Best AdSense Alternative for Website in India 2023 – AdsTerra

Best AdSense Alternative for Website in India 2022 - AdsTerra

If you are not getting Google AdSense Approval even after writing 50-60 unique posts, then stay with this post till the end because I am going to do One of the Best AdSense Alternative for small website in India with you in this post, which you can use. By doing this, you will be able to monetize any of your websites and you will be able to withdraw a lot of money from there, so if you also want to earn some money from your site by monetizing it, then this post is going to be very important for you.

At this time, we need such an Ad Network that will quickly approve our site and I am going to share one such AdSense alternative. The name of this Ad Network is Adsterra.

Adsterra approves any website very soon and ads start coming on that website. You can monetize your site with the help of Adsterra, so let’s know how to join Publisher in Adsterra and how to add a site on it.

Best AdSense Alternative in India – How to Create Account on Adsterra?

On the sign up page, you have to enter your name and email, then click on continue, as soon as you click on continue, you will be asked for your login and password, by entering the details, you can add the URL of your website, if you add one here If you have to do more than one, then you will get the option here too, you can add multiple sites by entering here, after all the details are completed, the mail will come on the Resister Email, you will have to click on Confirm in that mail.

Now your account has been created, now you have to log in and enter your username and password in the previous step while signing up. After logging in, you can add your website, shortly after the website is added, your website will be approved in Adsterra and you can generate Ads Code and place ads in your blog.

Even if you have less traffic on your website or you have a small website, then best AdSense alternatives for low traffic and best AdSense alternative for small website in India 2022. If you are not getting Approval from Google AdSense then you can use it.


Content is not needed here for Website Approval. By logging in, you can add your site and monetize it in Adsterra. If you are with any other Ad Network, then you will get to see the problem of Ad Blocker, it is also seen in AdSense which reduces your revenue but with this they also have a solution for Ads Block if your user is Ad Blocker. Ads are being shown to the user even at that time and your revenue is not reduced.

If the user comes to your site again, then this thing improves your User Experience a bit. You can control how many ads you have to show on your website from your dashboard, you will not need to change your ads by visiting every page.


Payment of Adsterra You get payment in 15 days, there are many Ads networks that take 7 days, 30 days or 45 days, but from Adsterra you can take payment twice a month. You can trust this company because this company was started in 2013, and here you also get to see many payment methods.

Minimum Payout

Paypal, Bitcoin  $100
Webmoney, Paxum $5
Wire Transfer $1000

Ads Placement

Same process as Google AdSense, if you have used Google AdSense then you will not have any problem in using Adsterra and if you have not done then I will tell you.

  1. To generate the Ad Code, you have to go to the Websites section of Adsterra, then choose the website on which to place the ads and click on Add Code.
  2. On clicking on Add Code, you will be asked the size of the Ad.
  3. If you want to place an ad in the header of the website, then choose the size of 728x 90.
  4. After the Ad Code is approved, you will get a code by clicking on Get Code.
  5. Paste that code in the header of your website, you can do it with the help of plugin in WordPress website.

The location of the header which you will see Ad at the top of the website. You will also get good CPM rates, so if you have not joined Adsterra yet, go to the link and start your earning quickly. https://publishers.adsterra.com/

Hope you have liked our post Best Alternative of Google AdSense, if you have any question about AdsTerra, how did you like the alternative of Google AdSense, do tell us by commenting and yes do not forget to share this post on WhatsApp, Facebook.

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