BEST PTC Websites To Earn Money Part Time

BEST PTC Websites To Earn Money Part Time

BEST PTC Websites: We have already written many posts on our website on the topic “How to earn money online on internet”. And earning money online seems incomplete without PTC website. Whenever there is a mention of earning money sitting at home online, then there will definitely be talk of PTC website. It is very easy to earn money from PTC website. Today, if a person wants to earn money in his free time, then he can earn money by doing part time on PTC website.

Earn Money by Doing part time on PTC website

You do not need to be very knowledgeable to earn money from PTC website. If you have basic knowledge about internet then you can earn money from PTC website sitting at home comfortably. All you need is these things for PTC website.

  • Computer / laptop
  • Internet
  • Email Id
  • PayPal Account or Payza Account

What is PTC website?

PTC website means Paid to click. This is a business model, in which a company on which we will create an account, that website shows ads of other companies on its website and they show those ads on our account, when we click on that ad, then we get money.

Paid to Click means to pay on click. Whenever we click on ads, the company pays us. The cost of each click may vary. Apart from viewing ads and clicking on them, we get different offers from the company like filling survey form, doing any task, playing game or watching any video. After completing any of these tasks, money comes in our account. You have to login to PTC website every day to earn money and watch ads. It is so easy to earn money from PTC site. The more you are active on the PTC website, the more money you will be able to earn.


How to Earn Money from PTC website?

To earn money from PTC website, you have to first create an account on PTC website. After creating an account, as soon as you login to your account, you will see ads. You will have to click on those ads (instructions will be given along with the ads as to when and for how long you will get the money for viewing the ad) Apart from this, along with the ads, there will be surveys etc. On completing them, money will also be given. When you will complete the given task properly then your money will be automatically sent to your account. And after reaching the minimum payment figure, you can ask for your money from whatever method the PayPal or PTC site sends money.

Ways to Earn Money on Best PTC websites

Earning money on PTC website As you know it is very easy, there are many options to earn money on PTC website. You can select the option as per your convenience.

  • View Ads: You can earn money by watching ads every day. It doesn’t even take much time.
  • Surveys: You will be given some forms on the site, you have to fill those forms and submit. They take a little more time than watching ads, but the money you get from them is also more.
  • Through Referral: You can earn money by referring any of your friends from your referral link on PTC website. On every referral, you are given money through the PTC website.

Advertising Time

It will take you only 20 to 30 seconds to see ads on the PTC website. Apart from this, it may take up to 15 minutes to fill the survey form, but the money received from it is also more. As your speed increases, you will be able to fill the form faster and earn more. The time taken to watch the video also depends on the length of the video. It does not take much time to earn money on PTC website.

BEST PTC Websites To Earn Money Part Time

There are a lot of fake PTC websites circulating on the internet these days. Their job is nothing but to cheat the user. When choosing a PTC website, remember whether it is fully trusted, then only use it. Today we have brought for you the best PTC website for part time job. Earn money by doing part time on PTC website.

  1. Ysense: This website started in 2007 makes its payment on completion of 10$. You can use PayPal, Payza, etc. to order money.
  2. Neobux: NEObux entered the world of PTC website in 2008. Its minimum payment is only 5$. Which makes it better than its partner PTC website.
  3. Adsplz.com: This website is also PTC website. You can opt for mobile recharge or bank transfer to transfer money on it. Mobile recharge is the specialty of this website.
  4. Familyclix: This PTC website is also a good option to earn good money by working part time and its minimum payout is only 4$.
  5. Cliquesteria: On this website also you are less money by working part time and on this website you will get maximum $0.03 per click. Although it depends on the ad, how much money you will get per click.

Note: If you want to do Part Time Job on PTC website, then you should join at least 4 – 5 Ad network.

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Apart from these, there are many websites, you can google, but before using any website, check its veracity. So what are you waiting for? From today on PTC website par part time earn money that too without any hard work sitting at home.

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