Best Free WordPress Themes for Blog 2021

Best Free WordPress Themes for Blog 2021

In this article Best Free WordPress Themes 2021, we are going to tell you which is the best Free WordPress Theme for new blog. Here we will provide you a list of Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes which will be absolutely free and great.

If you are also going to make your blog, then it is very important for you to choose the best theme for the blog. Because how quickly your blog will rank in Google, it also largely depends on the theme.

If you use a theme on your website which is too heavy, not SEO friendly or AdSense friendly, then you may have to face a lot of troubles later. It may take a long time to rank your blog.


Most people do not know which theme to use on their WordPress blog so that there is no problem in the progress of the blog. People choose such themes in the midst of design and looks, which seem to spoil their hard work.

Keep in mind that when any visitor comes to your blog from Google, he does not come to see the design or colors of your website. He comes to read your content, so apply such a theme on your blog that users do not find flashy, simple and whose navigation is good.

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In Best Free WordPress Themes List 2021, all the themes we are going to tell you about, they all meet these things. These are such themes which will not only give a good experience to the users but will also improve the speed of your website.

The new blog which has good speed, Google ranks it soon. You also want to know the best Free Themes for your WordPress Blog. So that your blog can also start walking on the path of success as soon as possible.

Theme is the most important part of any website. Although there is no competition for Premium Themes, but not everyone can buy Premium Theme. Many new bloggers do not have enough budget that they can purchase a theme of $ 50 in the beginning itself.

So in such a situation, we only have the option of Free WordPress Themes. We can select any of the best themes from these themes and use them on our blog. As we mentioned, these themes available for free cannot compete with those premium themes.

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Coding is not done so properly in Free Themes and many such scripts are used which work to make heavy. Due to which they take a lot of time to load and it affects our blog.

Some themes are so bad that it is very risky for you to use. But people use them by looking at the design and look or in the absence of information. The result of which is that their blog does not grow and they leave blogging.

So here we explained to you what theme to use on your WordPress blog. Now the question is, which are such themes. So let us present you a list of the best WordPress Free Themes that you can use comfortably without thinking.

Top Best Free WordPress Themes for New Blog

1. Astra 

If you want to start blogging, then there can be no better theme for you than Astra. This is a Super Light Theme which helps your website to get fully loaded as soon as possible.

This theme is for those people who love Google Rankings more than Design. Because this theme improves the overall speed of your blog, due to which the new blog starts ranking in the shortest possible time.

This is a very simple theme that presents your content in an accurate way and its navigation is also very good. Even though it is not a very designer theme but it is really beautiful to look at. You can customize it according to you.

This is really a very fast loading theme which is being used by millions of bloggers. Talking about SEO, then it is also excellent in terms of it. You do not need to worry at all whether this theme is good in terms of SEO or not.

2. Generate Press 

If you are thinking that which theme will be best for the new WordPress blog, then understand that your worries are over. Because Generate Press is one such free theme which is best for beginners.

Believe it or not, but it is true that Generate Press has got the best rating in WordPress Repository. Out of all the people who have given reviews, more than 90% people have given it 5 Star Rating. With this you can get an idea of ​​its popularity.

This is a clean theme that provides the best experience to the users. It looks great on all mobile and desktop devices. You will be surprised that out of all the themes available in WordPress, this is the lightest. Meaning its size is less than 30 KB.

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Of such size, we put a picture in any of our posts. With this you can guess how fast it would have been loaded. This is the reason that it is completely SEO and AdSense Friendly. By customizing this theme well, the website can be given a great look.

3. Sydney 

The next name in the Best Free WordPress Themes List comes from Sydney which is being used by millions of people. In terms of design, it is slightly ahead of Astra and Generate Press. This is even better for those people who have a business of their own.

Although it is not that you cannot use it for blogging, you can do it comfortably. But it is more perfect for any business website. In Theme Options, you get a lot more options in it.

Due to the availability of all types of Google Fonts, you can change the fonts. Apart from this, you can change the layout of your blog and it also has very good colors which you can use to design the blog.

It is also very good in terms of Speed ​​and Search Engine Optimization. It presents your blog in front of users in a better way. In this you also get the facility of Full Screen Slider. Overall this is a great theme.

4. Colourmag 

If you are crazy about Design and Colors and looking for the best Free Themes for WordPress Blog then Colourmag is perfect for you. It gives your blog a Magazine Look.

Don’t worry, it is completely responsive, meaning it looks great on both desktop and mobile. If you want to work on a news blog, then you will not get a better option than this for free.

This is a Multipurpose Theme which can be used comfortably for Blogging. This is really a very popular theme which has been installed by millions of people. People who like to play with colors definitely use this theme.

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This is a Fully Customization Theme which you can give the best look according to your Creativity. It comes with more than 15 widgets. Overall, if you want to take advantage of Magazine Look in Free, then this theme is the best.

Talking about its loading time and size, it is slightly heavier than Astra and Generate Press. But this does not mean that it is not SEO friendly. This is also completely SEO friendly, now if you want a design, then you will have to make some compromises.

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5. Poseidon 

If you are looking for a Free WordPress Theme that comes with Full Width Slider then Poseidon is best for you. This is a great theme which is also simple and its look is also very good.

This is a Fully SEO Friendly Theme which is perfect for any kind of blog. It comes with a completely clear background which gives a pleasant feeling to the visitor. You are seeing that we are also using the same theme on our blog at the moment.

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If you want, you can use it with Magazine Slider and also without it. Meaning it is also good for a simple blog and if you want a blog with Magazine Look then it is best for that too.

6. Neve 

The next name in the list of Best Free WordPress Themes comes Neve. This is also a very fast loading theme like Astra and Generate Press which is perfect for Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

You can use it comfortably for AMP Blogs. It works very well with any Page Builder Plugin. It must be said that Neve Theme is made for those websites which have their own online store or any other small business.

7. Ocean WP 

Among the best themes for blogging, the name of Ocean WP also comes in the top. This is the only theme that you can use for almost all types of blogs. For example, it is perfect for Personal Blog, Business Blog, News Blogs and many other types of Blogs.

Millions of people are using this theme that comes with the best Theme Loading Time. It is completely SEO friendly which is also excellent in terms of mobile device. You get very good features in customization so that you can give a great look to your blog.

8. Airi 

When we started this blog, we tried many themes but did not get satisfaction. Every day just used to think that which is the best free theme for blogging. Which is also good in terms of SEO and the look of the blog should also be great.

Finally our search ended by going to Airi Theme which was providing great look to the blog in both mobile and desktop. Airi is really a very powerful theme which is also very lightweight.

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With this theme, your blog will load very fast and it will also attract visitors a lot. Great design and typography make it a different theme. By customizing it well, you can create a Mobile Friendly Blog with a great look.

9. Zakra 

If you are crazy about Stylish Themes and want to use such a theme for free, then Zakra is one such great theme. Zakra is a Multipurpose Theme which you can use for many types of Blogs.

This is a Lightweight Theme which fulfills all the conditions of SEO. This is the reason that Zakra is a very Polupar Theme. In this theme, you get many types of Demos, which you can install according to your choice in just one click.

In this you also get the facility to change fonts. That is, the option of Typography is also present in Customization. It loads in a very short time, that is why most of the people who use Free Themes like Zakra.

10. Flash 

This is also a Multipurpose Theme, meaning you can use it for any kind of blog. It comes with Flash Toolkit and Page Builder Plugin, due to which it becomes even better.

It is completely responsive and looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop. Along with being SEO and Adsense friendly, it provides a unique experience to the users. This theme also fulfills the desire of your Designed Blog to a great extent.

Some Other Best Free Themes for Blogging

  • Supermag
  • Hitmag
  • Schema Lite
  • Hestia
  • Ribbon
  • News Portal
  • iFeature
  • The Minimal
  • Ashe
  • Punte

So here we have told you that if you want to choose the best free theme for your new WordPress blog, then which are they. Try the rest on your blog, you can use whichever of these you like more.

This was our article Best Free WordPress Themes. In which we shared the list of Top Most Popular Free Themes for WordPress Blog in front of you. Hope this article has helped you a lot.

If you have any question about WordPress Free Themes, then definitely ask by commenting in the comment box below. Do like and share this article, like our Facebook page and subscribe to us to connect with us. Thank you.