Best Podcast Apps – Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

Best Podcast Apps – Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

Best Podcast Apps: You all must know about the podcast. Podcasts are a new name in India. Podcasts are a new way to reach your point of view. Podcasts are a type of audio file series. Such series can be based on any particular topic. Apart from this, podcasts can also be played for entertainment or any other purpose.

Podcasts are in a way Episodic Digital Audio Series. If you are also interested in podcasts then you should know about ‘Best 5 Podcast App for Android‘. Before this, we would request you to read both these posts.

Although there are many such apps through which podcasts are done, but only a few of them are liked by the people the most. Ratings of any app are done with its performance and facilities as well as the user interface.

This is the reason that some apps are Worse, some Good and some Best. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some of the best apps for podcasting and listening to podcasts. In today’s article, we are going to tell about your best podcast apps for android.

Information about Top 5 Best Podcast Apps

Although there are many apps available for podcasts on the Play Store, but some of those apps’ service are much better. Today we are telling you about the 5 best podcast apps. All these apps are really awesome and user friendly.

1. Pocket Casts :

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast applications ever. This application has a user friendly interface with lots of great features. When you open this application, first of all you are also in the list of many great podcasts. Now you get many other features like Trending, Top Rated and Category.

That is, you can listen to podcasts according to your mood as per your wish. It is preferred by some people because it has a lot of podcast creators. Many podcasts related to not only studies and skills improvement but also related to entertainment are found on this application. There are also a number of podcasts based on thriller and mysterious stories on the application. Apart from this, there is also a network feature in this app where many podcast stations are available.

2. Cast Box:

Cast Box is one of the best podcast apps ever with nearly 40 lakh downloads and ratings of 4.7. Cast Box is one of the best podcast platforms for Android users.

There is a tremendous collection of more than 1 million channels on Cast Box, which means that for those who are interested in listening to podcasts, it can prove to be a really great podcast platform. Cast Box has many popular podcast channels like NPR, BBC, Ear wolf, This American Life. Cast Box has more than 50 million stream able episodes in 70 different languages. Along with English, you can also take advantage of podcasts in many different languages ​​in this application.

Cast Box app comes with a very easy-to-use UI. You will also get many types of playback features in this app. In this app, you can also connect with other Listeners and apart from this you can also comment on the podcast. We also get Cloud Sync support in Cast Box, through which we can continue our listening in multiple devices as well.

3. Podcast Addict:

You will find many types of free podcasts in the Podcast App. This app is one of the best Free Podcasts Apps. If this app is also called Best Podcast App for Android, then that too will not be wrong.

The most important thing about this app is that in this application you can easily search your favorite podcast out of millions of podcasts. In this app you will find podcasts in many languages ​​like English, Hindi and Spanish etc.

You can also take advantage of many types of live radio stations in this application. If you have any kind of audiobook in your device, then you can import it in Podcast Addict and play it. This app is used by many people to listen to audio files, due to its excellent user interface. Apart from this, OPML files can also be imported in this app.

Apart from this, Podcast Addict has a ‘Discover’ section through which you can discover many great podcasts. Many times there is a situation when you do not understand ‘what to listen to today’, in such a situation you can use the ‘Podcast Suggestion’ feature of Podcast Addict.

4. Podcast Republic:

Podcast Republic is also a really great app. Through this app, you can listen to podcasts of different categories on the same platform. The special thing about this app is that in this app you will get podcasts of many other creators apart from professional podcasts. The Podcast Republic application is considered to be the best for listening to podcasts.

In this app you can listen to podcasts absolutely free. This app is one of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS. In this app, you also get the feature of listening to podcasts through RSS Feed, which is really fun.

This app also has the facility to listen to Radio Stations which can also be added through direct URL. In this app you can browse Top Charts. A special feature of this app is that you can also listen to podcasts offline in this app.

This app also provides the option to download Podcast Episodes and create Playlists to listen to them later. This app also has Car Feature which makes this app really unique. Through this feature, you can enjoy the podcast while driving in your car.

5. Google Podcasts :

Google is one of the largest companies in the world and whenever Google launches its product, it always tries to give the best to the people. Google has also made its app ‘Google Podcasts’ regarding podcasts.

Google Podcasts is one of the most popular great podcast applications available for free on the Play Store. The application is one of the best podcast application for Android users which comes with a very nice interface and easy to use.

You can easily find podcasts of many big companies on Google Podcasts. On Google Podcasts, you will find podcasts of every category such as Entertainment, Technology, Tips etc. You get a very good UI in Google Podcasts, which people often like very much.

In Google Podcasts, you will get millions of episodes of podcasts easily available. Google Podcasts also has a Player UI that comes with some great features. So friend, in today’s article we talked about podcast apps. In this article we have learned about Top 5 Podcasts Apps.

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