20 Best Home Business Ideas For Women

20 Best Home Business Ideas For Women

In the article Home Business Ideas For Women, you will know which business women should start sitting at home so that they can earn a lot from it. Doing business for women sitting at home is beneficial in many ways. This is the work which she can easily do without any hindrance.

Most of the ladies want that in this era of inflation, they should also contribute in running their homes and fulfilling the dreams of the family. Keeping all these things in mind, we decided to publish this article Housewife Business Ideas.

In which we will tell about the Top Best Home Business Ideas for domestic women, which will require minimum investment to start. Although claims are made to advance women everywhere in the country, but even today people’s thinking is that doing business is only for men.

But if you are a sensible married person, then you must have understood very well that in the earning of only one person nowadays, only the work of eating and drinking and living well can be done. So if your wife wants to do some small business etc., then do not stop her.

Because in this decision of his, the whole family is well-being. If a married woman thinks about earning money, then it means that she wants to see her children and the whole family lead a better life.

That’s why nowadays ladies who are educated or intelligent keep looking for low-cost successful business ideas for women on the internet. This is also true, because one, she does not have to go anywhere for employment and secondly she can also take care of the house.

So if you are also confused about which business women can start by investing a little money, then we are going to help you in this. We have brought here Best 20 Business Ideas for Housewife in which investment will be less and profit will be more.

20 Best Home Business Ideas For Women

1. Cosmetics Shop

This is such a work in which not only the woman is interested but also gets a lot of profit. Whether you live in the village or in the city, everywhere you will find customers to earn.

Since most of the products in this are very cheap, so you can start this business with very little investment. If your budget is less in the beginning, then instead of taking a shop on rent, you can start it from your own home.

To do this work, you have to buy all the things that every common woman uses to decorate herself. Apart from this, there are many other small things related to women, which you can keep and earn good profit.

  • Starting Cost – Only 50000/- (But you can start with less investment also)

2. Making Potato Chips

Everyone likes Potato Chips. Be it children or adults, everyone definitely tastes them. So if you are thinking that what business women should do in low cost, then this can prove to be a better option.

Anyway, this work can be started with very little money. Apart from this, it is the kitchen work which is also liked by women. To start this business, all you have to do is take training to make great Potato Chips, which is only 1 day’s work.

Once you have learned how to make potato chips, then all you have to do is buy the necessary ingredients like potatoes, oil and spices etc. to make them. If you want to do this business better, then also make Wrappers for the packing of chips.

  • Starting Cost – Can be started from just Rs.5000

3. Incense Sticks Making

The business of incense sticks may cost you a bit in the beginning, but this business is one of the best businesses in India. Even by trading incense sticks, you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month.

To start the work of incense sticks, first of all you have to buy agarbatti making machine. Along with this, a small machine also comes to mix the powder of incense sticks. Even after making incense sticks, there is a machine to dry them.

So in the beginning you have to invest a little more in this business, because you have to buy this machine as well as make packets for packing. Not only this, after this you also have to buy the ingredients of incense sticks powder.

If you know how to make incense sticks then it is a very good thing and if you do not know then take its training once, that is enough for you. If you do this work diligently, then believe me you can easily earn thousands of lakhs of rupees a month.

  • Starting Cost – Rs.1.5 to 2 lakhs

4. Open Beauty Parlour

The next name in Top Business Ideas For Women is Beauty Parlour. In this work too, you can earn a lot of money by investing less money. There is just need to learn this work well only once.

This is such a work that although it runs regularly, but in the season of weddings, you earn 10 times more. For this you need a rental shop or a good room at home.

Know well what material you are going to need to open a beauty parlor. Buy all those items at wholesale prices and start your work. If you do good work, you will definitely earn a lot of money.

  • Starting Cost – 50000/- (Includes Chair and Mirror etc.)

5. Candle making

Candle making is done in 2 ways in India. One, candles are made with their own hands and secondly, a machine comes for this work, which makes candles very fast.

If your budget is good and you want to start it on a large scale from the very beginning, then you must buy a candle making machine. Anyway, nowadays it is time to make candles by hand. Yes, if your financial condition is not good then you can do this in the beginning.

You do not need a huge space to start candle making. If you want, you can even start it in a 10 * 10 room. First of all take its training and then start doing good work, you will get profit only.

  • Starting Cost– ​​100000/- (Including Candle making Medium Machine with all expenses)

6. Pickle making

There are many things to do business for women sitting at home, but this is such a business in which they will also enjoy a lot. Yes, you can easily earn 15 to 20000 rupees a month by making pickles on your own level.

This business is also such that you can start it by investing very little money. For this, you have to buy spices and other ingredients for making pickles, which do not cost a lot. In the beginning you can start it on a small scale.

After a few months, make the packing of pickles and pack them well and start supplying them to all the nearby shops. With this work, if the woman herself works alone, then she can easily save from 15000 to 20000 a month.

  • Starting Cost – ​​Only 10000/-

7. Sewing work

Many women know sewing work, they should start Ladies Tailoring work using this skill. You can also earn a good profit from this work. You can do this from anywhere in the village or city.

To start this work, you have to buy a paddle or automatic machine for sealing clothes. That’s where your money is spent. Apart from this, only some small items related to sewing come which are not very expensive.

You can start this work from your home itself, you do not even need to rent any shop. Yes, make a big board of your sewing center so that people can know that sewing work is done here.

8. Grocery Shop

The next name in the Best Business Ideas for Household Women comes from the grocery store. Which you can run from your home and take out your household expenses very comfortably. However, for this you need a good place.

But this is such a work in which the woman does not have to work very hard everyday. Once you have to buy goods according to your budget in the beginning. After that, these days people doing home delivery of goods come everywhere from whom you can take goods.

You do not need to do any big shop in the beginning. You can start your shop by simply keeping all the household items and all the children’s items. Over time, you can make your shop bigger.

  • Starting Cost – Rs.100000 only

9. Home Decoration work

nowadays this work is also very much in trend, which we also call Interior Designing. Many women have also done a course for it. Many women are interested in the work of decoration, so they learn.

Nowadays people have any small function in their house, then they definitely decorate it. Or if someone builds a new house, then after the completion of the work, he definitely pays attention to the interior designing. If you live somewhere in the city, then this is also a good job for you.

  • Starting Cost – ​​Rs.0

10. Laundry soap making 

A very good profit can be earned by starting the work of making laundry soap. Even the government provides instant loans to women to start such work.

If you are really such a woman who has the passion to do some great work, then you can start your own soap making factory. Although in the beginning you can start it on your own level in a small way. When you start getting profits then you can increase your work.

To start this work, apart from the soap making material, you have to buy a mixer machine and soap making dye. Apart from this, the most important thing is to take soap making training. You have to learn every job so that you can do good work.

  • Starting Cost – Rs.100000/-

11. With Cooking Classes

The next name in the Best Business Ideas For Women comes the name of Cooking Classes. If you know how to cook different types of food and you have a lot of interest in it, then even by doing this work, you can cover your household expenses.

Most of the girls who are not married yet want to learn to make new things before their marriage. Just make this need of them your business. To start the work, you do not need any investment but talent.

Especially for cities, this work is very good. If you have 20-25 people also come to learn in a month then you can easily earn 25000+ rupees a month. For this work, you have to keep learning to make new things yourself.

  • Starting cost – Rs.5000/- only (in which you have to keep all the cooking items)

12. The work of applying mehndi

Stylish and creative work of applying mehndi is also in full swing these days. Especially in the wedding season, you can earn a lot of money from this work. If you are proficient in applying mehndi then you can start this work.

In this, you also have to keep learning different designs of applying mehndi and keep serving people. You can start this work very comfortably at your home, in which there is nothing in the name of cost. By doing this work, you can at least take out your household expenses comfortably.

  • Starting Cost – Rs.1000/- only (In which you just have to buy Branded Mehndi and some minor products.

13. Creating YouTube Channel

If you are an educated woman and you have good knowledge of Internet etc., then you can earn thousands of rupees a month very comfortably by creating your own YouTube Channel.

Suppose you have a lot of knowledge about different types of food recipes. So you make good Videos of them and put them on your YouTube Channel. As the number of your Videos will increase, your Subscribers will increase.

Anyway, women in India do not need to work hard to increase their Subscribers. If you have made your 1 lakh Subscribers, then you can easily earn around 50000 rupees per month.

14. Creating a Blog

The next idea in Housewife Business Ideas is to create your own blog. Many women find it difficult to speak in front of the camera, so they want to start a blog by not creating their own YouTube channel.

You too can start this business very easily provided you should have some knowledge about Internet and Websites. Nowadays everything is available on the Internet, you can learn everything by searching on Google. Even you can start blogging from your mobile.

On whichever topic you have more information, start your blog on it and publish on it by writing good posts. Once good traffic starts coming to your blog, then you can start earning very well with the help of Google AdSense.

  • Starting Cost – ​​Only 5000/- (Domain and good hosting expenses)

15. Small Restaurant

Starting a restaurant by renting a small space can also prove to be a good business. Since most women are experts in cooking, they can make and serve such things to people in their restaurant.

You can successfully run a small restaurant by keeping tea, samosas, kachori, namkeen, chips, cold drinks, kurkure, fen and vegetable puri etc. In this work, you will have to try hard to see the place of bus rental.

This is a business that will never go down in the future. For this, you can also take advantage of the loan given by the government in the name of small scale industry. Once people like your work, then you can easily earn profits.

  • Starting Cost – ​​Rs.100000/- only (inclusive of rental space)

16. Work of Article Writing

The next work in Home Based Business Ideas For Women comes the work of Blog Writing. If you are an Educated woman and you have interest in writing work then this work will be best for you.

Nowadays there are hundreds of such Websites/Blogs that Hire Content Writers for themselves. You can also write articles for them sitting at home by contacting a similar blog owner. You get between 200 to 500 rupees for writing 1 article.

It depends on how is the quality of your article. Still, if you work for 5-6 hours a day, even if you prepare 2 articles, then you will get 500 to 700 rupees easily. In this way you can easily earn 15 to 20000 rupees per month.

  • Starting Cost – ​​Zero Rupees
  • Website: Fiver

17. Work of Tuition

For Educated Housewives, the second best job sitting at home is to get Tuition done. You can open Tuition Center at your home and according to your ability, you can teach children from 1st to 12th class.

Nowadays these works are also very much in trend. Most of the students get their tuition done by someone or the other during their studies. So if you are intelligent and you have a little experience in teaching, then this work can also give you good benefits.

  • Starting Cost – Rs.15000/- only (in which Chairs and Bench etc. have to be purchased)

18. Opening Play School

If you have a good place where 2-3 rooms are built and there is a lot of free space in front, then opening Play School can also prove to be a good business.

To open Play School, you should have the ability to handle and handle children. If you are fond of children and you enjoy spending time with them, then you can open a play school.

In this work, you may also need another member. So if a member of your household supports you, it is a very good thing, otherwise you will have to keep another lady with you.

  • Starting cost – around Rs.1.5 lakh

19. Digital Marketing work

If you have a little knowledge of computer, internet and social media, then you can earn a lot of money every month by doing digital marketing work.

Digital marketing is actually an online job in which you have to sell your own product or any other company’s service or product. As soon as a product is sold, the company gives you a certain commission for it.

Digital Marketing means to advertise and sell your or someone else’s products or services on Social Media Platforms. Nowadays many people are doing this work and they are getting good money too.

20. Small Online Works Shop

Nowadays almost every work has started being done online, due to which those working online are getting very good profits. Applying online for a job, filling any kind of bill, making photocopy or Aadhar card etc. are hundreds of such small tasks.

You can start this work from home also. You need to be aware of this. Apart from this, it is very important for you to have Computer, Photocopy machine, Printer and Internet Connection. This work takes some money in the beginning but can be compensated later.

  • Starting Cost – 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees

This was our article Home Based Business Ideas For Women – Business for women sitting at home in which we gave you information about 20 Top Best Housewife Business Ideas.

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