Blogs vs Newsgroups. How to Use Each of Them to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Blogs vs Newsgroups. How to Use Each of Them to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

“The Internet is a global network.” Haven’t we heard this phrase a lot of times? Let’s elaborate on it today. know Blogs vs Newsgroups.

The Internet comprises various small networks. These networks are interconnected via some standard protocols.


It provides tons of information through blogs and websites (Blogs vs Newsgroups). Below, we’ll compare blogs and newsgroups, and see how each of them can help you achieve your marketing goals.  

Understanding the Difference between Blogs and Newsgroups

The two mediums of information are quite helpful but in their own ways. Let’s look at some of the differences between blogs and newsgroups to understand them further: 

Blogs Newsgroup
Blogs are curated by the assigned author(s) Anyone can come and post, share and comment on Newsgroup.
Blogs are subject-centered and followed by the author’s opinion and information on a particular subject Newsgroup has information and discussion by various commenters on the particular subject  
Blogs can cover diverse topics like poetry, stories, and personal thoughts Newsgroup is information-centric and uses UseNet server
The idea behind the blog is to entertain and engage. The only ideology behind Newsgroup is to share and get knowledge.

What is a Newsgroup?

It is a platform for internet users to discuss various topics. The discussions are carried out using texts, pictures, and videos. In 1979, two university students created the Newsgroup.

The topics and discussion are open to all in the Newsgroup. Users can either subscribe to the Newsgroup or get notifications for a particular conversation.


They are like bulletin boards for people who share similar interests. Newsgroups are distributed by free USENET providers for their viewers. Meanwhile, newsgroups using the best Usenet providers also engage specific audiences. 

Purpose of Newsgroup

Despite so many social media platforms, the Newsgroup continues to thrive for some primary reason. First, most people join Newsgroup to stay updated on various topics and information. Also, it is a great place to start a discussion and ask questions.

It is an accessible space for people to visit and leave on will. There are no email alerts that spam the inbox, and one can set alerts for particular posts.

There are two kinds of newsgroups:

Moderated Newsgroup: These groups have moderator(s) who control each post. Each comment and post go through them for approval. They have the right to delete or remove the posting.   

Unmoderated Newsgroup: In these groups, every post is published right away. None of the post or comments goes through the moderator. And except for the commenter or post editor, none can delete the post.

Newsgroup for Marketing

Surprisingly, Newsgroup offers various opportunities to businesses to market their product.

Since Newsgroup on the UseNet server contains information on various subjects – businesses can identify their target audience and market the product.

It is also an inexpensive way to assess market trends and determine the competitors. Also, Newsgroup has become a popular place for businesses to find opportunities and partnerships.

If individuals engage in conversation and are clear with their motives, they may attract the projected audience (Blogs vs Newsgroups).  

What is a Blog?

One can say it’s a weblog or a journal. Why would we associate it with a journal?

Well, the blog began in 1994. It is a place for certain people to discuss their thoughts and views on a topic—the posts or opinions appear in reverse chronology. The newest posts rest on top of the page.

Fun Fact: There are 31.7 million bloggers in the United States alone.

Purpose of Blog

Blogs mainly aim to educate, share information, or communicate. A writer or group of writers discussing the same niche writes these entries on the World Wide Web.   

It attracts the people who share the same view. Or they land there to learn or educate on the topic.

Blogs are also a great way to teach a particular topic. For instance, a photographer can start his blog. In the blog, he can share the courses that can be a great help for beginners. Also, the photographer can discuss the new camera with its features.

Furthermore, the blog is a great way to showcase one’s talent. Due to platforms like blogger, Vix, and WordPress, creating websites and blogging has become simple.   

Fact: 77% of World Wide Web users read a blog online.

Blog for Marketing

Every blog has a target market according to the niche. Previously, marketing was something not associated with the blog. Nowadays, social media and blogs are fast ways to achieve marketing goals.

It sounds easy, but a blog takes time and energy to build a reputation. It is not advisable to start with one or two blogs—work on writing at least ten blogs to cater to readers with diverse material to read.

Here are some steps to use a blog for marketing.

  • First, you would be required to buy a domain name. A domain name can be specific to a niche like www.plantlife.com or personal like www.neilpatel.com.
  • Next, you need to find a hosting plan that works well for the region.
  • Using web development software like Wix, WordPress, or blogger, you can customize the website’s layout.
  • Experts suggest making a clean and ‘easy on the eye’ blog page. It keeps the people engaged while reading your content. 
  • Start working on the blog using the methods of on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Now you need to work on bringing the traffic organically. The key is to give tips, advice, or things to take away. It keeps the reader coming back for more.
  • Use the tools and features to rank well on the google search engine.
  • Now that you have gathered some organic audience, you can build the blog around the product you plan to market.
  • Ensure the audience is getting the correct information and education on the product.
  • Engage with feedback and suggestions.
  • Promote the blog on appropriate social media circles to generate more traffic.      
  • It is a cliché, but signups, giveaways, and newsletters are the right tools to create engagement.

Consistency is the Key

On the World Wide Web, 7 million blog posts are published each day. It is easy for anyone to get lost in the sea of blogs.

Hence, curate a plan to publish monthly, weekly, or daily. It is usual for people to get used to a schedule. So, work on keeping the consistency and not throwing anything out of balance. Similarly, marketing the product should also be a routine.

Fact: 61% of online users in the United States buy something after reading a blog

Verdict: Blog Vs Newsgroups for Marketing

There is no clear winner here. Each segment has a different set of audiences, and they visit respective places organic to their needs. (Blogs vs Newsgroups)

Understanding the right place to market is essential. Also, if one has resources and time, both portals can be used to get the maximum benefits.

Lastly, understand the techniques and dynamics of each portal before you begin.  

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