Causes of Hair loss and Essential Vitamins for Hair

Causes of Hair loss and Essential Vitamins for Hair

Causes of hair loss and baldness: Hair fall is common with aging, but untimely hair fall and fall can also cause baldness. In most men, the main cause of balding and hair loss is genetic and in women, hair loss can cause mental stress, hormonal changes and lack of vitamins needed for hair. Sometimes the side effects of a medicine also cause sudden hair fall and baldness. Come, why do hair fall before time to solve the problem of hair and prevent and treat it, hair loss and hair fall reasons for male and female.

Essential Vitamins for Hair

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss, if you have the same question in your mind then the answer is Vitamin A, C, B12, E. If you want to make your hair thick, beautiful and long, then eat such foods in the diet, which can give the hair the necessary vitamins and other nutrients.

Vitamin A is very useful in making hair black and shiny. This strengthens hair roots and makes hair thicker. Carrot, sweet potato, spinach, mango and milk should be consumed for vitamin A.

Vitamin B12 is beneficial for preventing hair fall. For this, eat more food like egg, chakundar, spinach, cheese, milk and curd in your diet.

Vitamin C prevents untimely hair whitening and dryness, and the hair is long and thick. Lemon, guava and citrus fruits contain enough vitamin C.
Eat vitamin E to prevent hair fall and maintain hair shine. This increases blood flow to the head. Fish, almonds, peanuts, spinach are high.

How Many Hair loss is Normal Daily

There are millions of hairs on our head and 40 to 100 hair falls are normal everyday. Due to the change in weather or place, many times hair loss occurs, but if you do not feel hair loss is normal then there can be other reasons for this.

If the hair is falling more than usual then it is very important to take measures to prevent it, for which the reason for hair fall should be known so that they can eliminate and prevent hair fall.

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Causes and Treatment of Hair loss

Many boys and men are concerned about hair loss from one side of their head and baldness, what remedies and home remedies to stop them and grow new hair.

2. The problem of hair loss in men is also genetic. Because this problem is related to family history, so there is nothing much we can do to treat it. The chances of hair fall and baldness can be reduced by adopting a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Hair loss also happens due to mental stress. The bad effect of taking more tension affects the growth of hormones in the body. So avoid stress.

4. Using a hair dryer to make hairstyles and dry hair is an easy way, but everyday use causes hair loss. Apart from this, hair fall is also done by hair treatment taken to straighten or curly hair.

5. Hormonal causes of hair loss can also occur. Changes in hormones during pregnancy and periods cause significant hair loss.

6. Thyroid also causes hair fall. Failure of the thyroid hormone causes the problem of hair loss and fall in women.

7. To make hair long, thick and beautiful, excessive use of beauty products on hair is also the reason for hair fall. The use of shampoo, hair oil, gel and conditioner containing chemicals, for a long time also causes hair problems.

8. Washing the hair with lukewarm water causes the hair to weaken from the root, causing hair fall and baldness. Dandruff in hair is also a reason for hair loss.

9. Often, many people have a habit of eating medicine for the treatment of any disease or pain. Talking about medicine, immunity starts to weaken, which affects the body. It also has a bad effect on hair. Therefore, avoid taking any medicine without consulting the doctor.

10. A sudden change in the weather is also the main cause of hair loss. Apart from this, some people start having problems related to hair and skin due to lack of water to suit in a new place.

Tips to Prevent Hair loss

  • To solve the problem of hair, the most important is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not wash hair with hot water.
  • Protect them from sunlight to prevent hair breakage and loss.
  • Massage the roots of hair with coconut oil, mustard oil, almond or amla oil at least 2 times a week.
  • Use cosmetic hair color, dye, gel and other beauty products to a minimum.

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