Capricorn, the king of the planets will change the zodiac sign, Dhan Yoga will be created for the people of the two zodiac signs.

Capricorn, the king of the planets will change the zodiac sign

The king of the planets, Sun god, will change his zodiac sign for the first time in 2021 (Makar Sankranti 2021). The Sun will enter Capricorn on January 14 at 8 am. This phenomenon of Sun’s zodiac change is called Capricorn.

According to astrologers, Capricorn is going to be very special this time in terms of the zodiac. Leo and Dhan Rashi people will get the benefit of Dhan Yoga. Let us know which zodiac sign will benefit on Capricorn. The Sun will ally with the other three planets on Capricorn Sankrati, this time the Sun will ally with Lord Saturn.


The sun is the lord of your zodiac and will be in your sixth price during this period of grazing. This period of sun grazing will be especially good for students. This is becoming Dhan Yoga. Especially in government work there will be success, stalled work will be completed. The fruit of hard work will appear.

A person who has been trying for a job for a long time will necessarily succeed. Your work will be appreciated and you will be able to do the work that has been stopped. Fate will be fully supported. There will be more fruit than hard work. Good health will be preserved. This time will come with the joy of a new light in your life.

Capricorn, the king of the planets will change the zodiac sign


From this pasture the sun will be in your second sense. Good fruit will be obtained. Because your zodiac sign has created wealth, you will get a good financial benefit. There will be a sudden financial gain. Stopped money will be returned.

However at this time Surya will ally with Karmaphal donor Shanidev so the expenses will increase for some time Investing in small projects will be beneficial for you. This will increase your income

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