Best Time for Pregnancy: Physical Sign of Best Time for Pregnancy

Best Time for Pregnancy: Physical Sign of Best Time for Pregnancy

It is said that a woman’s life is complete only when she becomes a mother. Rekha did not want to become a mother for a few years of marriage as she was not yet fully ready to take up this responsibility but when she wanted to become a mother, her wish could not be fulfilled despite many efforts. After contacting the doctor, she came to know about the ovulation period. Rekha’s dream came true after the doctor’s advice. This problem is not only of Rekha but of many women. Nowadays, many problems related to fertility are being seen in women, mainly due to stress, unbalanced diet or any disease etc. But you can get the happiness of motherhood even by choosing the right time of conception, about which very few people know. So let’s know about the ovulation cycle and the right time for pregnancy (Best Time for Pregnancy).

Best Time for Pregnancy

What is Ovulation Period

The release of an egg from the woman’s ovary is called ovulation and through this process the woman goes through every month many eggs come out of the woman’s ovary. It is said that their number can be 15 to 20 every month. The ovulation period is the time of the month when the eggs released from the woman’s body are ready to meet the man’s semen. Ovulation period is the time when a woman’s body is most fertilized and during this time, women can easily conceive by having intercourse and the chances of pregnancy are very high at this time. Understand in simple language, from the 10th day to the 20th day of the period, because during this time ovulation occurs. Ovulation period requires special care to conceive. The ovulation period is different for all women.

There are many other ways to conceive easily but having during the ovulation period is one method that not many people know about. This time is considered extremely important for getting pregnant. A woman can conceive at any time with the sperm released from a man’s body, but the ovulation period is the time when a woman is most likely to conceive.

Evolution Period Cycle

It is very easy to understand this process for women who get their period at a fixed time every month because the time of the woman’s ovulation period is also fixed due to the period coming on full time. For example, if you get your period after full 28 days, then your ovulation period can happen within the 12th to the 16th day after the start of menstruation.

You can easily recognize this process. It is not necessary that the timing of menstruation is fixed in all women. It can be a bit difficult to understand the ovulation period for women who do not have a fixed time of menstruation. In fact, due to the lack of women’s period at the right time, their ovulation process also gets disturbed. But still you pay a little attention on the 12th and 16th day of the start of your menstruation and by paying attention to some things, she can find out about it.

Physical Sign of Best Time for Pregnancy

  • During the ovulation period, the fluid coming out of the vagina becomes thick, with it becoming more viscous than usual.
  • It has also been found that the body temperature of the woman increases during this time. Keep these days in your mind and check if your body temperature is high. Even this might give you some idea.
  • In the ovulation period, the desire for intercourse increases many times more than on other days.
  • Women can also find out their ovulation period with a test. With this, the level of luteinizing hormone in the woman’s body is known, which also gives information about whether that time is the ovulation period or not.
  • Before the start of the ovulation period, the area between the vulva and the uterus, which is also called the cervix, is closed or slightly hardened, but as soon as this period starts it opens and does not remain hard. You can still know about this period if you check the cervix.

Even if you want to get pregnant early, keep in mind the ovulation period because the egg survives for about 24 to 36 hours after it is released from the ovary, so if you have Relationship at this time then the chances of getting pregnant greatly increase. If two eggs come out of the woman’s ovary during this time, then there is a possibility of having twins.

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Doctors and experts also tell that even if intercourse is done in the morning during the ovulation period, pregnancy can be done easily. It is also said that this ovulation period starts seven days after the completion of menstruation and lasts till seven days before the start of menstruation, this time is also called fertile period. For this, women have to find out their ovulation period or they can also contact their doctor for this.

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