Benefits of IVF and know What is IVF

Benefits of IVF and know What is IVF

Benefits of IVF: Being a mother is the desire of every woman, but due to the stressful life and many other reasons, the problem of infertility is increasing in women. But there is a saying not “where there is a will, there is a way“. If there is a problem, there are solutions for it too. Similarly, if there are problems of sterility in women, then now many artificial remedies are also available through which women can easily get the pleasure of becoming a mother.

One of these methods is ‘IVF‘ which is called ‘In Vitro Fertilization‘. This method is very easy and effective to become a parent. If you too are deprived of the happiness of the child or know any person who wants to get the happiness of the child then you should have complete knowledge about this technique. Know about IVF in detail and Benefits of IVF (Information and Process of IVF).


What is IVF (Process of IVF)

IVF is also known as test tube baby technique. In the last few years, many people have used this technique to have the joy of becoming parents because it is a very safe artificial method of conception.

When the child is not able to get happiness in a natural way even after lakhs of parents’ efforts, then doctors recommend this technique. This method is used especially when there is a problem in the fallopian tube of the woman.


In this procedure, the eggs released from the woman’s ovary are removed and inserted into the test tube and they are matched with the sperms of the man. After this, when an egg is fertilized, it is put back into the woman’s uterus. In this way the woman gets pregnant easily. During this, fertility and hormone injections are also given to the woman.

If for some reason this technique is not successful in the first time, then it is repeated again till it succeeds. This technique is mostly resorted to by older women who are finding it difficult to become a mother naturally.


Benefits of IVF

1. Simple and Successful Method (IVF is Simple)

In today’s modern era, many problems are raising their heads, one of them is the problem of increasing sterility in women. Factors like woman’s age, pollution, stress are also the reason for this. When a woman’s every attempt to become a mother fails, doctors recommend IVF because it is the most successful and easiest way to become an artificial parent. This is the reason why many IVF centers have opened in big cities.

2 Success Rates

Anybody and women of any age can use IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique, although if the woman is less than 35 then the chances of this technique being successful are very high. Whether a woman is unable to have a mother due to any reason or whatever is the reason for her infertility, with the use of this technique, she can be able to become a mother.

Along with this, this technique can be used even if there is a problem in the man. After a woman’s menopause, where other methods fail, but in this situation, the chances of becoming a mother through IVF are very high.

3. Use of Another person’s sperm

In this technique, it is not necessary that the egg or sperm of the couple wanting to be a parent is used. In this technique, there is a complete check of the parents.

If eggs are not being produced in the woman’s ovaries or they are less likely to be fertilized, then another woman or donated eggs can also be used. Similarly, if there is any problem in the man or there is a problem in his sperms, then also donated or any other person’s sperms can be used.

4. More Chances of a Healthy Child

In this technique, several eggs are removed from the woman’s body and placed to fertilize them, but the most healthy embryo is selected to be placed in the woman’s uterus so that the baby to be born is completely healthy. This also increases the chances of the baby being healthy.

5. Low risk of miscarriage

Genetic abnormality is the most common cause of miscarriage, due to which the pregnancy ends naturally. But in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) genetic problems are detected in advance and measures are taken to overcome them in time. As a result, the risk of miscarriage is negligible and the mother can enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

6. Extra Fetus

In this technique, more than one egg is removed from the woman’s body and they are fertilized because if for some reason this technique has to be used again, then there will be no extra cost. These embryos can be kept alive in the freezer for many years, so if a woman wants to become a mother again after a few years, they can be used. Not only this, you can also help any other woman by donating your embryo, although it is completely your decision.

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IVF is a technique in which parental happiness can be achieved but it also requires time, patience and money. In such a situation, husband and wife should consult their doctor and most importantly, both mother and father should be mentally, physically and emotionally ready for this.

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