CBSE vs ICSE Which is Better – Difference Between CBSE and ICSE

CBSE vs ICSE Which is Better - Difference Between CBSE and ICSE

CBSE vs ICSE: In addition to the board of public education in the field of education, a lot of other board options are also common today, where knowledge is disseminated by linking education with a different and special function from public education. As education under other boards is attached to various types of tasks, and in these types of education, the inclination of the parents of students is seen more in today’s era.

If you are looking for the right board for your children as a responsible parent, then this information can definitely be helpful for you. And whose children are already studying under this education board, they will be able to get more information on this subject.

For the specific purpose of giving information about the basic difference between two important education boards like EC, we have brought this article for you, in which we have CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE ( Indian certificate for secondary education) will give detailed information about the difference on the basis of certain facts on both these boards.

CBSE vs ICSE Which is Better

As both CBSE vs ICSE are also preferred boards by people, both these boards provide good quality level education. Based on the facts given in this article, answers to all your questions can be found.

Important notice: Both these boards have some disadvantages and some economical aspects, it is your responsibility as a conscious and understanding parent to understand the basic facts and choose the appropriate board for your children according to your needs.

1. Basic structure of education


Under the ICSE board, emphasis is placed on practical education, due to which the children studying under this board are able to understand the subject more than the reality.


Education imparted under CBSE Board mainly emphasizes education based on theological knowledge. Under which, after studying, the children will get the eligibility test for future medical examination (NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), and the eligibility test for engineering will be started according to JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). They are well prepared.

Like, after passing the class 12th CBSE board, the students prepare very well for the future UPSC and other competitive examinations, because the structure of education under this board is the same. In which children have acquired good basic knowledge in many subjects.

2. Language related education medium under the board


As far as the ICSE board is concerned, their medium of instruction is English only, but as such the focus of this board is mostly on language education. Out of the many language options available, students can learn language related to them by choosing the language as the subject.


Hindi and English are the medium of language related to education under CBSE, under the directions of their Board of Education, it is the only two languages ​​that are accepted as the major medium. By the way, under CBSE, other languages ​​are included as a subject of education and their education is also given.

3. Board approval


The ICSE board has the most expansion worldwide, which includes schools from all over the world.


As far as the CBSE is concerned, the maximum expansion of this board has been done in India itself, education has been approved under this board in most of the schools and colleges in India up to class 12th.

4. Economical approach and Incorrect

ICSE Board

As most of the schools of this board are spread all over the world, in India there are very few schools under this board from the CBSE board, just look at some of the economical aspects of this board and the commissions.

Economical approach

  • The provision of selection of subjects under this board is quite flexible.
  • Being employed on the major criteria of giving more emphasis on languages, students in English and other languages ​​related education are prepared quite well, the benefit of which is to provide students with the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language – English Language of Foreign Language Commonly used) as in exams.
  • This board has been recognized by many universities around the world.
  • This board focuses more on practical education than on theological knowledge.
  • It can be quite easy to read the students of ICSE board by transferring them to CBSE board, but the same change can be done to CBSE students. If the education is to be done under the board, then the syllabus may be more difficult for them.


  • The fee for education under this board is very high.
  • Fewer students studying under this board are eligible for exams like competition.
  • For students whose parents are employed in a shifting job profession, this education board could not prove to be right, because they have very few schools.

CBSE Board

CBSE is a prestigious and popular board of education in India, such as the National Level Eligibility Test for Joint Engineering Examination JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) by 2018. Used to organize and regulate. The JEE is currently organized and regulated by the NTA (National Testing Agency), thus looking at some of the affordable initiatives and commissions on this board.

Economical approach

  • The most economical approach of this board is its curriculum which is easy and easy to understand in comparison to other boards from the point of view of education.
  • CBSE is the most popular board in India, which has more than twenty thousand schools across India.
  • The CBSE Board focuses heavily on both Mathematics and Science.
  • The structure of the syllabus of this board is closely based in terms of national eligibility test like JEE and NEET.
  • Speaking of syllabus, the syllabus of CBSE board is decided by NCERT (National Council of Education Research- National Council of Education Research).
  • Regarding education fees, these boards, and compared to all boards, are much cheaper, their education fees seem to be cheaper as compared to the course education and other facilities that are offered in their schools.


  • This Board of Education places more emphasis on theological knowledge, their focus is not so much on practical and directness based education. As such, there is a lack of these things in the subject of science and mathematics.
  • Students studying under this board are more advanced than theatrical knowledge, they appear to be backward in some cases in practical and directional education.
  • With more focus on national eligibility examinations and competition exams, CBSE board seems to be behind in giving basic education and explaining their actual use.

Conclusions: –

Both these boards have their own specialties and educational system, through which they spread education, if the need arises, then the parents of the students have to choose the right board according to their convenience and decide the future of their student.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which board may be right for future engineering and medical education?

Ans: – CBSE Board.

2. Which board is the hardest in India?

Ans: According to the present ICSE board is the hardest board in India, whose class 10th examination is considered to be the hardest.

3. Has the CBSE board been approved by other countries of the world?

Ans: Yes, in countries such as Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore etc., education options are now available under this board.

4. Which board can be right in India according to education?

Ans: Although both CBSE and ICSE are very good boards, but it is necessary that parents understand the parameters related to them in detail before choosing the right board for their children. Take and then take the appropriate decision.

5. Can a student of CBSE board easily pass the JEE examination?

Ans: – It is not right to decide, because passing this type of examination is completely dependent on the hard work done by the student and the studies done in the right direction.

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