Causes of Preterm Birth: Precautions to Avoid Premature Delivery

Causes of Preterm Birth: Precautions to Avoid Premature Delivery

Causes of Preterm Birth: Babies who are within 38 to 40 weeks are fully developed and healthy, but babies who are premature before 38 weeks, they are not fully mature and they are often killed. Such premature babies are called premature babies. Babies who are born full-time are equally likely to be healthy. Every woman wants that she should stay away from premature delivery, but even after taking full precautions, such incidents are being heard a lot these days. There can be many reasons due to premature delivery, but by taking some precautions and adopting some measures (Precautions to Avoid Premature Delivery), you can avoid this problem.

Causes of Preterm Birth

There can be many reasons for having a premature delivery, some of which are as follows: Causes of Preterm Birth.

  1. The first reason can be that pregnant women do not get nutritious and complete food.
  2. If the woman is suffering from any disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes or any other disease, then there is a possibility of premature delivery of the woman.
  3. Lack of proper care of the woman during pregnancy or not having the right medical examination can also be a reason for this.
  4. Poverty can also be a reason for this problem, such as the woman doing heavy work during pregnancy or some strong shock etc.
  5. During pregnancy, the woman remains more stressed or worried.
  6. Consuming some fruits also keeps its risk such as pineapple, papaya etc.
  7. Apart from this, lack of omega 3 fatty acids can also be a reason for this.

Precautions to Avoid Premature Delivery

1. Take care of your diet

During pregnancy, a woman should take full care of her diet as it directly affects the baby. Women should take nutritious and balanced diet. Pregnant woman should keep taking all kinds of vitamins like calcium, vitamins, folic acid etc. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the fetus. Malnutrition can also sometimes lead to premature delivery. So take special care of your diet.

2. Do not let the lack of water

During pregnancy, whenever a woman feels thirsty for water, then she should drink plenty of water. Do not be lazy to drink water at that time because lack of water can also cause premature delivery. So drink as much water as you can.


3. Have a short meal

As much as a nutritious diet is necessary for a pregnant woman, it is equally important that she eat the right food at the right time because there are many such fruits which can cause premature delivery. Although fruits are considered very beneficial, avoid eating certain fruits such as papaya during pregnancy as they contain chemicals that can start bleeding.

4. Avoid lifting heavy weights

During pregnancy, a woman should avoid lifting heavy weights as lifting heavy weights can put pressure on the placenta, which increases the risk of miscarriage. During this time, the woman should avoid doing continuous and heavy work. Apart from this, you should take full care of your health and keep resting.


5. Exercise

During pregnancy, a woman should keep doing light exercise and walk a little after eating every day, so that the food is digested at the right time. You should consult your doctor about yoga and exercise at this time. You should do all the right exercises for a pregnant woman. Exercising also keeps the weight of the woman under control because gaining excess weight can increase the pressure on the uterus, due to which there is a fear of getting this condition.

6. Never stop urinating

A pregnant woman should never make the mistake of stopping urination. Whenever there is pressure of urine, then you should do it simultaneously because it has a direct effect on the uterus.

7. Avoid Common Medications

You should not take any medicine on your own during pregnancy. If you are having any problem such as headache, stomach pain or anything else, then you should consult your doctor and take medicine. You should avoid taking medicines on your own at this time. Gum problems have also been linked with premature delivery. If you also have gum problem during pregnancy then do not ignore it.

8. Stay away from stress

During pregnancy, a woman is advised to stay away from stress and anxiety. That’s why you should talk to the right person or your doctor if you have any concerns or anything else that is bothering you. Apart from this, try to create a pleasant environment around you and meet and talk to such people, whom you get pleasure from talking to. Being under stress or worrying during pregnancy can also lead to premature delivery. So instead of thinking too much, keep yourself happy and read such books or listen to songs which gives you relief.

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9. Take complete rest

During pregnancy, you should take full care of your diet and your health as well as rest. During this, you should avoid working too much and take full care of your rest. You can choose to do things that you can do sitting down like sewing, reading books, etc.

10. see a doctor from time to time

Keep in touch with your doctor from time to time and keep getting your tests done. Share everything you have with your doctor so that he can understand you and advise you properly.

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