Best Tips For Getting Married Early, Following These Tips, you will Get Married Soon.

Best Tips For Getting Married Early, Following These Tips, you will Get Married Soon.

Remedy for getting married early: Friends, someone has told the truth that this life we ​​have got from the above, this is really a struggle. There are many types of struggles we have to face from childhood to old age, if you start from childhood, the struggle of education is first completed, then the struggle of job is sometimes, if you do not get a job then how to run the house If we go to struggle and get the same job, then to fight for marriage, all of us have to face almost everything in life or if we say it and our name is life, in the same way if you too soon get married If you are struggling to get it done soon, then you have come to the right place, because many marriageable boys and girls and especially their parents get into the same tension as their children step into their youth. Find a good Life Partner and both can live their life happily.

For which today we have brought this article for all of you, in which we are going to tell you the ways of getting married early, which if you start adopting, then your pandits and astrologers will stop going around everyday and Your marriage will also be done as quickly as possible.

So let’s know about the ways of getting married early, but before that, we know what problems come in the way of your marriage.

Main reasons for not getting married

Horoscope and other Manglik faults: – Friends, it has been seen more often that after seeing all the things, the boy – even after the girl likes each other, many problems often lead to their marriages – such as, Whether the horoscope of the boy or the girl is not found among themselves, or the Manglik defect in either of these horoscopes also creates a bottleneck in the marriage.

The planets do not match: Friends, what happens many times that our planets are completely inverted according to our zodiac, that is, it is not according to the zodiac sign, so that even when they get married, everything keeps on being appropriate. Despite this, it is not possible.

No yoga in hand line or horoscope: – You all must have heard that thing and not the one who is in luck comes on his own, and the one who is not in luck also goes away. In the same way here we also have to understand that marriage is not possible in the lines of any person or in the horoscope, so it is difficult to get married in this situation.

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Weakening of the planet Jupiter: – It is seen in many people that in their birth chart, the planet Jupiter is weak, due to which, many people may get delayed and obstructed in their marriage, in which there is no need to panic. It can also be corrected by taking simple measures.

Let us now talk about how to avoid all these reasons and also know about the remedies for early marriage.

Remedy for early marriage

Friends, before going ahead, I want to give you a positive suggestion that will make all of you feel very good, and that is that whether it is about marriage or any other work in life, we should do everything Should be patient for a little bit, it is not too early for every task, because every job has its own right time, so your marriage is getting delayed, so it does not mean that your luck is bad, Give everything a little time and think positively, then you will see that it will start happening as you think. Let us know the ways to get married early.

1. Worship of Lord Shiva: – It is mostly seen that many virgin girls do great devotion to Lord Shiva in their desire to get a good groom and also keep fast for it every Monday, in the same way if you are also a girl. And you are also facing many problems in your marriage, then you should also worship Lord Shiva and take 11 coconuts with it in front of the idol or idol of Lord Shiva “Om Namah Shivay “Chant the five beads of this mantra and then offer all the female to the temple.

2. Apply Mehndi to the bride’s hands: – This remedy is only for the girl who is eligible for marriage but is having difficulty in getting married, so whenever you get an opportunity to attend someone else’s wedding, try there. Do this when the bride is looking for mehndi, then you should also be present there and get some mehndi from the hands of the same bride which is considered very auspicious, and this will also open the path of marriage for you as soon as possible.

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3. There should not be any iron thing under the bed: Friends, we often ignore many types of small mistakes in our common life, but when those mistakes take a big form in the future, then we understand In the same way, let us tell you one thing to keep in mind that whether you are a boy or a girl, you do not put any iron item or junk under the bed, if it is, then immediately Only remove it from that place, because it also hinders your marriage and you cannot get married.

4. Bathing by mixing turmeric in water: – Friends, we all wake up every morning and take a bath, so that our health is good and we feel refreshed, but those who have become eligible for marriage and their marriage If it is not happening, then they can adopt this simple way in which they have to add a pinch of turmeric to their bath water and bathe with the same water, this has to be done daily, you can also use saffron if you want. , Just as turmeric is very beneficial, likewise saffron also makes many of our deteriorating works.

5. Donate on Monday: – As I told you above that by doing charity, we all start deteriorating our work, similarly this remedy is also related to charity, in which you get 1200 grams of gram on Monday. That you have to take pulses and at the same time take one and a quarter liter milk and donate it, you have to do this continuously every Monday, remember that you donate at least for a single day. And do not adopt this remedy until your marriage is confirmed. Which will prove very helpful in getting your marriage done early.

6. Use the cow as an indulgence: – We all know very well that it is a good thing to do charity, we do it mostly in our everyday life, but only if we do not get married If you are worried, then you need to get married people, on Thursday, apply a little turmeric on the cow’s flour and apply a little jaggery and gram of pulses to it. A good life partner will also be found.

7. Shiva and Parvati Puja: – If you too have become married, or your children are of age and are facing many difficulties in getting married, then they should be blessed by Lord Shiva and Parvati Worship should be done along with it, they should offer raw milk to the Shiva lingam and together with Akshat, Kumkum etc. should worship. Often we worship Lord Shiva, but if we adopt this method and worship Goddess Parvati ji with us, we should do so that all the hurdles that are coming between your marriage will be removed as soon as possible and your marriage Will be sure to happen soon.

8. Offer water to the sun: – Friends, there is some reason behind every problem, in the same way, there are many reasons for not getting married in the same way, many of whom are not even married due to the sun. If you too have become eligible for marriage and are among them, then you should wake up early in the morning every morning and take a bath and offer it to the Sun in Brahmamuhurta and also chant this mantra “ॐ Suryay Namah”. On the other hand, whenever you are going for a marriage proposal, after going on a little jiggery, go along with drinking some water. You will also see a lot of benefits from this and with this, the mother of the boy or girl should give up eating jaggery.

9. If there is an obstacle in the Sun planet, then do this: – As we told you a solution above in which if your marriage is not being completed due to the Sun, then in that we asked you to offer water to the Sun, similarly In the remedy also we are telling you another way in which friends you have to take a square shaped piece of copper and press it into the ground, so that whatever obstruction is happening in your sun planet will be eliminated and your The delay in the marriage will be far away and soon the clarions of the wedding will echo in your house.

10. Do this work on Thursday evening: – Friends, people who are married but still unable to get married, and have been disturbed every day, sometimes somewhere and sometimes, then I will give you Let me tell you that Thursday is considered to be the most auspicious for you people, that is why you have to take green cardamom pair with five types of sweets on this day and together with pure desi ghee, you have to offer water. All the problems and problems in your marriage will be seen to be removed as soon as possible. And your marriage will be confirmed without any problems.

Friends, these were some ways of getting married early, we hope that you will have liked this article of ours and tell us how you commented on this article. And do lion with your friends so that they too can get married soon. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.