10 Best WordPress Plugins 2023 For Blog

10 Best WordPress Plugins 2022 For Blog

Best WordPress Plugins: If you are a new blogger then you must know which are the best WordPress plugins for blog. Today we are going to tell about some of the most popular plugins that even Pro Bloggers use. Because plugins on WordPress have their own importance.

You must have heard many bloggers saying that you should not use too many plugins on your blog, because it affects the loading speed of your website. This is absolutely true, but in this article we will give you information only about the very important WordPress Plugins for Blog, without which hardly anyone works.

There will be many people who may not even know what WordPress plugins are and what they work. Come on, we will tell you first of all in this article what are plugins and what are their functions in the blog.

This is a great blog on which many types of information are made available. You will find all the important articles about blogging there. But first read this important article once. Before knowing about the Best WordPress Plugins for Blog, let us know what are plugins.

What Is WordPress Plugin – What is Plugins

The way we easily create our blog on WordPress, we do not need to learn any kind of language or coding, plugins also do the same kind of work. Plugins work to easily modify websites created on WordPress, make impressive, increase speed, add extra features.

In just a few minutes, they do the work that you might be able to do in a whole day by coding. Plugins are actually software that are created for a particular function by coding in PHP language. Think about what would have happened if there were no WordPress plugins.

More than 80% of bloggers would have failed in blogging. Because whatever work they are doing today with the help of plugins, if they were done by coding then how would it work. Because more than 80% of bloggers are not aware of languages ​​and coding. Plugins make our work very easy.

There are thousands of plugins in WP Directory which are free, you can use them without paying any money. Although some Pro Bloggers also use Paid Plugins because they get a little more options / features. It is also very easy to install the necessary WordPress Plugins for Blog.

You go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the “Plugins” option in the left bar. Now the page of plugins will open in front of you, where the option of search will appear on the right side. Search by entering the name of whatever plugin you want to install.

Plugin will come in front of you, around it you will see the option of “Install Now”, click on it and activate it. After that you just have to set up that plugin according to you. So what are plugins and how they work, you must have understood.

Now let’s come to the real thing, which plugins should we use on our blog. Which WordPress Plugins are Required for Blog? So let’s know about 10 such Most Popular WordPress Plugins, which are used by almost 90% of bloggers and all of them are free.

Best WordPress Plugins For Blog 

1. Updraft Plugin for Backup

Ever since the cases of hacking started increasing, people started looking for a plugin that can back up their entire blog. However, you can also take Backup from the Control Panel. But the Updraft Plugin has to be installed once and set whether you have to take back every day, take it in a week or every month. You can set the backup timing according to your need.

After that this plugin automatically takes backup of your entire blog and stores it in your selected location like (Google Drive and Dropbox) etc. This plugin is very important for you because when in the world of Internet which website gets hacked, you cannot say.

2. Autoptimize Plugin

Ever since Google has started paying attention to Website Speed ​​and has made it an SEO Factor, people have started doing various experiments to increase the speed. Finally their search ended by going to Autoptimize Plugin. This plugin helps in increasing the speed of your blog.

Basically, it compresses your website’s JavaScript and CSS, which increases your website speed. Not only this, it also gives the option to compress the HTML files of your website. Overall, you must use this Most Important Plugin.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a great plugin that helps us in SEO of our blog. This plugin is used to make your content according to the search engine. This plugin tells where and what is missing in your post. Apart from this, it also works as Automatic Sitemap Generator.

Today millions of bloggers are using this plugin because in fact it comes on top of Best SEO WordPress Plugins for Blog. With its help, you can change your Presence in Search Engine, redirect a page and do different settings from Metabox.

4. WP Fastest Cash

As you know from its name that it works to make the website fast. Sometimes Autoptimize alone does not increase the speed as much as we want. Therefore, it is very good to use WP Fastest Cash with him.

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This plugin also does the same thing that Autoptimize does such as minimizing HTML, JavaScript and CSS, etc. It increases the speed of your blog by deleting the entire cache. But it is important to do the settings of this plugin properly, which you can learn from any YouTube video.

5. Classic Editor

An update of WordPress caused such an uproar among the new bloggers that they got a headache. Actually, in New WordPress, you have to write in your Posts Blocks and the options present there are not able to know exactly what to do, like where to insert Link, etc.

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But then came the Classic Editor Plugin which provided the same old interface that WordPress used to provide earlier. So if you are a new blogger then this is also one of the most important plugins for blog. You don’t have to do much, just install and activate it.

6. Jetpack Plugin

This is a plugin that does many things for us simultaneously. This is to say that you can review many things while living in your WordPress Dashboard. Like how much traffic came to your website today and which of your posts more and more people read.

This plugin does a lot of work for you. Like it improves the overall performance of your website. Increases the security of the website and even through Jetpack, you can share your every post on all social media platforms. Overall this is a great plugin but just a bit heavy.

7. Akismate Antispam

The next name in the Best WordPress Plugins for Blog comes Akismate Antispam. Slowly when your website becomes popular, then you start getting a lot of comments. Even good comments are fine but Spam Comments spoil our mind.

We have to delete them again and again. It is fine if it is a matter of one day but these spam comments come everyday and disturb us. In such a situation, Akismate Antispam Plugin is very useful for us, which identifies Spammy Comment and blocks them. You must also install this plugin.

8. WP Hide Login

Think and see if someday you come to know that your website has been hacked, then what will happen to you. All your hard work will be washed away. That’s why WP Hide Login Plugin increases your security, because with its help you can change the URL of your WordPress Dashboard.

Generally, the Dashboard URL of all websites is https://example.com/wp-admin or https://example.com/wp-login. But with the help of this plugin, you can change the URL according to you. Instead of WP-login or WP-admin, any other word can do it. By doing this no one will be able to open your Dashboard.

9. Wordfence Security Plugin

This also comes at number three and fourth in Most Popular WordPress Plugins. This plugin protects the website from repeated hacking attempts on your website. Apart from this, it prevents the Fake Traffic coming to your website, it does not even load on your hosting resources.

If you are using this plugin, then any person will be blocked as soon as he tries 2-3 times to hacked your website. That is, if someone is trying to login to your website too many times in a limited time, then this plugin blocks that IP address itself. This is the best plugin to keep the blog secure.

10. WP Smush Plugin

This is also a very good plugin that works to keep the size of your database under control. We use at least 2 images in each of our posts. These images can also be very heavy, which makes a difference to your page loading speed.

That’s why it is very important to compress the images. For this WP Smush is a very good plugin that compresses your image as soon as it is uploaded. Due to which the performance of your site remains very good.

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Here we have tried to tell you which are the Best WordPress Plugins – Most Popular WordPress Plugins for Blog. Hope you got some help from this article. If you liked this article, then do like and share it.

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