CBSE or State Board: Which is Better CBSE or State Board

CBSE or State Board: Which is Better CBSE or State Board

The State Board is considered a traditional education system, under which schools exist in almost every state’s district, taluka and village. In this important article, you will be able to get comparative information on some basic facts between State Board or CBSE Board, which will prove beneficial for you to choose the right education board.

In the era of renewal, where science has made unprecedented progress in the field of medicine and technology, education has also improved in many ways. Due to this, the scope of education has also increased considerably, and new options for students to join the education system have also emerged.

Talking about the spread of education and new education options, today, along with the Board of Public Education, other new boards have joined all over India, through which education of high standard and level is provided. There are also many well-known board options available, including boards like CBSE, ICSE etc., which have schools in many areas of India.

Which is Better CBSE or State Board

CBSE or State Board: Which is Better CBSE or State Board

What is CBSE Board

Central Board of Secondary Education of CBSE is a board under the Government of India, whose syllabus is prepared by NCERT.

However, various private schools across the country have started disseminating education under this board, which is called education of high standards and standard. Schools are present under this board in most states of India, and most of the students have become part of this board.

What is State Board

There is a government board of education under every state government, which works to prepare the syllabus for that particular state, organize and plan the examination, and declare the final result of the examination, etc.

Every state government has government schools in different districts, taluka and villages, which come under this state board, such board of education is called state board.

Which Board is Best

Before taking any decision on this subject, it becomes a very important thing to get comparative information on some basic facts about these two boards, you will get detailed information on some important aspects.

1. Education Fees

CBSE Most of the schools under this board and impart education are private, whose education fee is much higher than the schools of the State Board.

State board
Education fees for schools under State Board are low, as all these schools are under the state government, so all the education related guidelines of the government are implemented here. Therefore, there are no education fees in schools under all the state boards, where education is provided to the children for free.

2. Books

Most of the times, the books and education of the CBSE board are decided by NCERT, although it is not necessary that only books set by NCERT Students of the board should study, it is not compulsory at all.

State board
A board of education is formed in each state’s education board to decide the course of education and education, which determines the books for the state board of that state.

3. Board Syllabus


  • The education curriculum under this board is much harder and higher than that of the state board.
  • This board is under the Government of India, so the schools under this board all over India have almost the same syllabus.
  • Students studying under this board are very well connected with the education curriculum, and it becomes easy for them to study in a friendly environment.
  • In this education system, more emphasis is placed on solving the questions of the students from the point of view of science, due to which students are able to get answers to their questions quite well.

Even though they are both separate boards, in the primary, secondary and higher education system, they are promoting education with independent distinction.

State Board

  • The curriculum of education under the State Board is very simple and inclusive, in which mediums and subjects of education are available according to the language of each state.
  • The students studying under this board are given less information on all subjects than other boards, because the syllabus of this board is not as much in detail, only the basic information is included in the syllabus.
  • Questions based on the basic things of many children, while studying under this board, are not solved.
  • According to the state, the syllabus of each specific state is different, due to which students who transfer, they have to face a lot of problems.
  • Most of the education under this board is focused on practical education.

Benefits Of Boards

Benefits of CBSE Board

1. Students studying under this board are able to get good marks in national level exams such as JEE, NEET, UPSC etc. Competition exams are included in this.

2. The medium of this education system is Hindi and English, so children can easily study in any school across India.

3. The level of this education system is very high and standard is obtained, so students get a lot of help for a bright future.

Benefits of State Board

1. The syllabus covered under this board includes all the basic and important information, including information related to the state concerned.

2. Students and their parents can decide to choose the medium of education.

3. All the basic information of specific state and territory is given in the syllabus.

4. Students of this board can score good marks in the competitive examination conducted by the state government.

5. The education of this board includes other languages ​​along with English.

As the first two boards come up, being a sensible and aware parent, it becomes your ultimate responsibility to choose the right board. Hope you like this information very much and you will benefit from it.

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