Benefits of Sprouts for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Sprouts for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Sprouts for Skin and Hair: Sprouts are also known as sprouted grains. These are sprouted seeds of grains or legumes, which have been included in nutritious diet. Sprouted grains are known as medicines in Naturopathy (Natural Medicine). Experts also believe that by eating sprouts in the morning, there is no protein deficiency in the body and essential nutrients are available. Sprouts are rich in nutrients. High amount of protein is found in these. Here we are giving you complete information related to sprouts, knowing which you can keep yourself healthy by including sprouts in your diet.

Sprouts Benefits | Benefits of Eating Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains are very beneficial for our health. The benefits of eating sprouts protects us from many diseases. Let us know about the countless benefits of including sprouted grains in your diet.

1. Sprouts to Increase Stamina

Increasing stamina means removing weakness in the body, strengthening yourself both physically and mentally so that whatever work you do, you can complete it without stopping and without getting tired. Sprouted food is a storehouse of energy. This is the reason that apart from morning breakfast, many people regularly include it in the food, so that their stamina remains.

2. Sprouts for Obesity

If you are trying to lose weight, then definitely include sprouts in your diet. Fiber is found in plenty in it, after eating which our stomach remains full for a long time and we are saved from taking extra calories. The amount of calories in sprouted grains is very less, that is why it proves to be effective in weight loss.

3. Better Digestive System

Sprouted grains work to increase digestion power and keep it healthy. After the process of germination, the carbohydrates and proteins found in grains become even more digestible and nutritious. With this, your digestive system also works smoothly.

4. Sprouts for the Eyes

Sprouted grains are very beneficial for the eyes. Consuming this improves our eyesight the ability to see. Sprouts prove to be very helpful in fighting eye-related diseases.

5. Increase Immunity Power

Regular consumption of sprouted food increases immunity and helps in removing harmful substances from the body.

6. Sprouts in Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then start taking sprouts. Some studies suggest that sprouted grains help reduce the total amount of carbs. Also, it contains amylase enzyme which helps in breaking down and digesting glucose. Experts say that eating sprouted fenugreek is more beneficial in diabetes (benefits of sprouts), this disease can be controlled.

7. Sprouted Grains Beneficial in Cancer

The antioxidants present in sprouts destroy free radicals so that there is no damage to the skin and the risk of skin cancer can be eliminated.

8. Benefits of Sprouted Grains for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are suggested to include sprouted grains in their diet during pregnancy. This is because it is beneficial in removing the mental and physical weaknesses of the newborn. Using it also helps in the development of the baby.

Benefits of Sprouts for Skin and Hair

Sprouts contain many vitamins and minerals, which work to keep our skin and hair healthy. Sprouts work in a way of blood purification, due to which our skin looks spotless and glowing. By consuming this, your hair will be thick and their fall will also reduce.

How to Make Sprouts

Sprouted grains (sprouts) are the cheapest and nutritious diet. The method of making sprouts (How to make sprouts) does not require any rocket science nor does it require much effort. Simply soak the grains you want to sprout in water overnight. The next day wash it thoroughly with water four to five times and wrap it well in a wet cloth. Keep in mind that the cloth should remain moist, if it is not so, keep sprinkling water from time to time. The grains you wet will sprout the very next day. It is easier for seeds to germinate in summer than in winter. With this process, you can prepare sprouted food for yourself every day.

Side Effects of Sprouts | Disadvantages of Eating Sprouted Grains

Although sprouted grains are very beneficial for our health (ankurit anaj ke fayde) but excess of everything is bad. Consuming sprouts in excess can also cause some disadvantages. Eating too many sprouts can lead to problems like stomach cramps and diarrhea. Do not consume sprouts if you are a patient of gastritis, diarrhea, gastric ulcer or pancreatitis.

How to Eat Sprouts

If you keep a few things in mind while eating sprouts, then you will be able to reap the benefits of this wonder food. Let us know some tricks and trips of eating sprouts.

  • While soaking the sprouts, keep in mind that there is no weevil in the grain.
  • Wash the sprouts thoroughly with water before eating, this will clean the fungus or pesticide particles on the grain.
  • Frying sprouts in oil destroys their nutritional value, so if you want to eat it after cooking, steam it.
  • Eating sprouted grains for a long time usually leads to the spread of two types of bacteria E. Coli and Salmonella.
  • If sprouted grains have been kept for several days, check them before eating, if they are yellow and smelly, do not eat them even by mistake, you may fall ill.
  • It is better to sprout grains at home than buying sprouts available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1. When is the Best Time to Eat Sprouts?

It is better to consume sprouts before dinner or in other words, between evening snack time and dinner time. By the way, morning is considered the best time to take sprouts.

Q2. Why are Sprouts Better than Whole Grains?

Experts say that 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits and vegetables are produced on sprouting grains. Enzymes are proteins that are necessary for the body to function properly. The quality of the protein present in grains increases during the process of soaking and sprouting.

Q3. How to Know if Sprouts have Gone Bad?

Fresh bean sprouts are firm, crunchy and white. When they begin to deteriorate, they become yellow, soft and eventually slimy. They also start smelling dirty. But if there is no smell then they can be eaten.

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