Benefits of Tulsi and Side Effects

Benefits of Tulsi and Side Effects

Tulsi is known as ‘Herb Queen’ which means ‘Queen of Medicines’. In a country like India, Tulsi has been given the status of a real God. We have often heard about the properties of Tulsi leaves from our elders. But despite knowing about their properties, we rarely use it. You will be surprised to know that many types of chemical elements are found in Tulsi leaves and flowers, which have the power to prevent and eliminate many diseases. For this reason, Tulsi leaves are used in the medicine of many diseases. Tulsi is beneficial for the body both internally and externally. Its special thing is that it works according to the effect of the person. Due to the many properties in Tulsi, not only the leaves of Tulsi, but all its twigs, flowers, seeds, etc., are also used for treatment in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Whether it is a disease like cancer or a cold, Tulsi has been used for centuries. What are the benefits of Tulsi (Tulsi Benefits), let’s have a look.

Nutrients Found in Basil

Tulsi literally means ‘incomparable plant’. Tulsi is considered the most sacred herb in India. It is known all over the world due to its effects and benefits. Many types of nutrition and vitamins are found in Tulsi leaves, such as –

  • Vitamins A, B, C and K
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Chlorophyll
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3
  • Magnesium
  • Magazine

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves – Benefit of Basil

Tulsi plant is found in every house, but even after living in front, you probably do not know that it is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is cheaper than the medicine available in the market and is devoid of all the disadvantages. Let’s know about the miraculous benefits of Tulsi.

Beneficial in Cold and Cough

Tulsi works as a panacea for cold and cough. Due to the change in the weather, the health of most of the people gets worse. Fever subsides by taking medicine, but cough and phlegm persist for a long time. In such a situation, adopting Tulsi’s home remedies gives instant relief.

Skin Infection Relief

There is no better medicine than Tulsi to prevent any kind of skin infection. Actually, Tulsi leaves prevent bacteria from growing. Tulsi also has anti-biotic properties, which help in treating infections. If you have any kind of skin infection, then make a paste of Tulsi leaves with gram flour and apply it on the skin, it will be beneficial.

Relieve Stress Tulsi

A recent research has shown that Tulsi is considered an effective natural remedy to relieve stress. Actually, anti-stress agents are found in Tulsi leaves which cure our stress and mental imbalance. Apart from this, it is helpful in combating negative thoughts that dominate the mind due to stress.

Cancer Prevention

In many researches, Tulsi seeds have also been said to be effective in the treatment of cancer. Actually, Tulsi increases antioxidant activity and prevents the spread of cancer tumors. It is said that people who regularly consume Tulsi are less likely to get cancer.

Tulsi in Stomach Related Diseases

Tulsi is a boon for people suffering from stomach ailments. Yes, it is used to relieve the problem of burning in the stomach, stomach pain, gas, bloating etc. Experts say that both Tulsi leaves and seeds prevent stomach ulcers.

Tulsi Benefits in Kidney Stones

Tulsi helps the kidney to function properly. By consuming it, urine comes freely, which also helps in cleaning the kidneys. If there is a stone in the kidney, then mix fresh Tulsi juice with honey and consume it daily for 4 to 5 months. This will also remove kidney stones from the urinary tract.

Tulsi in the Problem of Irregular Periods

Irregular or delayed periods are becoming a common problem for most girls these days. Usually the period cycle is 21 to 35 days. If your period comes after 35 days, then know that you are also going through the same problem of period. In this case, using Tulsi seeds proves beneficial. This removes the irregularity of the menstrual cycle.

Increase Immunity Power Tulsi

Tulsi acts like a protective shield for our body. Swallowing fresh Tulsi leaves daily in the morning keeps the body’s immune system strong. Many such properties are found in it, which increase the production of infection-fighting antibodies in the body by several percent, so that we do not fall ill soon.

Tulsi Removes Bad Breath

Tulsi leaves also prove to be very helpful in removing bad breath. They act as a natural mouth freshener in a way. If your mouth smells bad, then boil some Tulsi leaves in water and then rinse that water after cooling it. By doing this the bad smell of the mouth goes away.

Tulsi in Skin Care

Tulsi is a good option to keep the skin healthy and away from acne. Actually, Tulsi has properties like anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic, due to which it solves every problem of our skin. From improving the complexion of the face to pimples, blemishes and spots, it has the treatment for all. Let’s know about the beauty benefits associated with Tulsi.

  • Hydrate the skin
  • Tulsi acts as an anti-aging agent for our skin.
  • Tulsi proves to be very beneficial for a spotless face and glowing skin.
  • Tulsi gives relief from all hair problems

Home Remedies Related to Tulsi Leaves – Uses of Tulsi

  1. By taking one drop of Shri Tulsi daily, stomach related diseases are gradually eliminated.
    Applying juice of Tulsi leaves is beneficial when the skin of the body is burnt.
  2. In case of earache or ear ache, pouring Tulsi juice lightly in the ear is beneficial.
  3. Applying the juice of Tulsi leaves with lemon juice increases the glow of the face.
  4. If someone has the problem of white spots, then by applying Tulsi juice mixed with coconut oil, this problem also goes away.
  5. To get relief in fever and cold, boil 5 to 5 Tulsi leaves in a cup of water thoroughly. Then filter it and drink this tea at least twice a day.
  6. If you have a complaint of migraine or headache always, then you can make a decoction of Tulsi leaves and drink it. Relief will come soon.
  7. Digestion is strengthened by consuming black pepper with Tulsi.
  8. The water can be purified by adding some fresh Tulsi leaves to the dirty water.
  9. To reduce stress naturally, one must drink Tulsi tea at least once a day.
  10. Eating Tulsi seeds with curd ends the problem of piles.
  11. Those who feel cold, they should drink 8-10 Tulsi leaves boiled in milk.
  12. In case of injury, by applying alum with Tulsi leaves, the wound heals quickly and infection does not occur.
  13. Applying Tulsi leaves mixed with oil also reduces skin irritation.
  14. Grind Tulsi leaves and apply it on the face for about 10 minutes and then wash the face, this will hydrate the skin and it will also act as anti-aging.
  15. Using Tulsi oil will get rid of dandruff and dry scalp.
  16. If there is a problem of liver, then boil Tulsi leaves in water and drink it every morning.
  17. If there is a burning sensation or itching in the eyes, then put 2 drops of extract of Shyama Tulsi leaves every night.
  18. It is good only for some time daily, but if one is seated in front of a Tulsi plant, then asthma and respiratory problems are soon relieved.
  19. Gargling with boiled water containing Tulsi leaves gets rid of mouth infection.

Disadvantages of Tulsi Leaves – Side Effects of Basil

The effect of Tulsi is slightly warm, so eating it in winter does not cause any harm to the body, but in summer its excessive consumption can cause problems. On the other hand, people who are taking medicines for diseases like diabetes or hypoglycemia, they should not consume Tulsi. Due to this there may be a possibility of low blood sugar in the body. If you drink Tulsi tea more than 2 times a day, then you may also have to face problems like burning in the chest and stomach, acidity. | Get latest news & live updates from India, live India news headlines, breaking news India. Business, Lifestyle. World, Technology, Sports, Internet, Hosting, Blogging, Career, Astrology, Job, Entertainment News Read all latest India news & top news on India Today News.