Books to Read During Pregnancy: Free Online Books For Pregnancy

Books to Read During Pregnancy: Free Online Books For Pregnancy

Books to Read During Pregnancy: When I was pregnant, I could listen to a song of my choice over and over again and the baby in the womb would react to it. I was surprised when my son loved that song after delivery and even at the age of two or three months, he used to listen to that song and react.

In fact, whatever the mother does during pregnancy, the baby in the womb feels it, not only that, he can also give his reaction on hearing and understanding everything in the mother’s stomach. That is why you can give sanskars to children in the womb itself and teach them a lot.

Let us now talk about such books which you must read during pregnancy. By the way, there are many such books, by reading which you can not only get information or knowledge, but you can also learn a lot from your baby and give him good values ​​and help him become a good citizen.

Books to Read During Pregnancy

1. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita is a collection of teachings that were given by Shri Krishna to Arjuna during the war of Mahabharata. In this book, along with explaining in detail about the relationship of human life, it has also been told about human life. A complete description of what a human is and what he should do in this life is found in this book.

It is believed that a pregnant woman must read Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, it gives good values ​​to the baby. Along with this, pregnant women also get answers to many questions that come to their mind during pregnancy and the mind also remains calm. This Hindu religious text is followed not only by Hindi but also by people of other religions.

2. Ayurvedic Garbhsanskar

The diet of the mother matters a lot during pregnancy as it directly affects the baby. At this time, it is very important to know about what the mother should eat and behave in some way with other people. For this, you can read a book called Ayurvedic Garbh-Sanskar, in which it has been explained in detail about how to take care of the baby in the womb according to ancient Indian culture.

In this book, the description of what the mother should not do during this time is also given. Apart from this, measures and suggestions have also been given in this book for the development of children’s mind. You can easily get this book from the market as well as this book is also available online.

3. Pregnancy – Vinita Salvi

This book has been written by Vinita Salvi and it is a complete book for first time mothers. Whatever questions come to a woman’s mind during pregnancy, you will find answers to all those questions in this book. In this book, how women should prepare their body for pregnancy, what to eat during this, how to exercise, what to do in case of labor pain or fall ill during pregnancy, etc. have been explained in detail. The language of this book is very simple and interesting. This book is easily available online.

4. Ramayana

It is clearly said in our culture that it is necessary to grow good and religious books for good values ​​and qualities in children. If you also want to make your future children cultured, then read Ramayana.

Shri Ram ji’s whole life is a role model for other people. Shri Ram ji was Maryada Purushottam who devoted his whole life to fulfill his promise. Reading this book will prove beneficial for you and your baby. This book will be easily found in every home.

5. What to do when you become a mother?

This book is a translation of an English book in which complete information has been given about what a woman should eat during pregnancy. Along with this, some nutritious and delicious food has also been told which are beneficial for pregnant women.

That is, you will get the solution of every problem related to diet in pregnancy only in this book. In fact, during pregnancy, a pregnant woman is forbidden to eat many things, so you will get detailed information about some such foods, which are beneficial during this time.

6. Panchatantra

We all have read or heard the stories of Panchatantra in our childhood, which we get to know many valuable things related to life. In these stories, apart from human characters, sometimes animals and birds have also been made the characters of the story and teachings are also received from them. A pregnant woman should read the stories of Panchatantra. This will not only gain knowledge but the woman will also feel positive.

Although it is considered beneficial to read religious texts and scriptures at every stage of life, but since ancient times, pregnant women have been advised to read religious texts and books so that the child in the womb becomes cultured and virtuous.

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Apart from this, pregnant women are asked to read such books which not only pacify every curiosity of the woman but also help in keeping her positive and calm. So during pregnancy you can read pregnancy related, knowledgeable, religious, entertaining and interesting books.

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