Benefits of Tummy Time: When to give Tummy Time to kids and Precautions

Benefits of Tummy Time: When to give Tummy Time to kids and Precautions

Benefits of Tummy Time: After the birth of the baby, when you bring him home, the doctor recommends that you do not put the baby to sleep on the stomach because there is a lot of harm to the babies sleeping on the stomach. But after six weeks of birth, it is also necessary to make babies sleep on their stomach for some time. This process is called Tummy Time.

Benefits of Tummy Time

According to doctors at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Care Network, this tummy time is very important for every baby. This strengthens the baby’s neck muscles and upper body and later on this tummy time helps a lot for your baby’s development like sitting, kneeling etc. That is why it is also necessary to make the children lie down on their stomach. Following are some of the benefits of having babies lying on their stomach: Benefits of Tummy Time.

1. Lying on the stomach strengthens the neck muscles and upper body of babies.

2. By lying on the tummy, the baby quickly learns physical activity like walking on the knees, then moving forward a little.

3 Therefore, in order for their head to be round and beautiful, not flat, you should change the position of the baby two to three times a day and also make them lie on their stomach.

4. When you put your baby on his tummy, he is able to look to his left and right and turn his gaze around him. This is great for his eye muscles.

5. When your baby wakes up in the morning, you can give him tummy time because at that time there is gas in the stomach of the babies and by laying them on the stomach, all the gas comes out and they feel very relaxed.

6. In the afternoon, if you put them on their stomach while massaging and before sleeping at night, then they get very tired and they get tired and sleep very well, which is very important for the baby.

7. When you give tummy time to your kids, take any playable toy from which they will try to move forward after hearing its sound. You can also place a teddy or a balloon in front of it. In this way gradually his activity will start increasing and he will enjoy a lot.

When to give Tummy Time to kids

According to doctors, you can put your baby on your stomach after 6 weeks, but keep in mind that whenever you put the baby on your stomach, he should be under your supervision. Before starting the tummy time of the child, you must consult the doctor.

Apart from this, choose a right time to lay the baby on his stomach. Best when he is awake and playing. Babies are often very active after waking up, changing diapers or taking a bath.

It is better to give tummy time at this time. Try that after the baby lies on the stomach, raise the neck and do some movements. Initially, the child may have some problem, but after some time he will get used to it.

Many times babies cry initially when they are lying on their stomach. Don’t worry, it happens. The child may cry for a while but soon he will get used to it. It is very important for its development.

Precautions while Giving Tummy Time

Now one important thing, never make a sleeping baby or baby lie on his stomach immediately after feeding. If you put him on his stomach immediately after a feed, he may vomit. Lying on the stomach while sleeping can cause breathing problems in babies.

While giving tummy time to children, follow these precautions:

1. You should give tummy time to the children only after 1 month because in a month the children develop enough that they can handle themselves.

2. The cord of children breaks and falls on its own after about a month, so do not make the child lie on his stomach before one month. If you do this, the cord may rub off which can be harmful.

3. Give your baby tummy time under your full supervision.

4. You should lay down a blanket or a mat on the ground for tummy time to the baby because lying on the bed or floor can cause difficulty in breathing for the child.

5. Do not give tummy time to the baby as soon as you feed, give tummy time only after at least 1 hour after feeding.

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6. Keep the initial tummy time of 1 to 2 minutes and give it 2-3 times a day. Then gradually increase the time a little later.

7. Morning sunlight is beneficial for children. Therefore, try to give tummy time to the child only in the morning so that he gets vitamin D from the sun.

Remember every parent must give tummy time to their child. It is very important for the physical and mental development of the child. This also makes the child active.

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