The Best Surrogacy Agency: Tips from World Center of Baby Experts

The Best Surrogacy Agency: Tips from World Center of Baby Experts

When a person thinks about turning to a surrogacy agency, there will be many things to consider. The World Center of Baby surrogacy in Mexico gives recommendations concerning the selection of the best clinic in Mexico that will come up with a client’s expectations and create a perfect program for effective collaboration.

Pay Attention to the Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico

First off, intended parents must keep in mind that the price for surrogacy is high everywhere. According to the World Center of Baby, it starts with $73,000 and may become as high as $107,000. Everything depends on the required service that might include the following aspects:

  • search for an egg donor;
  • a surrogate mother’s remuneration;
  • in vitro fertilization;
  • clinical control of a surrogate mother before and during the gestational period;
  • lab tests and service of doctors;
  • personal tutoring and 24/7 support.

Besides, there can be extra expenses connected with the exit process for foreign clients. It is essential to seek an agency that is 100% legal and helps do the paperwork that lets parents take their child home or even to another country. So, the cost is the first thing to check because it must be affordable. By the way, the World Center of Baby offers reasonable prices that are lower than in Canada and the US.

Surrogacy in Mexico Must Be Transparent

The clinic will be regarded as transparent if the prices and fees are manifested and discussed before both sides sign the contract. It is very important because the service is costly, and happy parenthood must not be complicated by hidden fees, taxes, and expenses. Besides, the intended parents must read the contract from the first to the last word and discuss things that are hard to understand.

A dependable and trustworthy clinic has a forum where clients ask questions about the service, eligibility, conditions, prices, etc. It has its official website with detailed information about the process, working hours, and free consultation for those who need to find something out or become a parent.

Surrogacy Agency in Mexico Must not Discriminate

To initiate a program, one must fill in the application form, discuss details with managers, and provide some documents like no criminal history file, medical check, etc. Some clinics provide their service to married traditional families only and neglect the rights of singles and gay couples. Some clinics do not let their clients choose the donor of eggs, and, as a result, the couple gets a child that has a different race and skin color.

A reliable agency must depend on the country’s laws and regulations. According to surrogacy laws in Mexico, asking someone to give birth to your child is legal. So, the representatives of the LGBT community have a right to become parents using the service of a surrogate mother. Foreigners should better prefer international clinics like the World Center of Baby to feel OK about documents and legal control of the process.

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