Benefits of Normal Delivery

Benefits of Normal Delivery

Benefits of Normal Delivery: Pregnant women can give birth to their baby in 2 ways, one is by normal delivery and the other by C-section delivery. In a C-section delivery, the baby is removed through the mother’s abdomen, whereas in a normal delivery, the baby is taken out of the mother’s vagina. The time of pregnancy is the most important moment in the life of any woman and in this stage, special care is taken of a pregnant woman in every way.

At this time, the only effort is to keep the pregnant woman happy so that her child does not face any problem. Normal delivery takes place only when both the woman and the child are completely healthy and they do not have any problem. This normal delivery is beneficial for both the mother and the baby in many ways. So let’s know about the benefits of normal delivery to the mother and the baby which are as follows.

Benefits of Normal Delivery

1. Take less time to recover

Although the labor and vaginal delivery of a pregnant woman in normal delivery is a long process, which is physically very difficult and difficult work for the mother, but it is an advantage over normal delivery. It happens that it takes less time for a woman to stay in the hospital and recover on her own as compared to a C-section delivery.

2. Less Problems

Women who have a normal delivery can avoid major surgery and its associated risks such as heavy bleeding, irritation, infection, and more long-lasting pain.

3. Complete All Cycles

In normal delivery, the baby comes out of the mother’s womb at the time when it is completely ready to come into this world, that is, the baby is born naturally due to the mother’s own labor pain, due to which the baby’s lungs and Other body parts mature and then your baby is all set to come into this world.

4. Protection from Bacteria

In normal birth, the baby gets a shield of bacteria from the mother at the time of delivery. This armor can increase the defense power of the baby to a great extent.

5. Ease in Breastfeeding

In normal delivery, the baby has more initial contact with its mother, that is, the mother can pick up her baby early in her lap. In addition, she can start breastfeeding her baby very soon and the baby’s breastfeeding power is enough for a few hours after birth.

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6. Strong Immune System

The immune system of babies born through normal delivery is not as weak as that of babies born by caesarean delivery. Along with this, in normal delivery, due to pressure in the throat of the baby, a chemical called amino otic fluid is produced, which is less likely to cause breathing problems at the time of birth. A normal delivery baby gets an initial dose of good bacteria as babies pass through their mother’s birth canal which can boost their immune system and protect their intestinal area.

7. Cost Effective

There is also an economic advantage in normal delivery because it costs less than caesarean delivery, which is not necessary that everyone can afford this high cost. In a normal delivery, the hospital is discharged within a day or two and the mother and baby can come home and join in the joy.

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