10 Safety Tips after C Section Delivery

10 Safety Tips after C Section Delivery

Becoming a mother is a very sweet feeling for every woman. But keeping the baby in the stomach for 9 months is not easy for the mother because during this time many types of changes and physical problems take place in the body. After this, when it comes to childbirth, there are many problems too. In the methods of delivery, cases of C-section or Caesarean delivery are seen quite a lot these days.

In view of today’s lifestyle, having a caesarean delivery has become a common thing. There can be many reasons for this, some medical and sometimes a C-section is done voluntarily. After having a C-section, the mother’s body needs special rest and care and at the same time many precautions have to be taken so that the mother does not face any problem later.

Let us know 10 such points (Safety Tips After C Section Delivery) which must be taken care of after C section delivery.

Safety Tips after C Section Delivery

1. Get rest and sleep

After caesarean, the woman should rest for at least 6 weeks. Do not do any such work which puts stress on your stomach because there is a fear of swelling of the stitches. Sleep and rest as much as you can, which will go a long way in making your body fit and strong.

2. Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights

After the operation, the mother should take rest as well as do not lift any heavy weight that may cause problems for you later. The doctor also advises that you need to rest for at least 6 weeks. It has been seen in many cases that if a woman lifts more weight during this time, then she may also have back pain or bleeding.

3. Pay special attention to food

After caesarean, the mother’s body becomes very weak, for which you should take such nutrients and drinks that will help you avoid dehydration.

Constipation and gas can also occur at this time, so to avoid this, you should consume plenty of water and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating fried foods after the operation.

4. Avoid using stairs

Due to C-section, the mother’s body becomes very weak, due to which you get tired quickly. So try to avoid using stairs immediately after the operation. After the operation, the doctor also advises you because it puts stress on the stomach and there is a risk of bleeding.

6. Avoid Infection

There is a need to stay away from infection after caesarean so that you do not have the problem of cold and cold, and even if cough comes, cough slowly because coughing vigorously can add to the stitches. Also, avoid going to a place where someone is already sick or the infection has spread. Consult a doctor if you feel fever.

7. Don’t take a long shower

Avoid bathing for a long time after having a caesarean. This can lead to infection. Take a shower only for a while and if necessary, use a wet cloth or wipes. Sponge baths are considered perfect for the initial days of delivery.

8. Take care of stitches

It is very important to take care of the stitches. Dress the stitches from time to time. Wash hands thoroughly after dressing. If there is swelling or bleeding on the stitches, consult your doctor immediately. Only when the stitches are removed, use a scar removal cream or remedy.

9. Happy baby moments

After C-section delivery, you have to rest for a long time and take bed rest. Spend this time caring for your baby and strengthening your relationship with him. During this talk to the baby, play with him laughing.

10. watch out for bleeding

After delivery, the woman has bleeding for a few days, which is called lochia bleeding. The color, consistency of bleeding changes over time. But many times the bleeding does not stop even after 6 weeks, so you need to take care of it and also need to consult your doctor immediately so that you do not have any problem in the future.

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Apart from all these precautions (Safety Tips after C Section Delivery), there are some other precautions which you should keep after the operation such as walking and walking a little, should not massage the abdomen and away from stress. You need to stay because at this time your body becomes very weak and you also become very emotional. That’s why you need to get as much rest as possible.

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