course Format or CCC Course Details

Mainly what is the format of the CCC curriculum, we will discuss it here which is as follows;

  • Practical – 50 hours.
  • Theory – 25 hours.
  • Tutorial – 5 hours.

CCC Course Fees

By the way, according to the educational institution, you have to pay the fee for this course, in which a minimum fee of 500 rupees to 25 thousand rupees has to be paid. There is a difference in the fee for this course according to your institution and type of Course on Computer Concepts course.

Advantages of ‘CCC’ Course

Most of the time, this question will arise in the mind of many of you that what can be the benefit to you after completing the Course on Computer Concepts course, here we will introduce you to some of the major benefits involved in this which are as follows:

  • Course on Computer Concepts course can prove to be the best course for people of all age groups who do not have any kind of knowledge related to computer and they have to get information in this subject.
  • The main advantage of this course we can say that due to no provision of age limit for the course here, a person of any age is considered eligible for this course, provided that person has passed at least 10th class. should have been done.
  • After completing the Course on Computer Concepts course, you can learn how to use the email service along with running the internet.
  • Anyone can be capable of doing data entry, database preparation, business presentation as well as preparing office related presentations.
  • The Course on Computer Concepts course is organized and regulated by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, due to which this certificate has gained a lot of importance in any private or public employment institution. This certificate is known as an alternative to all state level computer related basic courses.

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In this way, you have learned about all the important aspects about the Course on Computer Concepts course, in which we have introduced you to almost all the main things. We have full confidence that you must have understood the given information well and you must have got proper benefit from it in future. To benefit other people of this information, must share the article to all of them, apart from this, to know about other topics, must read our articles made on various topics. thank you so much for staying connected with us

Frequently Asked Questions on ‘CCC’ Course

Q1. Is there any age limit for admission in CCC course?

Ans: No

Q2. What is the minimum education eligibility for admission in CCC course?

Ans: It is necessary to pass class 10th.

Q3. Which national institute organizes and regulates the Course on Computer Concepts course?

Ans: National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.