Which Time Direction is Best to Sleep According to Vastu Tips

Which Time Direction is Best to Sleep According to Vastu Tips

Getting enough sleep is important for health. Because by sleeping our fatigue goes away and the body looks refreshed. If you do not get enough sleep then it affects your work. But many people are not able to sleep properly, sometimes they sleep late at night and this directly affects their body. But do you know that there are some rules for sleeping in our scriptures, such as the right time to sleep, the right direction of sleeping and what is the right way to sleep. Because it affects your health as well as your family, work and relationships. So let’s know how to sleep according to Vastu Shastra.

Correct Direction of Sleeping According to Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, the east direction is considered the best for sleeping. Because the sun also emerges from the east, in Sanatan Dharma the sun is considered as the giver of life and the deity. In such a situation, sleeping with the head in the direction of the exit of the sun is best from both scientific and spiritual point of view. Also, the gravitational force of the Earth is the least in the east direction. Therefore, at the time of sleeping, keep the direction of the head in the east. Keep in mind that the feet should not be in the east direction, because the deity resides here. By doing this the body suffers from disease and there is a cloud of trouble in the family. Along with this, it is also considered inauspicious from the point of view of religious scriptures. Apart from this, sleeping with the head in the north direction is inauspicious. Actually, after death, the person is put to sleep with his head towards the north.

Right Time to Sleep According to Vastu Shastra

The body can be harmed if the balance of sleep is disturbed. Lack of sleep often distracts people’s attention. It affects their performance. According to medical experts, if you take a 45-minute nap in the afternoon, it is good for the body. It is also necessary for the person who wakes up early in the morning and goes to work. This keeps energy in the body. Sleeping too much can cause restlessness, headache, lethargy, which affects your ability to work. The scriptures say that one should sleep after 2 hours of having a meal. One should not stay up late at night.

Sleeping in the evening is considered taboo in our religious scriptures. It is said in the scriptures that the gods and goddesses get angry with those who sleep during the time of celebration. If a person is sick, elderly or pregnant women, then these people can sleep at any time of the day according to their convenience. Such people never feel guilty about sleeping. But if a person sleeps at the wrong time without any reason, then it is not considered auspicious.

The Right Way to Sleep According to Vastu Shastra

  • Talking about the right way to sleep, one should sleep with the head facing the east.
  • One should sleep on a flat and solid mattress.
  • If there is no urgent work, then one should not stay up till late at night.
  • Before sleeping, the mind should be calm and the attention of God is necessary.
  • Whenever you wake up, turn to your right side and then get out of bed.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you should first bow down and touch the earth and then keep your feet on the ground.

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