Cabbage leaf for Breast Pain: Breastfeeding Week

Cabbage leaf for Breast Pain: Breastfeeding Week

There are innumerable benefits of eating cabbage. Some like to eat its vegetable, while some like it in salad. Cabbage is also used in many exotic dishes. But do you know that applying it in breast pain and swelling due to breastfeeding can be beneficial. In this article, we will discuss in detail about how cabbage leaf is beneficial in breast pain and how it is used.

Breastfeeding Problems after Delivery

For the first 6 months after delivery, the baby is dependent on breast milk only. It is through breastmilk that the baby gets essential nutrients. Also, it creates a deep bond between mother and child. However, sometimes breastfeeding can cause dryness, cracking, bleeding, mastitis (a type of breast infection) and breast engorgement (swelling and pain in the breast due to excess milk production) in women’s nipples. Breast pain and swelling can make it difficult for the mother to feed the baby, but it cannot be stopped. Therefore, further in the article, we will learn about the benefits and uses of cabbage to get relief from breast pain and swelling.


How is Cabbage leaf Beneficial in Breast Pain Caused by Breastfeeding?

From time immemorial, midwives ask new moms to apply cabbage leaves for complaints of breast pain and swelling while breast-feeding the baby. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it are considered to be effective behind this. Both these properties can provide relief from pain and swelling in the breast. In a research, it has been found to be more effective than ice packs for breast pain.

Benefits of Using Cabbage Leaves for Breast Pain

  • It is easy to use.
  • Natural and safe.
  • Relieves inflammation and pain.

How to Use Cabbage for Breast Pain?

Cabbage leaves have a soothing effect, which reduces pain and swelling in the breast. How to use it, step by step information is given below about it.

  • First of all, cool the cabbage by keeping it in the fridge.
  • Now peel off a layer on top of it.
  • Now take out two leaves and keep the rest of the cabbage in the fridge.
  • Take cold water in a bowl and clean both the leaves thoroughly, so that soil, chemicals and pesticides are not left in it.
  • After the water is drained from the leaves, make a cut on the leaf in such a way that when you apply it, it does not touch your nipple.
  • Now lie down on the breast for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Remove them when the leaves become warmer than body temperature.
  • Finally, clean the breast with a clean cloth.
  • Apply it twice a day to relieve pain due to mastitis and breast engorgement.

Keep These Things in Mind before Using Cabbage for Breast Pain

Before using cabbage for relief from breast pain and swelling, know these important things:

  • Cabbage acts as a cold compressor on the breast. This gives relief in swelling and breast engorgement in the breast. But avoid overusing it. Stop using it when the swelling in the breast subsides. Using it too much can affect breast milk supply.
  • Women who are allergic to cabbage, do not apply it.
  • Never apply cabbage leaves on cracked skin and cracked nipples.

After reading this article, you have got information related to the use of cabbage to get relief from pain and swelling in breast. In such a situation, breastfeeding women suffering from breast engorgement and mastitis must try this remedy. Some precautions related to this have also been mentioned in the article, please consider them before using it.

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