Benefits of Neem Leaf, Medicinal Properties and Disadvantages

Benefits of Neem Leaf, Medicinal Properties and Disadvantages

Neem leaf have been given great importance in Ayurveda. Even the biggest diseases are cured by the use of Neem (Indian Lilac and Benefits of Neem). Neem is being used as a medicine since ancient times. Even though neem leaves are very bitter to eat, but they have properties like antibacterial, anti fungal and anti parasitic, which make it special from mango. In India, neem is commonly called the “village pharmacy” because it has not one but innumerable properties. It is such a tree, every part of which is effective in the treatment of some disease.

In the Indian Vedas, neem has been named Sarva Rog Nivarani, which means ‘the one who prevents all diseases’. There are two types of neem, sweet neem and bitter neem. Although medicinal properties are found in both, but the benefits of bitter neem are many and it is used more in making medicines. Modern research and research has proved that Neem has medicinal uses and properties, for which there is no answer.


Medicinal Uses of Neem 

In India, it is considered auspicious to have a neem tree around the house so that people can easily take advantage of it. Everything about the neem tree is beneficial. Today here we will talk about the benefits of neem leaves, so that you can enhance your health as well as your beauty.

  • Neem for skin
  • Neem for hair
  • Medicinal uses of Neem
  • Other benefits of Neem

Neem Benefits for Skin

Neem works like a panacea for health as well as beauty. Actually, many such antioxidants are found in neem leaves, which take care of your skin as well as keep them away from skin diseases. The paste of neem leaves is definitely added to almost all the beauty products available in the market. Let’s know the benefits of neem for beauty.


Benefit of Neem for Hair

Neem is a very beneficial medicine. Some such nutrients are found in its abundance, which take care of our hair and nourish them. Along with this, it also gets rid of common hair problems. Let us know how neem is beneficial for our hair.

Neem for Dandruff and lice

Neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties, due to which you can use it as a scalp cleanser. If you are troubled by the problem of head lice or dandruff, then boil neem leaves and wash your hair with that water. Apart from this, boil neem leaves and mix honey in it and make a thick paste and apply it on the hair, the problem of dandruff will end from the root. Also, it will increase the shine of your hair and it will also become soft.


Keep Hair Natural Black

Most of the people use hair color to darken their hair. But do you know that without harming the skin in any way, you can also keep the hair black for a long time with neem? For this, add coconut oil to neem powder and cook for 5 minutes. Now let it cool and fill it in a bowl. Apply this oil on your hair regularly before sleeping at night and wash it off in the morning while taking bath. You will start seeing the effect within 10 days.

Stop Hair Fall

Nowadays most of the people have to face the problem of hair fall and breakage. If you also have this problem, then try using neem oil once. Neem oil eliminates the infection on your scalp, which stops hair fall. Regular use of neem oil makes hair grow faster.

Benefits of Neem for Health

Benefits of Neem Leaf, Medicinal Properties and Disadvantages

Neem in Diabetes

Many studies on preventing diabetes and controlling sugar have revealed that neem leaves are beneficial for diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes, if they regularly eat neem leaves on an empty stomach, then they can get relief from this disease soon.

Neem to Purify Blood

It is common to be sick every day due to a bad lifestyle. In some diseases, there is a toxicity of the blood, that is, the blood gradually starts deteriorating, which later causes many serious diseases. Its symptoms are spots on the face, acne, skin diseases etc. Neem is a powerful blood thinner. It helps in carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to all the organs of the body, thereby helping the body get rid of harmful contaminants. In such a situation, you should know the benefits of neem capsules. For this, after consulting a doctor, you can consume neem capsules with food daily.

Cancer and Neem

Antioxidants present in neem prevent the harmful effects of free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of cancer in the body. Apart from this, neem is also a panacea for heart diseases.

Neem in Malaria

Neem is also used as a medicine during the treatment of malaria. Gedunin element is found in neem leaves, which proves helpful in the treatment of this disease. Doctors also advise malaria patients to eat neem leaves.

Remove Urine Infection Neem

Experts believe that if neem is consumed in case of urine infection, then soon relief can be found from it. For this, wake up every morning and chew 4 to 5 leaves of neem, you will get relief.

Other Benefits of Neem

  1. Neem helps in keeping away diseases of teeth and gums.
  2. Neem contains antifungal components, which can cure fungal infections.
  3. Consuming neem does not cause problems like ulcers and constipation, stomach cramps and bloating.
  4. If you have pain in your ear, then using neem oil will be very beneficial.
  5. Grinding neem leaves and applying it on the affected area will be beneficial to heal the burn, cut wounds.
  6. Boiling neem leaves and taking its steam also gets rid of many diseases.
  7. During the rainy season, boils often occur in the body, to avoid this, take a bath by adding neem leaves to the bathing water.
  8. To bring shine to the hair, mix a little neem oil in the shampoo and wash the hair with it.
  9. See how the hair will become soft and shiny.
  10. If there is itching in the hair or if there is a lice, then brush the hair by applying neem oil on the comb.
  11. By brushing neem stalks daily, the teeth do not get worms and they remain strong.
  12. Neem leaves prove to be beneficial in case of kidney stones. Taking neem powder with water daily causes the stones to dissolve and come out through urine.
  13. To get rid of obesity, neem leaves should be cooked in ghee and chewed.
  14. Sweet neem leaves should be consumed in case of stomach ache.
  15. If there is a blister in the mouth, the person is very upset. But don’t be upset. Eat only 4-5 neem leaves 2-3 times a day, the blisters will be cured.
  16. Drinking the juice of neem leaves is beneficial in case of diarrhea.
  17. Mosquitoes run away by burning neem leaves.
  18. If there is a sore throat, then chewing sugar candy with sweet neem provides relief.
  19. Drinking the juice of neem leaves is beneficial in snake bite.
  20. Drinking neem tea can get rid of stomach worms.

Disadvantages of Neem

As you know that too much of anything proves to be harmful, so is the case with neem. What is the effect of neem? Actually, if the effect of neem is cold, then it can be used a lot in summer but in winter it should be used in limited quantity, otherwise it can prove to be harmful. If you are pregnant or are about to become pregnant, then you should not consume neem in any form because it can prove to be harmful. At the same time, excessive consumption of neem can also cause problems like burning in the stomach. Also, neem should be kept out of reach of young children as it can affect their kidney and liver.

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