Causes For Hiccups in Babies and 7 Effective Ways to Remove Them

Causes For Hiccups in Babies and 7 Effective Ways to Remove Them

Causes For Hiccups in Babies: You must have heard that our elders used to tell us that if there is hiccups, then maybe someone has remembered or gas is being formed in the stomach of the child or there is indigestion. Some people say that the baby’s intestines are growing. But there are many other reasons for children to get hiccups. Do you know that when the baby is in the womb, then the hiccups start. Generally, hiccups are considered quite common in a small child as they are often seen after feeding the baby. It is not just the reason behind this that someone is remembering or some concocted things, there are some other reasons behind this which you need to know. So let’s know why babies get hiccups and easy ways to stop hiccups.

Causes For Hiccups in Babies

1. Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be the cause of hiccups in babies. When babies drink milk, there is a valve on their alimentary canal which is not fully developed in young children, due to which some of the milk comes back in the mouth, due to which the baby gets acid reflux, which causes the baby to hiccups and a little. Vomiting also occurs. When these valves start to enlarge over time, they also stop having hiccups.

2. Overeating

Sometimes the child feels very hungry, due to which he starts drinking mother’s milk quickly, due to which he drinks more milk. The baby’s stomach is small and when the child’s stomach is filled with more than hunger, then their stomach expands due to which they start hiccups.

3. Air filling

When babies drink milk from a bottle, some air also goes inside them with it. When babies inhale too much air, there is pressure on their diaphragm, which causes spasm in the diaphragm, due to which hiccups start.

4. Having allergies

When the baby is allergic to something such as a protein-rich diet, especially from formula milk or any type of food in the mother’s breastmilk, the baby sometimes gets hiccups.

5. Changing Room Temperature

When babies drink milk or due to some reason the temperature of your room changes or when the room suddenly starts getting cold, then the baby also starts hiccupping due to cold.

Remedies to Stop Babies Hiccups

If a child has constant hiccups, never block their nose. Instead, try simple ways to stop hiccups:

1. Whenever you feed your baby, do not feed them completely lying down. Either place your hand under their head or feed them with the help of a pillow keeping their head elevated.

2. Whenever you give yellow milk to the baby, make them burp. For burping, take the baby in the lap with the support of your shoulder and massage their back with light hands up and down and also pat them gently, so that the baby’s milk will also be digested and they will also get relief. There will be no hesitation by doing this.

3. Do not feed the baby too much milk at once, but give milk in a short interval of time. Due to which the children will not be very hungry and they will not have hiccups.

4. Whenever you buy a bottle to give milk to the baby, then buy the nipple of the bottle only after seeing it because if you enlarge the nipple, then the baby will draw more air inside his mouth with the big nipple. Due to which the child also gets hiccups.

5. When the baby is having hiccups, stop feeding the milk once and pat the baby’s back with hand, which will stop their hiccups.

6. Whenever the baby has hiccups, you can also give them honey, which will help to stop their hiccups, but children who are less than 1 year old should not give honey or sugar. You can give relief from hiccups to a child above 1 year old.

7. Whenever babies have hiccups, focus their attention on something else or make the child sit on their chair, which will keep their attention moving and help stop the hiccups. We adopt these measures with elders, such as to scare them with something or to divert their attention to some other side.

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In this way, hiccups are common and are also good for the development of the child, but when the child gets upset with it, then you can try to stop the hiccups. Do not give water to the baby even by mistake at the time of hiccups. Doctors also recommend that water and milk should not be given during hiccups. You can try the above remedies to stop hiccups. Usually after 6 months the problem of hiccups subsides. The above remedies to stop hiccups are tried by various mothers or are popular among the masses. Use it at your own discretion. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.