How To Make A Career in Sound Engineering

How To Make A Career in Sound Engineering

What is Sound Engineering? Hello friends, today I have come up with an interesting career information for ‘2023’. And the name of that career is Sound Engineering. Yes, Sound Engineering is a career that is interesting as well as fun. Technology has given rise to many interesting career opportunities today, apart from different traditional fields of business or career, one such field is called Sound Engineering. Sound Engineering is a very interesting and responsible career where you can earn from 15 thousand to 1.5-2.0 lakh rupees per month. Let us know what is Sound Engineering.

What is Sound Engineering?

A lot can be guessed from the name of Sound Engineering itself. Sound engineering is the art of understanding, recording, copying, producing any type of sound, and mixing them using various electronic musical instruments. Everything happens in production from the original setup to the recording. After recording, the voice is polished for the final copy of the audio. In the Sound Engineering course, the students are explained the entire process from the basics of sound to post production. Its theoretical part helps students to understand audio recording and production, while the mixing part gives them the ability to understand the much needed creativity in real life.


To make a career in sound engineering, you must be a graduate in mass communication, if you have not graduated from mass communication, then you must have a diploma of sound engineering or you must have a degree in audio and music production.

A sound engineer plays a very important role in the delivery of any final project. Therefore, one can make a career in sound engineering by taking the right guidance, dedication and good opportunities. Since this work is very technical and computer, it is very important to get better computer skills and better experience in operating electronic equipment. Most of the students get a lot of experience in it while working on various projects during the course of teaching.


To create a professional high quality audio, it is very important for the sound engineer to coordinate with the video technical, editors, performers, and director.

Prospects in Sound Engineering Career:

Sound Engineer plays a very important role in TV, Cinema industry. The recently started Digital India campaign has developed the field of sound engineering even more, due to which the demand for sound engineers has started increasing even more rapidly. The internet has also contributed a lot in promoting the career of sound engineering.


The popularity of YouTube video, online music streaming, news clipping, Skype, and WhatsApp calling is increasing day by day due to the increase and speed of the Internet, due to which the demand for those who know sound engineering is increasing.

At present there are more than 20 moviewoods (I have not found a better word than this) in India on the basis of language. For example from Bollywood, Pollywood, Chhollywood, to south Indian movies etc. Hundreds of latest Hindi movies are released every year in India and if we talk about film production company, there are more than 30 famous movie production company in Bollywood alone.

So from this you can guess how many famous and non-famous production houses will be there in the whole country. It is only a matter of film production, TV serials, radio, advertisement, media production, event management, broadcast media, etc., millions of such content are made and displayed every year, only from this you can guess that career in this field. How much more likely.

How Much Salary will you Get in Sound Engineering Job?

The demand of any sound engineer is in radio channels, film production, media production house, event management company, broadcast media houses and advertising company etc. In the job of sound engineering, the starting salary can be around 10 thousand rupees per month. With the increase in experience, this salary can be more than 1 lakh rupees per month.

Sound engineers who do with TV channels and film production get Rs.1500 to 5000 thousand rupees per day. This amount also depends to a great extent on the budget of the project. If the budget of any movie is very big, then in such a situation the film production house keeps a skilled and experienced sound engineer and his daily salary can be up to 5-10 thousand rupees per day. Sound engineers working in Hollywood movies get a salary even more.

Even if you do not want to do a job or want to do part time with a job, then this career is very good because along with the job you can also do free lancing. Many companies also get their work done for free lancing. By doing freelancing, your experience also increases and at the same time you earn money. Working with any production house not only gives you experience but also increases your profile score.

Qualification for Sound Engineering Course:

Whether it is any field related to career, it is mandatory for you to pass 10+2. Along with this, you should also have a certificate of computer course. This will make it easier for you to get a better experience.

Sound Engineering Colleges in India:

Friends, if you want to do something creative or you have an interest in technology, then sound engineering can be a good option for you. There are many such educational institutes in our country which offer sound engineering courses, some of which are major education, whose list I am giving you:

  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • Sadhna Academy for Media Studies, Noida
  • Cosmic Institution of Neo Entertainment, Media & Arts (cinema), Ghaziabad
  • Department of Film & TV Studies, Bharatiya VidyaBhavan, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Film and Fine Arts NIFFA, Kolkata

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So friends, what is the information given by me in your career to Sound Engineering? How did you like the information about How to make a career in sound engineering, definitely tell in the comment box. In future also I will keep bringing interesting information for you on RNkhabri.

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