Benefits of Lactic Acid for Hair – Lactic Acid is Very Good for Your Hair

Benefits of Lactic Acid for Hair - Lactic Acid is Very Good for Your Hair

Lactic acid removes dead skin cells and evens the skin tone, reduces fine lines and moreover lactic acid has many benefits. However, it is not just a skin care aid, but it is also great for your hair and scalp. So let us tell you in detail about the benefits of lactic acid for hair.

Lactic Acid for Hair and Scalp – Benefits of Lactic Acid for Hair 

Lactic acid is an after-AHAs found in milk. It has many benefits and one of them is scalp exfoliation and renewal of scalp skin. Plus it helps balance the pH of your scalp and removes product buildup, increases hair elasticity and reduces breakage, eliminates dandruff, and helps make hair shiny.


How to Incorporate Lactic Acid in Your Daily Routine?

Lactic Acid Products

Lactic acid is found in many hair care products. Such as shampoo, serum or hair spray. Exfoliating keeps your scalp clean and also reduces buildup. If you use hair care products containing lactic acid, you can give yourself the hair you deserve. So the next time you buy a new product for your hair, make sure that it contains lactic acid.

How to Use Lactic Acid for Hair Care

You can use lactic acid for hair in these ways.

  1. First, mix the lactic acid with water and make sure you mix both in equal amounts in a bowl.
  2. Now massage this mixture on your scalp for two to three minutes.
  3. Now clean the hair thoroughly with cold water so that the mixture gets out of your hair. After that apply shampoo on your hair and wash it as normal.

You should only use lactic acid once or twice a week.

Do Not Overuse

Even though lactic acid is good for your hair, if you overuse it, your hair can become dry, frizzy and itchy. Because of this, always pay attention to the kind of response your scalp and hair are giving to this type of treatment so that you use these things accordingly.


If you are using lactic acid for the first time, make sure you do a patch test before using it on your hair as lactic acid reacts differently on everyone’s hair. In such a situation, when you apply it directly on the scalp, do not have an allergic reaction, because of this, do a patch test beforehand.

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