C Section Stitches: How to Take Care of C Section Delivery

C Section Stitches: How to Take Care of C Section Delivery

The biggest fear in the mind of a pregnant woman before delivery is C-section delivery. Women have to face more problems in C-section delivery than in normal delivery, so C-section delivery is not preferred. In C-section delivery, the baby is taken out by making an incision in the pregnant woman’s abdomen and after this delivery, it also takes more time for the woman to recover completely. The more worrying thing in this delivery is the stitches. During this, if the wounds and stitches are not taken care of properly (C Section Stitches Care), then the wounds are not able to heal quickly and there is a possibility of infection. Know how to take care of your stitches after C-section delivery despite the responsibilities and busyness.

How to Take Care of Stitches after C Section Delivery

1. Cleanliness

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the stitches and the wound after a C-section delivery. If the stitches are dirty, the chances of getting an infection can increase manifold. Even if there is a bandage on the stitches, first clean the area daily, then change the bandage. You can take the advice of a doctor for whom and how to clean the stitches. After this clean the stitches thoroughly with cotton. Don’t forget to change the bandage daily. Dry your stitched area thoroughly after bathing. Keep the stitches and the area around it dry as much as possible.

2. Keep away from cosmetics

Do not forget to use any kind of oil, cream or cosmetic on your stitches or its surrounding area as this can cause itching or infection of your stitches. Use the same cream or lotion on this area as your doctor has advised. Do not use anything of your own free will.


3. Breastfeeding Precautions

Taking care of your stitches should be your priority after C-section delivery otherwise you may face difficulties in future. Breastfeeding the baby during this time is also very important. You may find it difficult to breastfeed after a C-section delivery. Be sure to have someone else help you breastfeed in the beginning so that you don’t have any problems getting up, sitting, or breastfeeding your baby.

You should feed your baby in different positions to avoid pain or discomfort in your stitches. If you want, you should breastfeed the baby by lying on your lap, this will give you comfort and the baby will also drink milk comfortably. Along with this, you can also feed the baby by holding the baby like a football. You can also feed your baby lying on your side, just in case you feel completely comfortable.

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4. Use of ice-bag

After C-section delivery, along with pain in the stitches, there is swelling in it, which you can use an ice-bag to relieve it. This will give you relief. Along with this, you can also compress it with a hot bottle. It also gives relief. Whenever you get up, sit, laugh or walk or do any other physical activity, you must take care of your stitches.

5. Cloths

Always wear loose and loose clothing to protect your stitches from any discomfort or infection. Also, your clothes should be soft so that your stitches do not rub against the clothes and your stitches are safe. Also, wearing loose-fitting clothes will make it easier for you to handle the baby and make you feel comfortable.

What not to do after C Section Delivery

There are certain things you should not do to keep the stitches safe after a C-section operation, such as:

  • One should stay away from physical relations.
  • Avoid using a bath tub or swimming pool until your stitches have healed, as this can lead to infection.
  • Climbing stairs can also damage your stitches, so don’t climb stairs. Do not do heavy physical activity, lift heavy objects, or exercise for a few days after a C-section delivery, as doing so may make your stitches sore or infection. During this, do not do any such work that will stress your stomach or stitches.
  • You should avoid constipation after a C-section delivery as this can also affect your stitches. In such a situation, drink more and more water and take fiber-rich diet. Along with this, you should also keep yourself away from cold and cold so that your stitches are not stressed when coughing.
  • Avoid driving or traveling for a few months after a C-section delivery as this can damage your stitches.

How to clean stitches after C Section delivery

After C-section delivery, apply the medicine prescribed by the doctor on the stitches. To protect the stitches from water, you can hide it with polythene while taking a bath. To clean the stitches, first clean the cotton with Dettol or any antiseptic and then apply ointment on it.

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How long do the stitch marks go for a c section delivery?

Usually the stitch marks of C-section delivery go away in five to months. However, for some women, the stitch marks go away even before four months after a c section delivery. If even after applying the medicine, the stitch marks do not go away after six months, then you can take some home remedies like applying aloe Vera gel, applying coconut oil, applying turmeric gram flour etc.

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After a C-section delivery, you may have more trouble with your operation for some time, but you need to take care of yourself as well as keep an eye on your stitches. If you have pain in the stitches, if the stitches are red, they are leaking or if you have a fever, etc., then see a doctor immediately. Don’t feel negative about your delivery or stitches. Stitch marks heal very quickly, so take utmost care and stay positive. Enjoy the joy of motherhood without any hassle, it will help you recover soon.