Which Bank is Best For Cheapest Loan in India

Which Bank is Best For Cheapest Loan in India

Do you also want to take a loan from the bank, and you are in a confusion that from which bank we can get the cheapest loan, if you want to know this then you are reading the right article, here we will give you the lowest interest. Will give information about the bank giving loan at the rate, besides the names of those banks from where loan can be taken at cheap interest rate.

At present, the Reserve Bank of India has made changes in the repo rate, under which the interest rate of many banks keeps changing up and down. There are many banks in the market with the help of which loan can be taken, but the thing to think about is that the interest rate is very high there, if you want to take loan at cheap interest rate then there are some banks where loan But the interest rate seems low now.


Many times we need a loan to meet our personal needs, to manage daily expenses, to build a house, to buy a property, for education work, or to increase the business, although most of the banks They offer the facility of giving loans, but there is a lot of confusion due to high interest, and verification.

Which Bank is Best For Cheapest Loan in India

As we have told you that the loan rate of all banks keeps on increasing and decreasing, the loan rate depends on the repo rate of RBI.


If you want to take a loan at a low interest rate, then you can go to these banks and you can easily take a loan by knowing the loan rate from them.


  1. State Bank of India
  2. Punjab National Bank
  3. HDFC bank
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank

All these banks have provided very good offers for the home loan borrowers in the last year and have provided loans at very low interest rates. Let us know about the interest rates of these banks:

Bank Name Home Loans Interest Rates
SBI Bank Offers 6.7 percent interest rate on home loan
PNB Bank Offers 7.35 percent interest rate on home loan
HDFC Bank Offers 6.70 percent interest rate on home loan
ICICI Bank Offers 6.70 percent interest rate on home loan
Kotak Bank Offers 6.70 percent interest rate on home loan
Union Bank Offers 6.65 percent interest rate on home loan

1. SBI Bank:

By taking a home loan through State Bank of India, you can build your dream home. In March last, State Bank has provided loans to its customers at the lowest rate of interest. SBI has provided loan on home loan at 6.7 percent interest rate.

2. PNB Bank:

If we talk about what percentage of annual interest rate Punjab National Bank gives home loan, PNB has provided loan for their dream home at 7.35 percent interest rate to make its customers happy.

3. HDFC Bank:

HDFC Bank is a private sector bank, this bank also decided to provide loans at 6.70 percent interest rate to fulfill the dreams of the customers, in which many customers have also taken advantage of it.

4. ICICI Bank:

ICICI Bank is a private sector bank, this bank has done a lot to the people by giving home loans at 6.70 percent interest rate.

5. Kotak Bank:

To attract its customers, Kotak Mahindra Bank has provided a loan at 6.65 percent interest rate at the lowest rate of interest, which has benefited the customer of Kotak Bank a lot.

6. Union Bank:

Union Bank has also decided to pay 6.7 percent interest for home loans, in which Union Bank has given very attractive loan offers to its customers on home loans.


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