For this reason, Buppi Lahiri is always covered with gold, he has so much gold.

Buppi Lahiri is always covered with gold

Legendary singer Buppi Lahiri, who gained special recognition in Bollywood for his powerful voice and his hobby of wearing gold, recently turned 68. Bappi Lahiri has given many memorable songs to Hindi cinema and he is one of the most famous singers in Bollywood. Born on November 27, 1952 in Jalpaiguri, Buppi Lahiri is called the King of Pop Music. It was his birthday recently and on this occasion we will tell you why Buppi Lahiri wears so much gold and how much gold he has in total.

Buppi Lahiri is always covered with gold

Buppi Lahiri has always been in the spotlight due to her singing as well as her hobby of wearing gold. Whenever they are seen, they are covered with gold. When it comes to wearing gold, they consider it lucky for them. They believe that wearing large quantities of gold is linked to their destiny and that is why they are always covered with gold.

Whenever you see Buppi Lahiri, you will see Buppi wearing gold around his neck and hands. They state one more reason behind wearing more gold. He has revealed in many interviews that he was inspired to wear such a large amount of gold by American rockstar Elvis Presley. He also started wearing gold after seeing Elvis Presley.

Buppi Lahiri once revealed in an interview that Hollywood singer Elvis Presley wears a gold chain and I like him very much. I was thinking at the time that when I became a successful person I would create a different image of myself and then I decided to wear so much gold. Sonu is lucky for me.

You have come to know why Buppi Lahiri wears so much gold, but do you know how much gold Buppi Lahiri has in the end? So let us make you aware of that today. When the Lok Sabha elections were held in 2014, information came to light about how much Bappi Lahiri had.

Bappi Lahiri shared information about the gold and assets he had in the 2014 general elections. It may be mentioned that Bappi Lahiri had contested the elections in the year 2014 and in that he had stated in his election affidavit how much gold he had in total. According to the information and affidavit provided by Buppi, in the year 2014, Buppi had 754 grams of gold and 4.62 kg of silver. However, a lot has changed since then as it is from 6 years ago.

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