Capricorn Sign People Positive and Negative Characteristics

Capricorn Sign People Positive and Negative Characteristics

The month of birth for the people of Capricorn (Sign) is considered to be from 22 December to 19 January. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Saturn. The biggest feature of people of this zodiac is that they do not let their age affect themselves. Being young and looking is always in their personality, that’s why these people are very charming. These people are very hard working, but luck does not favor them every time. All their work gets completed late. But when their stars shine, the whole world is a witness to it. If your zodiac sign or someone close to you is Capricorn, then you can know here how is the nature of people with these zodiac signs.

Capricorn Sign People Positive and Negative Characteristics

According to astrology, every person is born in a fixed time, month and year. Every month and day has a different specialty or nature. On the basis of this the qualities, hobbies, good and bad of that person and his nature are decided. So let’s know about the people of Capricorn.

1. These people are extremely ambitious, as well as practical. They have no interest in showing themselves as fake. They present themselves in front of everyone as they are in reality. They always listen to their heart and do what they feel.

2. These people are very hardworking and complete any work diligently. But in which they are not interested, they definitely show their laziness in that work. Talking about career, electronic, writing, IT, bank and funding jobs are perfect for them.

3. Capricorn people do not like to dominate and they do not tolerate anything wrong at all. No matter how bad their actions seem, they speak on their faces from the front. They are not used to talking behind their back.

4. The biggest feature of these people is that they do not let their age affect themselves. Always looking young and looking is ingrained in his personality. That’s why these people are very charming personality.

5. These people have to find their own way to reach their destination. His lucky charm is his favorite movie, watching which always takes him to a new world. Whenever these people feel lost, their favorite movie brings them out of their troubles.

6. Love is just a necessity for Capricorns. They are a bit crooked in nature. They are more interested in people younger than themselves. They are always worried that they do not fall in the trap of some wrong person. It takes them a long time to find their Mr./Miss Right.

7. Talking about the perfect match, the pair of Virgo people with Capricorn is very good. Because both of them are zodiac signs of the earth element. So there are many similarities between these two. People of both these zodiac signs are very responsible and believe in resolving mutual disputes by talking immediately. Their combination is emotional, romantic and practical in all these three qualities. Due to their playful antics, they never let each other down.

8. It is difficult to win the hearts of these people. But they are very intelligent and loyal. They see love as marriage. They never love for time pass.

9. The strength of Capricorn is their positive thinking, through which these people fulfill all their dreams. And their weakness is jealousy. They are never happy in the happiness of others. They show from the front that they do not care, but inside these people become unhappy. Apart from this, their favorite food is also their biggest weakness.

10. People born in the month of January are very cultured and idealized image and that is why the list of their fans and people who follow their path is very long. They are magicians of things. They take pleasure in taking everyone along, they do not like scattering at all.

11. The worst thing about Capricorn is that these legs argue over every little thing. Many times people also make fun of this habit of theirs, but they do not care about all these things.

Lucky Numbers – 4, 8, 13, 22, 67

Lucky Color – Black, Gray and Green, Blue.

Lucky Day – Wednesday, Saturday

Lucky Stone – Diamond, Sapphire.

Bollywood Stars with Capricorn – Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan, Farah Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Imran Khan, Johnny Lever, Nana Patekar, Sidharth Malhotra, Salman Khan.

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