Britain’s Nostradamus predicts 2021: Trump will be stronger than Biden, war will break out between the two countries

Britain's Nostradamus predicts 2021: Trump will be stronger than Biden

As annoying as the year 2020 is, people are curious to know whether the New Year 2021 will be like 2020 or something good will happen. People are hoping that the world will get rid of an epidemic like the Corona virus and that this year will pass peacefully. However, the famous British prophet Craig Hamilton-Parker has claimed that in the year 2021 there will be war in the Middle East, the end of the European Union. US President Donald Trump will have unprecedented strength. Parker is also called the modern-day Nostradamus.

Parker claims that he predicted the Corona epidemic in 2017 and said that in the future a global flu will take over the world. He also predicted Trump’s victory in 2016 and Britain’s exit from the European Union. Parker says countries other than Britain will also leave the EU. As well as the economies of America and Europe will come down.

The Iran-Israel war?

Britain's Nostradamus predicts 2021: Trump will be stronger than Biden

Parker also claimed that in 2021, the most risk situation between Iran and Israel could arise. The United States will reduce sanctions to promote diplomacy but will oppose it in Iran. With Saudi support, Israel will launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Trump will be more powerful

Parker also says that even if Biden is going to take over the presidency of the United States, Trump will not give up. They claimed that Trump would present evidence of election fraud before the court but that would not be enough and the fight would continue throughout the year. Trump TV will be launched which will become famous soon. Trump will be dealing with Fox TV to show TV shows. Parker says Trump will increase interest in religion and become stronger than Biden at the behest of the media.

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