Benefits of Lactation Massage – How to Perform Breast Massage for Lactation

Benefits of Lactation Massage – How to Perform Breast Massage for Lactation

Breastmilk is like nectar for the baby. This is the reason why for the first six months the baby is kept only on mother’s milk. But, many times the mother has to face some problems while breastfeeding. Like not making enough milk, pain while feeding, etc. Breast massage is considered effective to overcome these problems. It is also called lactation massage (Benefits), we will get to know about it in detail in the article.

What is Lactation Massage

Lactation massage refers to breast massage for lactating women. In this, the breast of new mothers is massaged in different ways. This helps to overcome the problems like pain in the breasts and not enough milk while breastfeeding. Along with relaxing the breast tissue, lactation massage also helps in relieving the tiredness in the breasts due to breastfeeding.


Benefits of Lactation Massage – Breast Massage

What are the benefits of breast massage in breastfeeding women, below are sharing information related to it:

1. Increases Milk Flow

Breast massage increases circulation and milk flow in the breast. According to experts, this helps in stimulating the breast for the flow of milk. For this, place your hand on the breast and massage the nipple with the help of fingers. This allows milk to come through the nipples easily.


2. Helps Prevent Milk Glands from Clogging

Milk passes through the tubes from the milk glands to the nipples. Many times the milk is not able to drain properly from these tubes, due to which touching the breast starts causing pain. Sometimes due to this, lumps can form in the tubes. Regular lactation massage prevents clogging of milk glands.

3. Reduce the Pain Caused by Breast Engorgement

Many new moms complain of excessive pain in the breast due to breast engorgement. Breast engorgement is a condition in which breast milk accumulates in the tubes, due to which the breasts become hard. Sometimes there is swelling in them. Massaging the breast gives relief in this problem to a great extent.


4. Milk is Made More

Some women complain of less milk coming after delivery. It has been told in a research that lactating women who do breast massage for 15 minutes daily, they have negligible pain in the breasts. Along with this, the quantity of their breastmilk as well as the quality also improves. Research has clearly shown that lactation massage lowers sodium levels in milk and increases lipids, solids, casein and energy levels.

How to Perform Breast Massage for Lactation

Breastfeeding women may find it difficult to hear how to do a breast massage. But, it is very easy. We are giving its information below step by step:

1. Correct Position

First of all, lie down on the bed on your back in such a way that your waist is slightly up. Means not to lie down at all.

2. Warm up the hands

Now make sure that your hands should be warm. If you want, you can warm the hands by rubbing both the palms. If you want, you can also use hot towels for this. After this, we will first pump the armpit, the limp glands next to it. This improves blood flow.

3. Oil for Lubrication

Virgin coconut, olive or almond oil can be used as a lubricant for massage. You can choose oil for massage according to your choice. If you want to apply a natural and natural lotion, then you can also use that.

4. Massage in Circular Motion

Place four fingers of one hand on one breast. Similarly, place the four fingers of the other hand under the breast. Now start massaging in circular motion with light hands. Massage in this way in upward and downward direction. Take care not to put too much pressure on the breast. This can damage the glandular tissue that produces milk. Massage the areola with the tips of the fingers on the dark skin near the nipples.

5. Light Stroke

If there is fluid retention in the breast, light strokes during the massage can be relieved. This helps in better circulation along with reducing inflammation.

If you are breastfeeding and are struggling with any of the problems mentioned in the article, then you can resort to lactation massage (Benefits of Lactation Massage). The article also describes how to do this. You can easily do it yourself at home. If you have any kind of doubt regarding this, then it would be better to consult a doctor for more information about it.

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