Causes of Hiccups and Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

Causes of Hiccups and Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

We all must have faced such a situation at one time or the other, when once the hiccups start, they do not even take the name of stopping. In most cases, hiccups can be triggered by eating something too spicy. On the other hand, if hiccups start coming without any reason, then the elders of the house say, definitely someone must be remembering. Then we start taking the names of all the loved ones one after the other. But the story of Hiccups does not end there. It is also very important to know about it in detail. We have brought here for you hiccups along with home remedies to stop hiccups (Causes of Hiccups).

What is Hiccups?

Hiccups are basically an involuntary action of the muscles present in the throat canal. This occurs when the diaphragm muscles suddenly contract and are out of control. Simply put, hiccups are repeated spasms of your diaphragm, combined with the ‘hitch’ sound caused by the closure of your vocal cords. Your diaphragm is a muscle below your ribcage, which separates your chest and abdominal area. This muscle is an important part of the breathing process. When you inhale it moves down and when you exhale it moves up. Two things happen when you hiccup: your diaphragm pulls down between breaths, allowing you to suck in air, and the glottis (the space between the vocal cords) closes to prevent more air from coming in. From these actions, the sound of ‘hiccup’ comes. Hiccups process very quickly and you usually return to normal within minutes to a few hours without treatment.


Causes of Hiccups

Hiccups occur due to various reasons. These include low levels of carbon dioxide in the blood and irritated nerves. In addition, being under stress, overeating, filling your stomach with too much food and certain lung disorders such as pneumonia that irritates the diaphragm can lead to hiccups. Less often but often, serious triggers such as stroke, brain tumor or hypersensitivity to other Medicine can also contribute to persistent hiccups. Other than this.

– Eating or drinking too quickly


– Too much food

– Experiencing stress – including fear and excitement.


– Drinking very hot or very cold drinks

– Undergo chemotherapy

– Eat something spicy

– Inhaling toxic fumes etc.

Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups

Because the exact cause of hiccups is uncertain, some remedies may or may not work. You may have heard some of these from the elders of your house. Here we are telling you Home Remedies to Stop Hiccups. These home remedies will not harm you, so there is usually no harm in trying them.

Drink Water

Water comes first in the treatment of hiccups. After eating something spicy or having frequent hiccups without talking, the people around will immediately offer you water. This is because water is a panacea for hiccups. For this, sip slowly in a glass of warm water. It helps in stimulating the activity of the vagus nerve, which travels from the brain to the stomach and thus reduces hiccups.

Put Sugar on the Tongue

With the help of sugar (CONTROL SUGAR LEVEL), you can easily stop hiccups. There is not much to do for this, just take about half a teaspoon of sugar and place it on the far end of the back of the tongue. Keep it like this for two minutes and then swallow the sugar. The tightness of the diaphragm muscles is relieved by applying pressure with the tongue.

Take Lemon

Lemon can also be tried if hiccups are coming frequently and are not taking the name of stopping. The pleasant aroma with the citrusy taste of lemon naturally strengthens the muscles of the nasopharynx. This, in turn, relaxes the knots in the diaphragm muscles and reduces hiccups.

Try to Hold your Breath for a while

We are only talking about holding your breath for a while here. Holding your breath for a few seconds effectively keeps some carbon dioxide in the body. It acts to eliminate spasm in the diaphragm, thereby preventing hiccups.

Breathe in a Paper Bag

Paper bags are also very effective in stopping hiccups. But keep in mind, take only paper bags for this, do not try to use plastic bags by mistake. Inhaling and exhaling ten times in a paper bag also stops the hiccups. This slightly increases the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which relaxes the nerves. Even this stops the hiccups.

With Asafetida and Butter

Do you know that by consuming a little asafetida and butter, you can stop the frequent hiccups. For this you do not have to do much, just eating 1/4 teaspoon asafetida powder with 1/4 teaspoon butter will cure hiccups. This is a better way to stop hiccups.

Use of Honey

You can also use honey to stop hiccups. Especially if the hiccups are due to eating something spicy, then even more so. Actually, eating a spoonful of honey is very beneficial in case of hiccups. Suddenly the sweetness of honey that the body receives balances the nerves and hiccups calm down.

Try to Distract

Many times when small children have persistent cough or hiccups, we try to distract them by looking at the fan above or showing something else, so that the cough or hiccups coming from them can be calmed. We elders also have to do the same thing. If you are having frequent hiccups, try to distract yourself. The hiccups will subside (Causes of Hiccups).

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Hiccups – FAQ’s

Q1. What to do if the hiccups are not stopping?

Answer- If the hiccups are not stopping, then drink water immediately, then you can also pat gently on the back.

Q2. What is the medicine for hiccups?

Answer- Nux Vomica 30, Megaphos 30 and Cajuputum medicines are given in homeopathy to stop hiccups.

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