Body Parts Swelling during Pregnancy and Cause

Body Parts Swelling during Pregnancy and Cause

Pregnancy is that special period for every woman, which she wants to live happily and without fear. During those nine months, her body undergoes many changes. During pregnancy, as the time progresses, the mother also starts to feel many problems. Especially having problems like swelling in some parts of the body. know Body Parts Swelling during Pregnancy and Cause.

Body Parts Swelling during Pregnancy and Cause

By the way, swelling in the body is also a common symptom of pregnancy. In common parlance it is called Oedema. Actually, the child growing in the womb also gets nutrition from the mother’s body, due to which a large amount of blood and fluid starts to build up in the body of the pregnant woman, due to which swelling starts appearing in the body. 90 percent of women usually face this problem from the fifth-sixth month of pregnancy. It is not that swelling occurs only in the feet and ankles during pregnancy. Apart from this, there are many other organs which are affected. So let us know which parts of the body get swollen during pregnancy and for what reason.

Swelling Under the Eyes

During pregnancy, swelling or puffiness starts appearing under the eyes of the woman. The reason for this is not that there is no sleep, but because of water retention. By the way, this swelling does not remain constant. Sometimes it is visible sometimes not.

Breast Swelling

Swollen breasts and nipples are very common during pregnancy. Because the breasts are getting ready for lactation, that is, their size also starts increasing. At the same time, the size of the nipples also increases and there is swelling in them.

Swelling in Gums

Many pregnant women start feeling the problem of swollen gums in the sixth-seventh month. This is because water retention and blood volume in the body increases.

Swelling in the Wrists and Fingers of the Hands

Yes, there is swelling not only in the feet but also in the hands. By the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the increase in fluid in the body, swelling in the hands, wrists and fingers also starts appearing. At times, tingling is also felt in them.

Swelling in the Nose

Many pregnant women also get swollen nose during this period. This happens because the amount of blood and fluid in the veins present in the sinus dilate increases and causes a feeling of congestion. Sometimes blood also comes from the nose.

Heel and Foot Swelling

90% of women have swelling in the feet and ankles. The reason for this is the lack of blood circulation or water in the body. Apart from this, there is also a reason that the upper part of the body becomes heavy and the entire weight falls on the feet, due to which swelling comes.

Swelling in Private Part

Swelling of the genitals also occurs during pregnancy. Because in such a situation there is a lot of difficulty in discharging urine, that is why swelling comes in that place.

Swelling on the Face

Swelling on the face is very common during pregnancy. Because during pregnancy many types of hormonal changes take place in the body and due to this the face appears full and swollen. By the way, if you want, you can also remove it by doing some facial exercises.

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