Benefits of Vitamin C and Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

Benefits of Vitamin C and Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to consume nutritious elements like minerals and vitamins. The main source of these nutrients is food. Our body gets essential nutrients from whatever we eat. Vitamin C is also one of these essential nutrients. Many times when your lifestyle gets spoiled or you do not take the right diet then it becomes the cause of Vitamin C (Benefits of Vitamin C) deficiency. The result of this is that you get some physical problems. Through this article, we will explain to you in depth about the importance of vitamin C.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C (vitamin c benefits in Hindi) is very important for our body. In fact, vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, which help keep your bones, muscles and blood vessels healthy. It also helps in the absorption of iron in the body and helps in making collagen. Apart from this, there are many benefits of Vitamin C. The most important thing about Vitamin C is that it cannot be made. It is self-manufactured inside the human body. If there is sufficient amount of vitamin C in your body, then you can stay away from many diseases. It not only keeps the body healthy but also enhances the glow of the skin.

Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency

If there is a deficiency of vitamin C in your body, then you may see the following symptoms:

  • Anemia
  • Bleeding gums
  • Decreased ability to fight infection
  • Wound healing process taking longer than usual
  • Dry and split ends
  • Bleeding or wounding even with a slight scratch due to the thinness of the skin
  • Bleeding nose
  • Slowing down of metabolism and rapid weight gain
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Joint pain
  • Weakening of the outer layer of the teeth

Benefits of Vitamin C

Now as you know what is Vitamin C (Benefits of Vitamin C) and how important it is for our body, then let us also tell you in detail about the benefits of Vitamin C. Actually, Vitamin C is very important for our health and in many ways it keeps us safe. So let us tell you about the benefits of Vitamin C without any delay.

Beneficial for Heart Health

Vitamin C is also very beneficial for heart health. Actually, according to a research related to heart health, vitamin C helps in reducing many risks related to heart. However, so far no research has revealed how vitamin C helps in maintaining heart health. Research still needs to be done in this regard.

Help Heal wounds faster

Antioxidants are present in Vitamin C, which help in quick healing of wounds on the skin. Because of this, if your wound is taking time to heal, then it could be because of vitamin C deficiency in the body.

Beneficial for Diabetes

According to NCBI research, vitamin C is also beneficial for diabetic patients. If Vitamin C is consumed as a medicine up to 1000 mg daily, it controls blood sugar and in this way it helps in controlling blood sugar of diabetic patients.

Reduce Cataracts and Age related Complications

Vitamin C is also beneficial for eye health. According to experts, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in Vitamin C help in removing corneal infection. Along with this, it also helps in removing the problem of cataract etc.

Boost Immunity

According to experts, along with protecting against various risk factors, vitamin C also helps in maintaining immunity. Because of this, it would not be wrong to say that Vitamin C is also good for our body’s immunity.

Keep Gums Healthy

To keep gums healthy, it is recommended by experts to consume foods rich in Vitamin C. Whereas, as we mentioned in the symptoms, due to deficiency of Vitamin C, there is a problem of bleeding gums. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that Vitamin C plays an important role in keeping the gums healthy.

Vitamin C for Weight loss

According to experts, consumption of Vitamin C helps in removing the fat stored on the body and due to this it helps in weight loss. However, with this it is necessary for a man to exercise regularly and take a balanced diet. In such a situation, if you also want to lose weight, then you can include Vitamin C in your diet.

Prevent Viral Infection

Vitamin C also protects against viral infections to some extent. Evidence of this is found in a research. According to research, vitamin C helps in preventing diseases like cold, cough and pneumonia.

How Much Vitamin C Should be Consumed

A normal adult is advised to consume 90 to 120 mg of vitamin C. However, if you want to take a higher dosage of Vitamin C, then you can consult a doctor once for this.

Source of Vitamin C

Mainly citrus juicy fruits are considered good sources of vitamin C. For example, Amla, Orange, Lemon, Grapes, Tomato, etc. and Guava, Apple, Banana, Plum, Bilva, Jackfruit, Turnip, Mint, Radish leaves, Raisin, Milk, Beet, Amaranth, Cabbage, Coriander And spinach are good sources of vitamin C.

Disadvantages of Vitamin C – Side Effects of Vitamin C

Like many other vitamins, vitamin C is also very beneficial for health. Vitamin C is mainly found in citrus foods and fruits but as you know excess of anything is harmful. In the same way, if you take Vitamin C in excess, then it can be harmful.

Fear of Kidney Failure

No matter how good Vitamin C is for the body, but if you consume it in excess, then it has a negative effect on your kidneys. Even there is a possibility of damage to your kidney.

There Can be an Excess of Iron in the Body

Vitamin C is considered a good source of iron. But if you consume vitamin C in excess, then it increases the amount of iron in your body. If the amount of iron in the body increases, then you may have many diseases.

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